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May 1, 2004 Player Rights & Responsibilities

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Kenosha: Memento Mori

Charter & Waiver

May 1, 2004

Player Rights & Responsibilities

Players are responsible for knowing, understanding, and playing by the rules set forth in Laws of the Night: Revised, as well as modifications to those rules defined in our house rules. Players are responsible for playing their character true to its nature, path rating, motivations and goals, within the genre set forth by White Wolf and OWbN, in order to assist the storyteller (ST) staff in telling a story. Players are responsible for bringing their character sheet to each game, and to accurately represent their sheet in all challenges. Players are to be honest and forthcoming in answering questions raised by the storytellers.
Players have the right to ask for privacy when answering questions raised by STs. Players also have the right to ask for a different ST to oversee any scene in which they feel the current ST is unacceptable for any reason.
Note: There will be NO slandering of other games, players and/or storytellers during the game or at any game meetings. This includes any players from our game that have received any disciplinary actions. As a society of role-players, we strive to be courteous to others.
Players that are found to be playing by their own rules may be subject to disciplinary procedure. Claiming to be ignorant of the house rules is unacceptable.

Basic Rules

No Touching - respect one another’s personal space.

No Weapons - this includes weapon props.

No Drinking - at game or before, please.

No Illegal Activity - plain and simple.

Combat requires the presence of a Storyteller.

Disciplinary Procedure

Players that are found to be failing to adhere to Player Responsibilities or blatantly disrespecting a Storyteller may be issued a Strike which may be accompanied by a temporary ban. Should a player be found to be cheating (metagaming, misrepresenting their sheet, etc.), their character will most likely be destroyed in addition to any Strike and temporary ban given them by the ST staff. Players that accumulate three Strikes will be banned from the game indefinitely.
A player with a Strike may, after a period of six months with no further disciplinary action, petition the Storyteller staff to have a single Strike expunged from their record.
For actions that are inappropriate, but are not quite strike-worthy, a storyteller may issue you a demerit. A demerit will be expunged from your record should three months go by and you have not received any other disciplinary action(s) since that time. Should you accumulate three demerits at one time, you will be given a chronicle strike.
Players that create or take part in problems of larger scale than cheating may be subject to immediate and permanent banishment from the game.

Appellate Process

If a Player wishes to argue a Storyteller decision, they may bring their concern to the Head Storyteller. Only the Head Storyteller will overturn the adjudication of another Storyteller, so bringing your issue to any other Storyteller will be a wasted effort.

Players are not entitled to the OOC truth behind Storyteller decisions. Storytellers have the right to occasionally stray from the written rules, for story or plot reasons. In these cases, explanations will not likely be forthcoming.

Confidence Votes

Every three months, the Storytellers will allow active players to voice their Confidence, or lack of, in the Storyteller staff, by way of a ballot. Storytellers that receive more votes of No Confidence than votes of Confidence will be encouraged, but not required, to step down from their positions. An active player is defined as a player who has attended at least five games during the three months prior to each confidence vote.

Kenosha: Memento Mori (K:MM) MET LARP proved role-playing events as a service and for entertainment only. Memento Mori makes no profits on events, and fees cover the cost of staging the event and other costs associated with the chronicle. In return for this service, you agree to be responsible at all times for your own safety and conduct. Memento Mori cannot control or be responsible for negligent or careless conduct of participants. BY SIGNING BELOW, YOU AGREE THAT YOU WILL NOT SUE OR MAKE ANY CLAIM AGAINST MEMENTO MORI MET LARP OR ANY OF ITS ORGANIZERS, OFFICERS, MEMBERS OR LANDLORD FOR ANY INJURY OR LOSS THAT MAY OCCUR WHILE YOU ARE PARTICIPATING IN AN EVENT.

Check one:

I certify that I am at least 18 years of age.
The participant is under 18 years of age and I am signing on his or her behalf as parent or legal guardian.

Name of Participant:

Name of Parent or Legal Guardian (if under 18):
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