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Matador signed a contract with Třinec – for installation of new plant

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Matador signed a contract with Třinec – for installation of new plant
Štefan Rosina – president of Matador Group – signed a contract with the Mayor of Třinec Viera Palkowska, obligating both parties in the construction of another plant of the Matador Automotive.
"A joint-venture Matador DongWon, a component supplier for Kia automotive in Žilina – Kia Slovakia, will invest CZK 500 mil. in the construction of the new plant," informed the spokesperson of the Matador Group Dušan Koblišek. The plant should produce same components also for Hyundai auto manufacturing plant, which is being installed nearby.
According to the contract the investor Matador DongWon should launch in August of this year with estimated completion of the construction at the end of the next year, in compliance with the production launch in the Hyundai plant in the Czech Republic.
The plant should gradually employ up to 200 employees, 70% workers and 30% technical personnel. 65% of shares in the Czech company are owned by Matador Automotive Vráble, a.s., the remaining share is owned by Korean Dongwon Metal Co., Ltd.

Matador - DongWon to Reach 6.5 Million in Revenues in 1H07

According to early results, car components-maker Matador-DongWon in Dubnica nad Vahom (Trencin region) will have revenues of 6.5 million (Sk219 million) in the first half of 2007, representing half of the company's planned annual total, it was revealed Monday.

"We had major expenses early this year when we were launching our operation, however, we'll manage to meet our half-year plan," according to company financial director Peter Veteska.
Matador-DongWon is a producer of door-frames and dashboard parts for the car-maker Kia Motors Slovakia and its subcontractor Mobis Slovakia.

According to Matador-DongWon director general Wim Lourens, the company plans to have 200 employees in 2009. Currently, the labour productivity at the works is moving at around 80 percent.

Matador-DongWon in Dubnica nad Vahom was established in September 2005. Matador Automotive Vrable owns a 35-percent share while DongWon (Korea) has a 65-percent share.

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