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Magnolia Clubhouse Board Members testify in Columbus for Medicaid Expansion

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Magnolia Clubhouse Board Members testify in Columbus for Medicaid Expansion

For Immediate Release, Cleveland, Ohio

Contact: Sarah Ott-Hansen, Director of Development at 216.721.3030 or

Magnolia Clubhouse Board members Chris Morgan, Sr. and Chris Morgan, Jr. testify before the Ohio House of Representatives Finance Committee on March 21, 2013. They testified in support of Medicaid Expansion as well as to encourage additional funding for the Non-Medicaid services provided by Magnolia Clubhouse.

Magnolia Clubhouse, a non-profit organization serving the needs of adults who live with mental illness, announces that Board members Chris Morgan, Jr. and Chris Morgan, Sr. have been asked to testify twice in the past month before the Ohio House of Representatives in support of Medicaid Expansion. They also encouraged additional funding for the Non-Medicaid services provided by Magnolia Clubhouse.
On March 14, 2013, a diverse group of over 500 advocates from around the state showed their support for Medicaid Expansion at a hearing before the Ohio Health & Human Services Subcommittee chaired by Anne Gonzales (R).
Chris Morgan, Jr., explained how Magnolia Clubhouse assisted him in his daily recovery process and in obtaining full-time employment. He said, “I would not be standing here today, talking with you if it were not for the services of Magnolia Clubhouse.”
Chris was diagnosed with schizophrenia during his fourth year in the Army. After the Army, he went home and “for about a year I did nothing but stay in my bedroom because I was so paranoid”. Then, he learned about Magnolia Clubhouse where people with mental illness and staff work together to create an environment of wellness and recovery.  Chris started out working in the kitchen preparing meals, and then worked at the welcoming desk greeting people and entering data.  “It was comforting to know I was not alone.” He moved on to a Transitional Employment position. Chris now works full time and he has been employed over four years. He lives independently and was married a year ago.
His father, Chris Morgan, Sr., supports Medicaid expansion because it will help more people receive treatment for mental illness. He also advocated for more Non-Medicaid spending. He explained that Magnolia Clubhouse is funded by Non-Medicaid dollars and said, “I hope you will consider how your legislation impacts Magnolia Clubhouse because they are so helpful to those they serve and reduce the overall government cost of mental illness…. I encourage you to provide additional Non-Medicaid funding in the state budget so that Magnolia … services are available.”
Robert Sprague (R) as well as others from the Health & Human Services Subcommittee were so impressed with their testimonies that they invited Chris and his father to speak before the entire Ohio Finance Committee on March 21, 2013. The Morgans were one of only three groups asked to testify again that day. To retrieve the on-line testimonies of Chris Morgan, Jr. and Chris Morgan, Sr., search for “Chris Morgan Jr., Ohio, Medicaid” in your search engine or find here, Chris Jr. and here, Chris Sr.
Chris Morgan, Jr. has been a member of Magnolia Clubhouse since 2008. He is an Army veteran, married and is employed full-time at the ADAMHS Board. Chris is on the Magnolia Clubhouse Advisory Board.
Chris Morgan, Sr., his father, is an Associate General Counsel at Parker Hannifin Corporation and handles litigation, import/export, regulatory and intellectual property matters. Chris is a member of the Board of Trustees of Magnolia Clubhouse an is the Chair of Magnolia Clubhouse’s Capital Campaign Committee which seeks to raise $3.5 million to double Magnolia’s capacity to serve those in need.
Magnolia Clubhouse (formerly known as Hill House) has been promoting recovery for adults with mental illness in Northeast Ohio since 1961. Magnolia Clubhouse supports employment and education for 347 members. Psychiatric services and primary care services are offered in its Carriage House Clinic.
11101 Magnolia Drive, Cleveland, OH 44106,
This press release was written by Magnolia members Chris Kestner and Jonathan Sheldon and Magnolia staff member Erika Petrus.

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