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Magna carta: frequently asked questions

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  1. Is this the original Magna Carta?

There was no single original. This is one of a number of simultaneous sealed originals.

  1. How many ‘originals’ were there?

At least 41; one for each county and the cinque ports.

  1. How many other originals survive?

Three: one in Salisbury Cathedral and two in the British Library.

  1. Do they all say the same thing?

Yes, except for superficial drafting errors.

  1. Were they all written by the same person?

No, each is in an obviously different script.

  1. What material is Magna Carta written on?

Vellum i.e. calf skin

  1. What is the ink made of?

Probably lamp black, oak gall and gum Arabic

  1. How many words are on it?

About 3,500 words

  1. What language is it written in?

Short hand Medieval Latin

  1. Where is King John’s signature?

It was never signed. It was authenticated by the King’s seal, now lost.

  1. Where was the seal fixed?

It was fixed through the three holes at the bottom of the document on a braided lace.

  1. What was the seal made of?

Beeswax blended with resin

  1. How long was Magna Carta in force?

Four about nine weeks until it was ‘annulled’ by the Pope on 24 August 1215.

  1. Was it ever re-issued?

Yes, in 1216, 1217 and 1225. It was eventually confirmed as English law in 1297.

  1. Were all the re-issues the same?

No, each was amended to suit the needs of the time.

  1. Is any of Magna Carter still law?

Yes, chapters 1, 13, 39 and 40.

  1. When and how did Magna Carta reach Lincoln?

It probably reached Lincoln by 30 June 1215 with Bishop Hugh who had been at Runnymede.

  1. How do we know this is the original?

It has ‘Lincolnia’ written on the back in the same hand as the Charter, and there are also continuous records of it in Lincoln since 1215.

  1. Where has this Magna Carta been kept until now?

It remained in a Cathedral office until 1939. It spent the war years in Fort Knox, USA, and has since been on display in the Cathedral except for tours to the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. It has been on display in Lincoln Castle since 1993.

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