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Sample Newsletter Your Club’s Charter Date

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Sample Newsletter

Your Club’s Charter Date

Volume 1, No. 1 Your Ruritan Club Month, Day, Year

What’s the news in Your Ruritan Club?

Update on forming a new Ruritan Club

Last week, a club-building team made up of Larry Tomm, Mike Spruill and Annie Lawson began working to help Local County residents organize a Ruritan Club to serve the Any Town community. The core group met June 20 and all eight signed the Charter application. Sixteen signers are needed to form the club. Do you know a prospective member? Next meeting is July 20.

Roll Call for 1st Information meeting

Greg & Joyce Bolton, Noton

Pastor Kent Neiltoss, Creek Branch

Barbara & Herman Redman,

Creek Branch

Roger Smithard, Any Town

Harris Tyson, Creek Branch

Karen Mathers, Any Town


Our club-building team got Board approval last month to have Your Ruritan Club sponsor a new Ruritan club to serve Any Town. They plan to have the club chartered by August 15. We will support the new club for at least 12 months.

News from our last meeting July 10th

President Harry announced the two candidates proposed for membership – Kennard Brown and Tommy Scott. They were voted on and accepted for membership. Also, we voted to donate $500 to the new Senior Citizens Center in Midvale.

Committee Reports –

Interclub – We will join Upper County and Central County Ruritan clubs to host the next Candidates’ Forum at West High School on Monday, August 1, at 7:30 p.m. John Fever of WKRP will be host.

Scholarships – The account has grown and next year we will be able to offer a new scholarship – this one will be for a vo-tech graduate.

Program – Judson Familhy Singers are very talented and entertaining.

Picnic – Our family picnic is scheduled to be held at 6:00 p.m., August 4 at Ruritan Park. Members are asked to bring a side dish.

Agenda for next Meeting – August 7th

[1] Call to order & Welcome

[2] Invocation & Meal

[3] Introduction of Guests

[4] Business –

• Secretary’s Report

• Treasurer’s Report

• District meeting – Aug. 19

Family picnic

• New club

• Scholarships

[5] Program – Mayor Mel Ott

This is Ruritan

Ruritan, a national organization with patriotic American ideals, began in Holland, Virginia in 1928. The Ruritan mission of improving communities and building a better America through fellowship, Goodwill and Community Service has touched thousands of lives in a positive way.

Today, Ruritan is a vibrant organization serving both rural and urban communities. Ruritan membership is by invitation only from a local club and represents a cross-section of the community it serves.

Membership Roster

Officers and Directors - Membership

PRESIDENT – Harry Hanson


SECRETARY – Linda Writer

TREASURER – Bill Money


DIRECTORS – Sharon Wells, Ellen Ewing, Marilyn Munro, Dick Deitz

Charlie Tubbs

Ellen Grey

Larry Tomm

Chill Wills

Mary Jones

Dustin Farnham

Edward Lewis

Douglas Fairbanks

Stanley Sanders

Mary Pickford

Norman Dart

Tommy Scott

Lucy Lawless

Gregg Hayes

Bobby Clark

Harry Truman

C.B. Dixon

Diana Roth

Kennard Brown

Debbie Saunders

Dennis Campbell

Charles Nixon

Marty Brennan

Michael Spruill

T.A. “Annie” Lawson

Joanna Douglas

John D. Rockefeller

Rudy Bears given to hospital, police, fire and rescue.
Awarded scholarships
Highway cleanup – Rt. 231
 “Sunshine Special” for Heritage
Painted 2 homes for seniors
Worked on Habitat for Humanity
Helped Hunters for the Hungry
Donated Local Food Pantry
Distributed fruit baskets
Hosted community forums
Sponsored “Liberty Day”
Assisted with Veterans Parade
Hosted teachers lunch
Honored community leaders
Recognized Citizen of the Year
Volunteered for County Fest
Held Turkey Shoots

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