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Defender of the Fort XXVI. I baronial Twenty Year Celebration & King’s Lancer Competition

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Defender of the Fort XXVI.I

Baronial Twenty Year Celebration

& King’s Lancer Competition

September 18 – 20, 2009


Twenty long years ago the Shire of Raven’s Fort was elevated to privileged status of Barony.  Much water has passed under our bridges in the ensuing decades.  The victories of the past have led to an era of peace and renewal. 

In celebration of this grand time of triumph and tranquility

Brian du Val & Fionna ni Cheallaigh, Baron and Baroness of Raven’s Fort

call for all to attend their Champions Tournaments to lift a toast to the continued

peace and prosperity of both Barony and Kingdom.


It is the wish of Their Excellencies that fighters and participants in all the lists use heralds and display their arms throughout the day.  The use of heraldry in its many forms will be observed by the populace and help Their Excellencies in choosing new champions.  Heralds will be available for hire so bring largess!


A Banner Competition will be held by populace vote.

Please bring your best heraldic display and DISPLAY YOUR ARMS with pride!


This year’s King’s Lancer Tournament will be held as a double elimination, head to head challenge course with points carrying over to succeeding rounds.  There will be quite an opportunity for strategy and tactics!  This format will be sure to please all those lucky enough to watch.  For further information please contact Master Eule, Baron von Haginbald.


Raven’s Fort Baronial Champion representatives will be selected for:

<> Defender of the Fort, Chivalric <>

<> Cavalier of the Fort, Rapier <>

<> Ravenskald, Bardic <>

<> Chevalier of the Fort, Equestrian <>

<> Bowman of the Fort, Archery <>

<> Artisan of the Fort, Arts & Sciences <>

<> Baronial Brewer or Vintner of Fermented Spirits <>

* Defender of the Fort, Chivalric

Local Liaison, Lord Egan Obeollain

~ The format for the Defender of the Fort will be a challenge tourney. Bring all of your weapons styles as we are encouraging diversity. Combatants will have one hour to collect as many points as they can. Point values are as follows: 1 point for non-belted fighters, 2 for squires, 3 for Centurions, 4 for Knights, 5 for Counts/Earls, 6 for Dukes, and 7 for the King (should he be on the field). Challengers will choose the field, and Defenders will choose the weapon style. If an ample amount of fighters are available we will choose the top 2 fighters with the most points to Captain a melee team, with the winner to be declared the new Defender of the Fort. 

* Cavalier of the Fort, Rapier

Local Liaison, Don Charles d’ Alcase

~ Cavalier of the Fort will be a challenge tournament. Each fighter may challenge any other fighter once.  One pair of fighters may only have a total of two fights.  Double kills will be re-fought only once.


* Ravenskald, Bardic

Local Liaison, Lord Pasquale Pace

~ The competition will be held in three rounds. The first two rounds will be open to all competitors and will be bard's choice in two different styles (poetry, story, song, etc.) Documentation is not required, but will be counted. The third round, per Their Sable Winged Excellencies' request, will be between 2-3 finalists chosen from the first two rounds, who will perform that evening during feast for the assembled audience.


* Chevalier of the Fort, Equestrian

Local Liaison, Lady Runa of The Thundering Herd

~ The competition will be a head to head, (as in two sets of everything) challenge course, with one final object as a bonus / tie breaker.  Two riders will ride at a time, against each other. Each element will have a set point value, with the final object as a bonus. This is Alexis' favorite type of course, so most of our equestrians have ridden this kind of event. If we have the attendance to warrant it, I'd like to also have a jousting, or mounted combat practice/demo.


* Bowman of the Fort, Archery

Local Liaison, Lord Lucien du Noir 

Marshal, Lord Plachoya, a humble archer

~ The competition will be diminishing targets in three rounds of three distances with six (by popular demand) arrows each for the first two rounds.  The third round will be a Wild Wrabbit single elimination.  If there is a tie at the end of three rounds, shooters will go to a thirty foot tie breaker.  Crossbows are acceptable.


* Artisan of the Fort, Arts & Sciences

Local Liaison, Mistress Shanahan the Fey

~ This years A&S competition will be a best piece entry contest. Entries will be judged by a panel of judges. No category or theme is scheduled. Each entrant is encouraged to include documentation; however, it is not required.


* Baronial Brewer or Vintner of Fermented Spirits

Local Liaison, Lord Malcolm de Crauford

~ This will be a scored contest. Style independent.  The Brewing and Vintning Competition will have multiple categories with one over all winner.  Please bring your best spirits and enter to win.

Will it be, Brewer or Vintner? Come and see!


* Sunday New Comers List for Chivalric and Rapier

~ Marshals will be Baron Brian du Val and Don Charles d’ Alcase.

Saturday Evening Feast will be limited to the first 125 and will consist of:

~ Bread, Herbed Soft Cheese, Greek Olives, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Fried meat pies, Beans with Italian Seasonings, Roast Pork Loin with Garlic and Rosemary, Fried carrots and Apple Ca kes with Peach Coulis.

Their Excellencies of Raven’s Fort would like to extend an invitation to last years Baronial Champions and a significant other to share a place of honor with  them seated before the populace for Saturday evening Defender of the Fort feast. Vivat, for our returning Champions !!!


* Defender of the Fort Sir Evets von Drachenkaue

* Cavalier of the Fort Don Pieter Rausch

* Chevalier of the Fort HL Lorraine Fraser

* Ravenskald HL Alden Drake

* Bowman of the Fort Lord Lucien du Noir

* Artisan of the Fort Lord Jean-Michel de Meaux

* Newcomers Champion Gregor MacBeathain


After Evening Court and Feast please join us in SweinCamp for a 20th Anniversary Revel!!!

Food !  Drink !  Games !  Fire Spinning !  Sweining !  Live Music !

Sweinbrothar band ‘Porkulus’ will play traditional SCA tunes, period music and medieval-rock.

If it’s not too dry, the Bonfire will be torched (only if weather permits).

As always, there will be the after midnight pilgrimage to the great stone circle on the hill.

The Stones of Raven’s Fort site will open at

4:00 PM Friday and close at 3:00 PM Sunday
*Site Fee is $10.00      *Feast Fee is $8.00 (Feast is limited to the first 125)

Please make checks payable to: SCA inc. / Barony of Raven’s Fort

~ This is a primitive site with barrel water and Port-a-Cans.

Please bring your own drinking water.

~ For directions to The Stones of Raven’s Fort,

please see the August or September Black Star site map.

~ Site rules will be enforced.

~ The site is wet in period containers.

~ Campfires will be allowed only if weather permits.

~ Merchants are more than welcome.

~ Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. They may also attend with a 21 year or older adult with a signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver Form from a parent.

~ Mammal pets are allowed on leashes with written proof of current rabies vaccination.

Pets are not to be left unattended.   Horses must show written proof of negative Coggin’s Test.
AutocratLady Giovanna Lena Caronna / Carolyn Pace –

1811 CR 121 – Centerville, Tx. – 75833

903-536-3336 –
Feastocrat – Lord Elrique DeNetterville / Charles Netterville –

409-291-1252 –

Co-Autocrats: Lord Volodymyr of the Black Isle & Lady Elke of Raven’s Guild

Head Gate: Lady Tareija Catalina Taviera Martine

Waterbearer in Charge: Lady Elke of Raven’s Guild

Event Scrolls: Lady Klar of the Misty Vale and Lord Devin Phelan O’Donnabhain

Feast Tokens and Event Invitations: Baroness Chrystal Arianna Mac Ruari

Site Tokens: Lord Jean-Michel de Meaux

Web Page goddess: Honorable Lady Jacinth de Warwick

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