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Leon High School 2016 Shadowing Request Form Student Information: please print and fill out completely

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Leon High School

2016 Shadowing Request Form
Student Name ___________________________________Male or Female
Parent or Legal Guardian Name: ________________________________________
Home Address: ______________________________________________________
Parent Day Time Phone(s) #: __________________
Email: ______________________________________________________________
School Currently Enrolled in: ___________________________________Grade:_______
Name of Leon student you are requesting to shadow: ____________________________
Shadowing days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the month of February
Date Requesting to Shadow: (Please select 2 dates, as they fill quickly______________
As a prospective Leon High School student, I wish to shadow a currently enrolled Leon student and agree to abide by all Leon High School policies and procedures*. Cell phone use is not allowed in any classroom. Visiting students, regardless of grade, will not be allowed to leave campus during lunch.
____________________________ ____________________________

Student Signature Parent Signature

*Please review our dress code and policies online by visiting and clicking on “Student Agenda Book” under “Updates/News”.
Due to the volume of students wishing to shadow, only students currently living in the Leon High School zone enrolled in private or charter schools or in the Pre IB at Fairview program will be allowed to shadow.
Complete this form and email to or fax to (850) 922-5311, by January 28, 2016.
You will be contacted in advance to confirm your shadow date. If you have not been contacted in advance, please call 24 hours before your requested date.

Susan Merlau ~ Curriculum Secretary ~ 850-617-5703 (2712)

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