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Killer Kane, Had a Kid Who Got No Brain

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Freak the Mighty – Chapter Notes
Chapter 12 – “Killer Kane, Killer Kane, Had a Kid Who Got No Brain”

  • Freak and Ma laugh about Loretta and Iggy

  • Freak and Max are in all classes together

  • Freak and Max march around the classroom, chanting “Freak the Mighty”

Chapter 13 – “American Chop Suey”

  • Max goes to the principal’s office – she mentions his father – he freaks out

  • Freak chokes  goes to hospital

  • Max says Kevin had a terrible day

Chapter 14 – “Cross My Heart and Hope to Die”

  • Freak will die eventually if he doesn’t get a new body

  • Freak tells Max that studies are being done so he can get a new better body

  • Max’s dad is up for parole

  • Grim and Gram talk about getting a gun – they are worried about Killer Kane

Chapter 15 – “What Came Down the Chimney”

  • Max and Freak have a great Christmas eve with their families

    • Freak gives Max a homemade dictionary

    • Max gives Freak a universal (Leatherman) tool

  • Max’s dad sneaks into the house and tells Max, “I came back, like a promised.”

Chapter 16 – “A Chip Off the Old Block”

  • Max’s father takes Max to Iggy and Loretta Lee’s apartment

  • Loretta Lee and Iggy are involved.

Chapter 17 – “By All That’s Holy”

  • Killer Kane ties Max up so he won’t escape

  • Max and his father are staying in an old lady’s apartment

  • Killer Kane swears on a Bible that he didn’t kill Max’s mom

  • Killer Kane tells Max that he sent presents to Max, but Grim and Gram kept them

Chapter 18 – “Never Trust a Cripple”

  • Kane plans to head south to be a preacher, and Max will collect money

  • The cops check out Iggy’s apartment – Freak tells them where to go

Chapter 19 – “Into the Black Down Under”

Chapter 20 – “Freak the Mighty Strikes Again”

  • Max tries to save Loretta Lee and remembers Killer Kane killing his mother

  • Killer Kane tries to kill Max

  • Freak rescues Max by shooting Killer Kane with “sulfuric acid” (turns out to be curry powder, soap, and vinegar

  • Freak carries Max out

  • Loretta Lee is safe

Chapter 21 – “The Accident of Nature”

Chapter 22 – “Remembering is Just an Invention of the Mind”

  • June – school is out

  • Freak has his birthday – gets a computer

  • Freak has a seizure and goes to the hospital

Chapter 23 – “The Empty Book”

Chapter 24 – “The Return of Kicker”

  • Max goes to the hospital early in the morning to visit Freak and learns that he has died

  • Max is hysterical, and the police put handcuffs on him

  • Freak’s doctor talks to Max and explains that Freak knew he was going to die and there were never plans for a bionic body

Chapter 25 – “What Loretta Said”

  • Max hides in the down under for days; he misses Freak’s funeral

  • Max sees Loretta, and she asks Max what he has been doing. When he replies, “Nothing,” she says “Nothing is a drag, kid. Think about it.”

  • That night, Max goes home and writes down the whole truth about Freak and Max

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