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Instructions for the preparation of nominations/applications for

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Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science


Department of Science & Technology (India)


2008 call for nominations for Max Planck Partner Groups issued jointly by the Max Planck Society and the Department for Science & Technology.


Max Planck Partner Groups aim at supporting cooperative research in target areas which are scientifically promising and innovative, geared to the future and of mutual interest to Max Planck Institutes and to the designated partner institutions in India. Max Planck Partner Groups enable both the Max Planck Institute and the Head of the Partner Group to continue a sustained scientific interaction. Heading a Max Planck Partner Group is a distinction.

The Max Partner Group, initially established for a three-year period and is backed by a bilateral Scientific Advisory Board. It can be extended for a further two years (maximum period: five years) once it has received a positive evaluation by the Scientific Advisory Board. Candidates for Max Planck Partner Groups will be officially and finally designated by the President of Max Planck Society (MPG) and the Secretary of Department of Science & Technology (DST).

Qualification Criteria

Partner Groups can be established with an Indian Partner Institution (IPI) when a young scientist (Postdoc, max 38 years) of proven excellence – after a minimum stay of 12 months at a Max Planck Institute – has established him/herself or is soon to return to India to establish him/herself to a high-performance and appropriately equipped laboratory in India and continues to work on a topic that also enjoys priority at the Max Planck Institute. If the candidate is not working at an IPI at the time of submitting the nomination, the candidate is expected find a position by 1 March 2009 at the latest.


MPG will allocate up to 20,000 EURO p.a. for up to 5 years for Max Planck Partner Groups established at Indian Partner Institutions. Funding provided by MPG will be allocated through the Max Planck Institute towards the IPI according to standard MPG rules for Max Planck Partner Groups. Funding provided by MPG towards the Max Planck Partner Group will be governed by a bilateral standardized agreement between the Max Planck Institute and IPI. The Max Planck Institute will only take responsibility for the funding provided by MPG. DST will provide funding for matching the activities as per project approval, according to standard DST rules and under a separate agreement. Funds should be utilized, as far as possible, for the purpose of creating Max Planck Institute like facilities at the respective IPI.

Application Modalities

The programme for Max Planck Partner Groups is open to all Max Planck Institutes and all research institutions in India. Two procedures are applicable to bring forward suitable candidates: i) Candidates for the Head of a Partner Group can apply directly to DST, conditional that they fulfil the criteria as set forth above. ii) Directors of a Max Planck Institute can nominate candidates to MPG, conditional that they fulfil the criteria as set forth above.

Nominations by Directors of Max Planck Institutes and applications by candidates themselves must always be submitted in parallel, with one original and duly signed copy each of applications from candidates applying directly to DST being sent to DST and MPG respectively and one original and duly signed copy each of nominations by Directors of Max Planck Institutes to MPG being sent to MPG and DST respectively.

Documents to be sent to the Max Planck Society:

Send one signed original application to:

Max Planck Society

Mr. Michael Nagel

Division of International Relations

Hofgartenstr. 8

D-80539 München

and electronically to:

Mr. Michael Nagel: E-mail:
Documents to be sent to DST:

Send one signed original and signed application to DST.

Please contact: Mr. RK Sharma, Scienist B, International Division, Department of Science & Technology, Technology Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi 110 016 (E-mail:

Deadline for submitting Nominations/Applications:
Nominations/Applications must be submitted to MPG and DST by

30 August 2008.

Documents to be submitted
The following documents must be submitted, both by the the Director of a Max Planck Institute (MPI) nominating a candidate to MPG and by candidates for the Head of a Partner Group applying directly to DST:

  1. Detailed letter of reference (laudation) from the Director of MPI where the candidate has spent minimum 12 months

  2. List of publications

  3. Curriculum vitae

  4. Three independent reviews, at least one of which will come from outside Germany and India

  5. Project description and planned research activities which must also specifically elaborate on the intended bilateral cooperation with the Max Planck Institute

  6. Description of previous and future research objectives

  7. Anticipated significance of the research topic and for establishing the Partner Group for the relevant field of research in India and Germany

  8. Existing ties of the candidate for the Head of Partner Group to Germany other than to the MPI

  9. Details of other grant support

  10. Letter of intent by the Director of the IPI at which the Partner Group will be based declaring that IPI agrees to hosting a Partner Group

  11. For candidates who at the time of nomination are not based in India. State: the name of the IPI to which the candidate will return and the date by when candidate will take up a position at the IPI.

  12. Two separate macro-budget outlines for DST and MPG budgets for first year of operations

  13. Cover Page (see below)



The Head of a Max Planck Partner Group

Cover Page

Candidate for the Head of a Partner Group






Field of research:

Key words:

Brief summary describing research activities and objectives (max 80 words):

Director of Max Planck Institute:






Summary overview of Budget 1st year of operations
Funding provided through the Max Planck Society


DST - Matching

annual budget:

€ 20,000


PhD students

Postdoctoral students




Date Signature

Format for Budget Outline for 1st year of Operations (in EURO)

EXPENDITURES Approved budget Expenses Balance


Personnel (*1)

Scholarships (*2)

Grant support (*3)

Student labour (*4)
Exchange of Scientists

Visiting German Scientists to India (*5)

Visiting Indian Scientists to Germany (*5)
Workshops, Symposia and

other international meetings (*6)

Operations Cost, Materials, Equipment

Office Expenses

Travel Expenses

Books and Publications

Computer time and services

Small appliances

Laboratory supplies, spare parts

Maintenance, installations

Other (specify)
(*1) Attach list with names of staff, function and how employed (full/half time)

(*2) Attach list with names of scientists, home university, place of visit, duration of stay

(*3) Indicate name of grantee and period of funding

(*4) Specify total no. of man hours

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