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Kesan Maku Humppa Markkina Aiheinen Humppa Potpourri

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Kesan Maku Humppa

Markkina Aiheinen Humppa Potpourri

Heel-Toe Humppa (boy starts on left foot)

2 X (heel, toe, 1,2,3,4) 8 humppa : (at the end of the heel toe part the boys steps around so he is ready to begin the humppa)
whole sequence repeats, but with 7 humppa, ending with 2 steps on eight, and ending with inside foot ready for the next section (right foot for boy)

Together-apart and limping humppa

Side step (humppa-step) together, and then apart; switch places, (with girl passing in front and boy stepping behind) using 2 steps and then a change step (humppa step)

Repeat in reverse (boy passing in front, girl behind) Changing places is done with 4 steps this time, (no change step) so that you end with your outside foot ready to begin the next section

Limp Part (girl’s left hand on boy’s right shoulder, boy’s right hand around girl’s waist)

Starting with the left foot (outside foot) 1, 2, 3, 4., walking with limp on inside leg (on 2 and 4)

pisto for 5, 6,7, 8,

Repeat, but only one turn on final pisto and then boy twirls girl to end ready for the next section (see hand position in walking humppa)

Walking Humppa (boy starts on left)

Walk for 1_, 2_, 3_, 4_., then unravel girl for two( 1 and 2) and re-ravel for 2 (3 and 4)

Repeat ending with new hand hold ready for next section

2 Step back, 2 Step forward Humppa (both girl and boy start with right foot,)

1 humppa step back, 1 humppa step forward, ( turn to face opposite direction with these steps)

4 steps back
This sequence repeats 4 X to end with boy and girl facing one another, boy on inside circle girl on outside

Change places and twirl humppa

Humppa step, (boy right foot forward) ( humppa starts with left foot)

Humppa, humppa, 1,2,3,4 (change places spinning twice)


Step in and walk humppa

2 side steps into circle, walk for 4 ; repeat; 6 humppa, with 2 pisto

repeat entire sequence to end.

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