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Heavenly Billy Kulke

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Heavenly – Billy Kulke
BILLED as the most successful Led Zeppelin tribute band in the country, Letz Zep are used to playing much bigger places than the East Quay at Whitstable.
So this sold-out performance at the Whitstable Harbour venue was a great opportunity to see faithful renditions of classic rock anthems up close and personal.
Smiley singer Billy Kulke has the flowing blond mane of a young Robert Plant and bears a strong enough resemblance to the rock vocalist that Letz Zep was threatened with legal action after Zeppelin's management saw a picture of Kulke advertising a show and thought they had used a picture of Plant.
He also has the banshee-like wail that is such a vital component of the Zeppelin sound. After a blistering version of Kashmir he reached for a bottle of water, declaring "I need a drink" when most people would be searching for the Strepsils.

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Although the others in the band may not look exactly like the original members, they certainly sound like the real deal.
Zeppelin never released a single but they have dozens of well-known songs and all the big ones were covered, including a full-length version of Dazed and Confused.
Kent-born drummer Simon Jeffrey has even invested in a huge gong to complete his Bonham-alike kit, which he puts to full use while attacking drum-led track Moby Dick.
Guitarist Andy Gray wields a bow during a solo just like Jimmy Page, earning lots of applause, and also plays a double-necked 12-string during a faultless Stairway to Heaven.
A mainly older crowd meant that there wasn't much in the way of moshing, with most punters preferring a more sedate nodding of the head, but tracks such as Whole Lotta Love, Heartbreaker and the Immigrant Song towards the end of the set got a fair few people jumping around enthusiastically.
It is rare to see bands of this quality in such a small venue and in a world where a reunion tour has been firmly ruled out by Robert Plant, it's the closest most people will ever get to a Led Zeppelin show.
And anyone who is sceptical about tribute acts would definitely be forced to have a rethink after hearing what these guys can do.

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