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KenTon Newsletter March 2014 From the Director- top O’ the morning to you!

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KenTon Newsletter March 2014

From the Director- Top O’ the morning to you!

We said goodbye to Miss Cheryl and Miss Kelly this week, but we say hello to Miss Gabby. She will be our Nursery teacher. Our preschoolers will keep right on with Miss Alysia. Thank you for your understanding during this transition. Its always hard to lose and gain staff members.

PICTURE DAY will be THURSDAY MARCH 27th. I will be handing out info for that shortly. Bring those smiles!

Please remember to call us before 10:00 if your child will be late or if they aren’t coming at all. This is very important for our staffing schedule. Even though this is difficult it is also important to keep your child home if they are sick. If they have a fever or are vomiting in the morning they should not be coming to school. We also have a rule if they are sent home with a fever they have to be free of fever for 24 hrs before they can return. We appreciate your cooperation on this.

Let’s hope this weather gets better. I’m sure the children could use going outside as well as our staff. Please bring your child prepared to go out everyday, because once that weather changes we are going out.

Here’s to a sunny March and a green one too!

Miss Millie

Nursery 1March is here and is coming in like a lion this year. For those of you that I haven’t met yet my name is Miss Gabby. I worked at care a lot for 3 years previously and blessed to have the opportunity to be back again. I have 3 boys between 3 to 6 years old.

My two younger sons come to Care a Lot. I have my BS in Music Educaton form SUNY at Buffalo. For the past 21/2 years I have been working teaching children with disabilities with high behavioral needs.

We will be working on tummy time, reading books, and sininging songs daily. This month we will be focusing on things that “Color me Happy” I look forward to seeing how your children develop and grow everyday.

Miss Gabby

Toddler 1Welcome Spring! We are all more than ready to say good bye to the cold weather.

March is all about spring! We will be talking about all things Spring… weather, flowers, trees and bugs. We will be making lots of cool things like kites and pinwheels. A spring snack and some wind activities will be done.

Of course we won’t forget St. Patrick’s day! There will be lots of shamrocks, Leprechauns, and a St. Patrick’s Day treat.

We are always working on using our words and focusing on please and thank you and our names. My friends and I count everyday as well as work on colors and shapes. Please look for these things at home and point them out to your children.

Enjoy your Spring!

Miss Sue

Toddler 3 - Will it ever be Spring? We sure hope so! Our theme for March is wild and wooly, Everything Spring, Shamrock Showcase and Tree-rific.

In like a lion and out like a lamb, Sprimgtime growing and tree art will be done this March. Miss Kari’s favorite holiday is St Patrick’s Day so we’ll find that leprechaun and a pot of gold.

Once the temperatures start going up we will be taking walks. Please provide old boots or sneakers to walk in you don’t want your child to get their good sneakers wet.

Miss Kari

Preschool 1A - Well hopefully the weather will be getting better so we can get outside for walks.

The children are continuing to learn new things and continuing to ask a lot of questions.

For the month of March we will be focusing on “Making Sense”. Learning about our five senses, taste testing and graphing our discoveries will be done for this theme. Week 1 will be sights and sounds. Week 2 will be Carrot tasting and other treats. Week 3 we will Follow that Leprechaun. Week 4 we will be Foot loose and happy hands. Our five senses help us accomplish all these tasks.

Have a great March!!
Miss Laura

Preschool 1B&2March is here already, which brings us closer to Spring! We are excited to be able to get out and play outdoors with the slowly warming weather.

Preschool 1B and 2 have joined forces. We will continue to work on everything your child needs to get ready for Kindergarten.

Our themes this month are:

Week 1 – Our Five Senses

Week 2 – Follow that Leprechaun

Week 3 – Dinosaurs Galore

Week 4 – Our Prehistoric Pals
We will be doing many science experiments to help spark your child’s curiosity of the world around them. With each new theme we will read great children’s book, magazines, and comics. We all enjoy variety, so we will vary the types of literature your child can enjoy.

Our St. Patrick’s day party will be on Monday March 17th, please sign up to bring a treat.

As always please feel free to ask me any questions. Also if your schedule does allow you time to talk before or after drop off or pick up you can always call during the day to talk to me.

Have a great Spring!!

Miss Alysia

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