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Leonberg, 21st September 2010

GEZE - Sustainability is a company principle:

DGNB membership is a further step towards sustainable involvement
Sustainable actions and business is being a more and more significant issue in all areas of life. Climatic and demographic changes have led to a change of thought that can also be heard in the construction industry. For good reasons as until now around a third of the energy consumption in Germany is used for the building sector. GEZE wishes to take on responsibilities and is becoming actively involved in the sustainable construction sector. Already early guidelines on the subject of sustainability have been formulated and these are being implemented within the everyday life of the company.
The great significance of the subject of sustainable construction in Germany has also affected discussions on the subject of certifications. These are becoming more and more interesting as proof of the energy efficiency of or barrier-free access to a building. In USA and Great Britain, the certificates LEED and BREEAM were an early response to this demand, in Germany the appropriate seal of approval only came into existence in 2007: The DGNB certificate. This name conceals a holistic certification system for buildings. Alongside issues such as environment and protection of resources, it also takes account of economically efficient and user-friendly construction concepts. With in excess of 870 members from all sectors of the construction and property industry, the DGNB, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen e.V. (German Sustainable Building Council) works to promote sustainable construction.
As a company in which sustainable action represents a company policy and one whose products make an active contribution to energy efficient construction, membership of DGNB comes naturally to GEZE. As of July 2010, the company is one of the council's members. "As far as GEZE is concerned, sustainability is an important future topic that interests us all. We look forward to supporting DGNB as a member and, thus, to help promote sustainable construction in Germany," says Brigitte Vöster-Alber, CEO of GEZE GmbH.
Around 120 buildings have already been awarded the DGNB certificate or a preliminary certificate: One of the buildings awarded a gold certificate is the Umweltbundesamt Dessau (environmental authority in Dessau). The design is a particularly energy-efficient and barrier-free administrative building from the Berlin-based architects Sauerbruch & Hutton. Equipped with GEZE door technology, the building offers barrier-free and convenient access.
The sustainability of GEZE products is demonstrated by their durability which is based on high quality workmanship. As a result of the large proportion of metallic raw materials, the products can be recycled well and are thus particularly gentle on the environment.

In addition, the products from GEZE contribute to energy-saving construction thanks, in particular, to their functionality which enables natural, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly ventilation. The "intelligent" drives and control elements from GEZE enable façade windows and skylights to be opened and closed in a controlled manner independently of environment. This means that the energy requirements for operating the electrical drive are minimal. Added to this, natural ventilation simultaneously minimises the loss of heat and associated loss of energy caused by ventilating.

In addition, GEZE is taking the innovative pathway in view of sustainable constructions and offers, in cooperation with leading industrial companies, holistic solutions for energy efficiency in buildings.

Automated sliding, swing and window opening systems as well as safety solutions also increase the barrier-free nature of building and thus increase the quality of life of the users. In doing so, GEZE products take the needs of older people or those with limited mobility into account. This is, for example, the case with the GEZE ECturn swing door drive which is used to ensure quiet and convenient barrier-free opening of internal doors automatically or manually and automatic closing. This drive has been awarded the "Good" certificate by GGT, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gerontotechnik (German Society for Gerontology Technology). Products are awarded the GGT seal of approval when they have been tested by the target group of over fifties for function, operational convenience, maintenance and care.

Sustainability is considered an important component of everyday activities at GEZE. The company constantly strives to improve the ecology of the products and manufacturing systems as well as the responsible use of natural resources. Thus, investment in new and energy-efficient manufacturing systems is a permanent component of the company philosophy.

In addition, from product development through to manufacturing, sales and service, we work in accordance with the most modern of environmental standards. With our own environmental representative, GEZE is constantly trying to reduce energy consumption and ensure the responsible use of limited resources. This is carried out, for example, using modern light controls, energy-efficient manufacturing and conveyor systems and not least by responsible actions of the employees. In accordance with the "Avoid-Recycle-Dispose" strategy, GEZE attempts to, wherever possible ensure that waste does not occur in the first place. But the company will not be sitting back on their laurels, it continuous strives to improve in order to constantly optimise the raw material and energy use as well as prevent unnecessary emissions.

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The DGNB-award-winning Umweltbundesamt in Dessau (environmental authority in Dessau), equipped with GEZE door technology

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About GEZE

GEZE GmbH is one of the leading providers of systems for door, window and safety technology in the world. As one of the market, innovation and design leaders, the independently-managed family company has decisively influenced facility engineering and building technology with pioneering developments. GEZE door closers and sliding systems open up numerous technical and optical possibilities. The door closers from GEZE are some of the best known in the world. In Germany, GEZE is market leader for automatic door systems. Daily, millions of people pass through doors with the overhead GEZE TS 5000 door closer and enjoy the obvious conveniences of automatic door systems from the Slimdrive range. The integrated all-glass systems provide architectural design freedom in discerning building projects. In addition, GEZE offers a comprehensive range of products including ventilation systems, smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA), safety technology as well as a new access control system, and technical building management systems. Product solutions from GEZE can be found in renowned buildings across the world. With 23 subsidiaries, the company is represented across the globe by a flexible and highly efficient sales and service network, which has over 2000 employees, and generated a turnover of 380 mill. euros in the 2008/2009 financial year.

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