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Is a $5 herbal quit smoking cure “the greatest secret out there” and could this help health services save billions?

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Is a $5 herbal quit smoking cure “the greatest secret out there” and could this help health services save billions?
How a chain-smoker quit smoking in four days flat” is not just another self-help book for smokers but an appeal also to government health people and the medical and scientific community, that there is a very simple, low-cost and easy cure for smoking addiction that should be looked at. Moreover, with this method, there are no cravings, withdrawal symptoms, or willpower required – the things that defeat most smokers who try to quit.
According to the Department of Health, smoking costs the UK National Health Service £2.7 billion a year, to say nothing of the tens of millions spent each year on campaigns and help services to try to get smokers to cut down or quit.

‘How a chain-smoker quit smoking in four days flat’ is a witty and absorbing account of how an Englishman, James Hamilton, a confirmed 80 cigarette a day smoker, quit smoking very easily using a herbal cure, Lobelia inflata,that he had seen advertised originally in the eighties. Before trying Lobelia, he was totally sceptical of the claims – that it would completely remove the nicotine from his system as though he had never smoked - but to his astonishment the ‘cure’ worked.

“Lobelia has worked for me on four occasions over the last 30 years when I wanted to give up.” says Hamilton. ”More recently, I discovered that the company here in England from whom I had originally obtained the cure was no longer in business so I looked for a similar product on the internet without success. But in searching I remember becoming confused and angry at the conflicting and contradictory reports on Lobelia as a smoking cure and statements like “unfortunately there isn’t a lot of direct evidence for the effectiveness of Lobelia or other herbs to quit smoking…” For me, I had very direct personal evidence.

Unable to find a source for a ready-made smoking cure formulation such as he had previously used, Hamilton bought some Lobelia herb, sold as a respiratory tonic, from an American health food company, guessed at the correct dose and a methodology for taking it. It worked! He kicked his serious addiction to nicotine without cravings or withdrawal symptoms exactly as previously.

“I felt I should share what I did and how I did it for other smokers who would like to give up but have failed,” says Hamilton. “And also, using my experiences and those of others, as a starting point, maybe some serious research could be done into Lobelia inflata that would help hard-core smokers quit, if they wished. The cost of the cure is less than $5.”

Via a daily diary, Hamilton’s book charts the transition from chain-smoker to non-smoker in the targeted four days, while detailing the effects the herb had on him throughout that time. His desire to smoke actually ended with just the first couple of capsules he took, as he details.

‘How a chain-smoker quit smoking in four days flat’ is a well-written, witty and engrossing story of one man’s life-long battles with nicotine addiction. It is available now on Amazon in print and ebook formats at this link

and in the UK at this link

Press contact: James N Hamilton

Tel: +44-207-193-4594

EDITOR’S NOTE: The “greatest secret out there” quote in the headline of this press release comes from a review of the book which a purchaser left on Amazon:

NOTE TO EDITORS: In my search for a Lobelia quit smoking cure, I found so much conflicting information that I decided to set up a website to act as a central point for information - positive and negative - about Lobelia from people who have used it or tried it to help quit smoking. It is early days yet for the site but it will develop in response to feedback.

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