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Pacific Sun withdraws Islander plane

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Pacific Sun withdraws Islander plane

Source: Pacific Sun

Fiji Sun: Thursday, November 25, 2010
In a move that began with the withdrawal of Islander aircraft scheduled services to the Mamanucas in July, domestic airline Pacific Sun has announced that due to economic reasons it will be ceasing all Islander services from yesterday.
This announcement means that Pacific Sun will not be operating any Islander aircraft in its fleet.
It will, however, continue to operate both 42 seat ATR-42s as well as all three of the more economical 18 seat DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft.
Airline general manager Jim Samson said the only destination significantly affected by this decision is Levuka.
"With the removal of the Islanders from service, we will be ending Pacific Sun's daily flights to Levuka from Nausori airport," said Mr Samson.
"The good news for the people of our former capital however is that we will now service this route using our bigger, 18-seat Twin Otter, which will fly there two times a week."
Mr Samson said he has briefed key Levuka stakeholders about this news, and he will be personally travelling to Levuka with one of his senior managers this week to make an in-person presentation.Govern-ment and other key public agencies have also been informed.

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