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Concussion Teleconference Meeting – Minutes March 30, 2012 1: 30pm to 2: 30 p m

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Concussion Teleconference Meeting – Minutes

March 30, 2012

1:30pm to 2:30 p.m.
Present: Loretta Bernard (York), Tracy Dahms (York), Silvana Farrace-Perry (York), Sue Connell (Hamilton), Linda Strobl (Hamilton), Zsuzsi Trim (Hamilton), Janine Monahan (KFL&A), Ellen Pezzetta (Halton), Nicholle Russell (Halton), Linda Bumstead (Grey-Bruce), Janice Greco (Simcoe Muskoka), Jackie Whittingham (H&PEC), Cindy Kirkpatrick (H & PEC), Caroline Jones (SMDHU), Caroline Jones (SMDHU)
Regrets: Jessica Ackerman (Durham), Janice Greco (SMDHU)

1.    Review of Agenda/Minutes

No additions. Minutes taken by Hamilton.

2.    New Concussion Legislation The Education Amendment Act (Concussions), 2012) Links are here:

News release:

Update from Silvana (York) re: concussion legislation from March 6th. Part of Provincial Government concussion strategy. Requesting for establishment of committee. Goal is to have safer schools while securing a safer future for students in education system.

Legislation was introduced and had its first reading on March 6, 2012.

3.    OPHEA Safety Guidelines Webinar –Update from Tracy (York), the webinar can be watched online but requires a password to view. It was suggested to follow up with local school board contacts to access.

Overall, the webinar was found to be very useful-informed what is required from a School Board perspective. Return to Physical Education request forms that School boards can have for their own use were reviewed. Reviewed role of teachers/schools with a focus on communication with parents.

What do school staff need to implement guidelines for concussions? What can school administration do to support school staff? Does your Board have a concussion protocol? What can you do to inform other school staff about concussions? (i.e. include all players in school). The document cannot be shared, but Loretta will send info to Sue for minutes to be circulated to this group-again, suggested to go through School Board Contacts to obtain a copy.

4.    TDSB Concussion Awareness Forum (Dr. Tator-keynote)-

Attended by York Region staff. TDSB wanted more info to go out to parents, students. TDSB is interested in having a concussion strategy. Held on Thursday, March 22nd-about 40 people attended and were very interested/engaged in the issue. Dr. Tator reviewed signs and Symptoms and new information for parents/coaches, use of SCAT tool, reinforced importance of immediate medical assessment, Return to Play guidelines. Question raised re: if a student is at Stage 3 guideline, what happens with a recurrence of symptoms? There is some confusion-but direction is to go right back to Step 1 with any recurrence of symptoms. This info will be corrected on the ThinkFirst website. Discussed second impact syndrome and importance of preventing repeat concussions.

-Discussed “Return to Learn” guidelines-these are going to be devloped, looking at individualized plans depending on recovery/progress. Staying at sub-threshold level-it is hard to do this if baseline not known. Challenge to keep all school staff informed of a student’s individualized needs.

-A student and parent also spoke about their experiences. Importance of neuropsychological assessment (but these are problematic as they are private pay) because they can identify, what parts of brain have been affected/not working.

5.    Updates from Health Units

Hamilton-Sue to add Hamilton info re: symposiums

Kingston-working with local school board to develop concussion strategy. Workshop for secondary school teachers (Phys Ed), Dr. Karen Smith (local ThinkFirst chapter) and distributing concussion awareness posters. Posters were developed by local TF chapter and Public Health-will be sent and attached with minutes.

Bruce-Grey-at preliminary stages have approached Bruce Power for some funding, looking at engaging coaches and parents, may look to expand to include health care providers.

Halton-Halton does participate with both School Boards and are meeting with them in the next couple of weeks to discuss colloborating on concussion work. Developed a draft for their Parenting Blog which will be used.

Simcoe-Offering support with Acquired Brain Injury collaborative. Working with a local physician champion who is going out in April to talk about concussion management. Dr. Goudie(physician who works in Northern Ontario in Sports Medicine in ?Collingwood area) -have developed a comprehensive program-but is quite costly, uses IMPACT. Rainbow District School Board –Robert Kerwin

Hastings-Prince Edward County-focusing on Head Injury prevention rather than Concussions alone. In Prince Edward County, working on initiative to examine a helmet lending program, working with recreation department, other community partners.

Ottawa- Current focus is on Catastrophic Head Injury. Working with a physician on Concussion Prevention & Management, Ottawa has a strong partnership with their local ThinkFirst Chapter.


1) Resources: At the last meeting our materials were still in draft. We have now received our final printed resources which include our fact card for teachers, coaches and parents; die-cast brain card for students as well as posters for the schools. We are just putting together a dissemination plan

2) We also put out a PSA on our concussion initiative, “Not OK, Don’t Play” outlining general concussion awareness and management, as well as our collaboration with the school boards

3) Opportunities:

- Through connections with our curriculum consultants we’ve identified a number of opportunities to promote awareness of initiative. We attended a Health & Physical Education Heads meeting with our Public board. It generated interest and there was good discussion around current procedures, for example, a question arose around a concussion that happened outside of the school. The Catholic board meeting with the H&PE Heads is coming up in April

- There was also an opportunity to attend a Secondary Healthy School Network meeting where schools working with our public health nurses have an opportunity to come together. We attended with our Concussion banner and resources and were able to speak with students and teachers about their experience with concussion

4) Next steps: We are planning to attend a future Principal’s meeting to promote our initiative to administration and will continue to move forward with our initiative for secondary schools more comprehensively in the fall, to target all grade 9’s at the beginning of the year and all student participating in team sports. In the meantime, we will be meeting again with the Curriculum Consultants of both boards to discuss expanding the initiative to involve elementary schools

Loretta has requested info from Janette Bowie (MOHLTC) about what she found with her survey done in Fall 2011-Loretta will share this information if she receives it.

6.    Other

Next Steps- Agreed that this is a good way to find out what other activities are going on and information sharing. Loretta stated that the group might want to think about a research question to propose for the next round of Locally Driven Collaborative Projects-all encouraged to think about this. If we can identify a question, it would be helpful to be prepared for the next round of LDCP (February 2013).

7.     Next Meeting-suggested 3 times per year.

?June-Loretta will send out a Doodle Poll-early June was suggested.


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