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Library Strategy 2010 2013

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Luton Libraries

Library Strategy 2010 - 2013


Context 3

Consultation 5

Statutory Framework 5

Luton Library Offer 6

Aims and Objectives 6

Core Offer - Books and Reading 7

Core Offer - Information and Multi Media Services 8

Core Offer - Lifelong Learning and ICT Provision 8

Core Offer - Outreach 10

Core Offer - The Space 10

Core Offer - The Staff 13

Service Developments and Improvements for the Next Three Years 14

Action Plan 16

Appendix A – Consultation 28

Appendix B – People using Luton Libraries 30

Appendix C – Bibliography 36

1. Context
The purpose of this strategy is to set out the key outcomes, objectives and priorities for the public library service over the next three years in Luton, together with an action plan that will feed into the Libraries Annual Service Plan and Luton Culture’s Annual Service Delivery Plan and be reviewed annually.
It is 12 years since Luton Libraries wrote its first library strategy and nine years since its Best Value Review. During that time there has been a huge change both in library provision and society. There have been changing user demands and expectations; a growth in leisure and recreational activities; a change in work patterns; a change in the cultural mix of our communities and a huge growth in ICT and other technologies with many people now accessing services online 24/7 including book loans and information.
This social shift has been set against the changing context in which local government operates moving away from the traditional local authority role as a service provider towards a role of commissioning services; with the requirement to deliver ongoing efficiency savings; with a greater focus on performance measuring and with services having to deliver towards key local and national priorities. Luton Libraries are no longer part of Luton Borough Council but part of Luton Culture, a charitable company limited by guarantee delivering services on behalf of the Council.
The changes that have taken place in Luton

Libraries are shown in the table below and

show how the service has changed to meet the changing needs of the local community and society during those years
Luton Libraries


Today (2009/10) *

Part of Luton Borough Council

Part of Luton Culture, a registered charity delivering services on behalf of Luton Borough Council

Central Library

Central Library - refurbished April 2009

Seven branch libraries

Seven branch libraries

Two mobile libraries

One mobile library

Home Library Service

Home Library Service

316.75 opening hours per week

365.75 opening hours per week

No libraries open 7 days a week

Three libraries open 7 days a week

No virtual library

Virtual Library accessible 24/7

344,943 items in stock

270,505 items in stock +1,800 downloadable ebooks

1,612,386 issues

953,639 issues*

Regular one to one training on ICT for users

Two internet PCs at Central Library sponsored by Cabletel

139 PCs across the library network

No IT sessions

216,617 IT sessions*

46,861 active borrowers

40,432 active users (borrowing books and using IT)

947,105 visits

934,146 visits*

86% of customers who rated the service as good or very good**

84% of customers who rated the service as good or very good

** Question not asked in Cipfa Plus survey until 2003

* 2009/10 had nine weeks of library closures for refurbishment and installation of RFID at Central, Leagrave and Wigmore Libraries will have impacted on usage
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