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Inca Religion general parameters

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Inca Religion – general parameters

Like other imperial religions, in many ways a reflection of the Inca state

chief ingredient = sun worship – Inti – ancestor of dynasty

Temple of the Sun – Cuzco

One of several buildings in Coricancha – enclosure of gold

Established on the spot where Manqo Qhapaq’s golden staff sunk into the earth

Curved wall
Viracocha – creator, civilizer – also bearded one (confusions with foreigner)

Became supreme god under Pachakuti (appeared in dream)

Inti reduced to son

Both male and female

Other gods

Inti Illapa – storm god (thunder) – rain giver

Moon – quilla – wife and sister of Inti

Stars, especially the Pleiades – qollca (storehouses)

Mountain deities





llamas, cloth most common items

human sacrifice: some, but not like Aztecs

Performed at beginning of new reign, if Inca gravely ill, earthquakes, etc.

when needed divine assistance

men, women, usually children

some buried alive, drugged

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