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Giants, Patriots: Rematch at the Super Bowl

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Giants, Patriots: Rematch at the Super Bowl

02 February 2012 -

Faith Lapidus: Today, we report all about the Super Bowl, the national championship for American professional football.

Sunday is a big day for sports lovers in America. That is when the National Football League holds its forty-sixth Super Bowl game. This year, the New England Patriots and the New York Giants will _________________ for the _________________ at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. Christopher Cruise has more on the _________________, the tensions and the _________________ show at Super Bowl forty-six.

CHRISTOPHER CRUISE: The New England Patriots won thirteen of their sixteen games in the regular ______________. This Sunday marks their seventh Super Bowl. Only two other teams have taken part in more.

The Patriots have _________________ three Super Bowls and _________________ three. But, a win in this championship game could be especially _________________. The Patriots lost in their most recent Super Bowl appearance to the very team they will _________________ Sunday, the New York Giants.

For the Giants, this will be Super Bowl number five. Their _________________ is three wins and one loss. But the Giants are one of the most winning teams in the history of the NFL.
The current New York Giants team is led by quarterback Eli Manning. He comes from a football family. His older brother Peyton Manning is a Super Bowl winning quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. His father, Archie Manning, also played in the NFL.

Eli Manning won his first Super Bowl in the two thousand eight. He was _________________ most valuable player of that game.

Quarterback Tom Brady leads the Patriots. He has had an extremely _________________ career in the NFL. In his ten years as New England’s top quarterback, he has taken the team to the Super Bowl five times.

FAITH LAPIDUS: The Super Bowl is the most watched television program of any in the history of TV. Last year, more than one hundred million people watched the game. This represents _________________ business for advertisers. Shirley Griffith tells us about some of the commercials and halftime entertainment for Sunday’s game.

SHIRLEY GRIFFITH: Super Bowl ads are famously funny, inventive and artistic. And they cost a lot. Thirty seconds of television advertising during the game _________________ more than three million dollars. Super Bowl forty-six broadcaster NBC expects to receive up to three hundred million _________________ from advertisers. Several of the ads have already been released on the Internet.

Car commercials take a major _________________ of the advertising action. In one, an overweight dog _________________ months exercising so he can _________________ a new Volkswagen successfully. Another commercial shows an Eskimo _________________ his home on a _________________ pulled by dogs. He returns with a new automobile, a Suzuki, with his dogs _________________ the ride.

Some of the advertising this year is _________________ with sexy images. Actor John Stamos and a _________________ woman fight over yogurt in one ad. In another, race car driver Danika Patrick and fitness trainer Jillian Michaels team up to paint the body of a supermodel. And you can see soccer star David Beckham -- a lot of him -- in an underwear ad for a _________________ store.

But what will Madonna wear, is the question on many people’s minds. The _________________ will perform during the game’s halftime show. Madonna has said she is nervous about the performance. She told _________________ host Anderson Cooper that the Super Bowl is the “holy of the holies.” She said, “I have to put on the greatest show on earth in the middle of the greatest show on earth.” Anderson asked her for details on what she would be doing. “I’ll be singing,” she said.

Madonna will share the halftime show with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. The two pop stars _________________ on Madonna’s album “M.D.N.A,” which is expected to be released next month.

Madonna _________________ Minaj and M.I.A. for their independence and spirit. This week, M.I.A. _________________ a new single called “Bad Girls.”

Madonna has not said which songs she will perform at the Super Bowl halftime show. But many reports say one of her most famous songs, “Vogue,” will be among them.

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