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Fernando Feliu-Moggi, PhD
3705 Surrey Lane TEL: 1.719.262-3537

Colorado Springs, Co 80918 E-mail: FAX: 1.719.262-3146



Professional Translator Certification:


Madrid, Spain. 1986

Translation and transcription of literary, journalistic, scientific, medical, cultural and educational documents. Extensive work with Academic Publishers and Museums in the United States, Latin America and Europe.

Eng, Span, Cat, Ital, Fr > Eng, Span, Cat.
Most recent published/broadcast translations:

Aló Presidente: Transcription and translation of weekly radio broadcasts by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez (Span>Eng)
Caudal, A documentary script on the life of Guatemalan Nobel-Prize Winner Miguel Angel Asturias, (Eng >Span)
The Encyclopedia of Religion, Second Edition, Several articles on Iberian Religion, Flamen, Diana, Mesoamerican Funerary Rites, Afterlife: Mesoamerican Concepts. Lindsay Jones, PhD, Editor (New York: Macmillan Reference, Forthcoming)
Span>Eng.From Baja to Vancouver: The West Coast in Contemporary American Art (San Diego: Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, 2004). English to Spanish
Andy Goldsworthy: Tres recordatorios. (Several authors). (San Diego: Museum of Contemporary Art, 2003). Eng>Span.
Christo y Jean Claude en la Collección Vogel, (Translation of the Exhibition Catalogue Christo and Jean Claude in the Vogel Collection. San Diego: Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, 2002) Eng>Span.

The Articulation of Difference: Literary Representation and the Interethnic Debate in Guatemala by Mario Roberto Morales. 480 pp. (Forthcoming, University Press of America, 2004). Span > Eng.
“Piri Thomas, A Lot of Heart”, in Latino Writers, an Anthology 40 pp. (Garland Press, 2003). Span> Eng.
Axis Mexico: Common Objects and Cosmopolitan Practices. 250+ pp. Exhibit Catalog for the San Diego Museum of Art, (August, 2002). Eng<>Span.
Just Another Poster? A History of Chicano Poster Art 200+ pp. Exhibit Catalog for the University Museum, University of California, Los Angeles, (August, 2001). Eng<>Span.
Doña Bárbara y el discurso de la ambigüedad” 40 pp. of literary criticism for the Ayacucho Fund, a University Press in Venezuela, (November 2000). Eng>Span.
Ultrabaroque: Aspects of Post-Latin American Art. 260 pp. An exhibit Catalog for the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, (October, 2000). Eng, French, Port, Span>Eng., Span.

Books and Monographs


In Progress Miguel Ángel Asturias, Periodismo y creación literaria, II 1934-1944. Compiler and Coordinator. (Accepted for Publication by the Asociación Archivos de la Literatura Latinoamericana del Caribe y Africana del Siglo XX).
Hacia Anaité: La expedición de Mario Monteforte Toledo a la selva Lacandona, 1938. Analysis of the relationship between the famed Guatemalan novelist’s travel to the northern jungles of Guatemala in 1938 and the publication of his indigenist novel Anaité (1945).
Articles in Refereed Journals and Book Chapters:

Forthcoming:“Miguel Angel Asturias: Poesía temprana, 1935-1944” in Miguel Angel Asturias, Poesía Completa (Lucrecia Méndez de Penedo and Claire Pailler, Coordinators) (Paris: Assosiación Archivos de la Literatura Latinoamericana, del Caribe y Africana del Siglo XX, Paris, 2004).

Prológo” to Marco Vinicio Mejía’s Breve historia del teatro en Guatemala, (Guatemala City: Artemis y Edinter, 2003).

2004 “Miguel Angel Asturias y el debate vanguardista en Guatemala: La controversia en torno a la Pastorela rítmica” in Actas del Coloquio Internacional “Miguel Angel Asturias: 104 años después,” a special issue of the journal Abrapalabra (Guatemala City: Universidad Rafael Landivar, 2003)
2003 “Es 1939--¿Por qué Juarez?” (with Robert VonDassanowsky) in Encuadre, revista de cine y literatura. Caracas, Venezuela, 2003
“De enfant terrible a crítico literario: El periodismo temprano de Enrique Gómez Carrillo en Guatemala: 1889-1891” in Cultura de Guatemala, año XXIV, Vol. I, enero-abril, 2003: 82-101
2002 “El último flâneur: La Mallorca imaginaria de José Carlos Llop”. In Brisas (Palma de Mallorca, 2001).

  1. “A través del espejo”, in Miguel Ángel Asturias, El Señor Presidente, Edición Crítica; Gerald Martin, Coordinator (Paris: Colección Archivos, 2000). pp. 556-612.

  1. “Miguel Ángel Asturias en la Guatemala de Ubico”, in 1899-1999, Vida obra y herencia de Miguel Ángel Asturias (Paris: Colección Archivos, 1999). pp. 256-268.


Interpreting experience includes media, literary, medical and educational conferences in Spain, Argentina, Guatemala and the US.


Ph. D. University of Pittsburgh

Hispanic Languages and Literatures

Dissertation: Calibán in the City of Light: Paris and Modernity in the Crónicas of Latin American Writers Between the Wars.(Asturias, Carpentier, Gómez Carrillo, Reyes, Vallejo).
1997 MA Hispanic Languages and Literatures.

Course work in Literary translation. Colonial, 19th and 20th Century Latin American and Brazilian Literature / 19th and 20th Century Peninsular Literature / Theory.

1990-1994 Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Graduate Studies:

_ Department of Modern Languages: Concentration in Romance Linguistics. Unfinished MA.

_ Department of Communications. MS Thesis: E.L. Youmans: Popular Science Monthly and the Popularization of the Evolutionary Paradigm (1872-1887).

_ Extensive graduate work, School of Business Administration.
1990 B.S. Journalism and Political Science. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.

Present Assistant Professor of Languages and Cultures

University of Colorado

Colorado Springs, CO
1999-2002 Visiting Assistant Professor

Department of Romance Languages

Bowdoin College.

Brunswick, Maine.

1994-1999 Teaching Fellow.

Department of Hispanic Languages and Literatures,

University of Pittsburgh.
1997-1999 Adjunct Professor.

Graduate School of Industrial Administration / Department of Modern Languages

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.

1998 Study Abroad Coordinator/ On-Site Coordinator/ Instructor.

Pitt in Argentina Program.

Rosario, Argentina, Summer, 1998.

1992-1994 Instructor of Spanish.

Department of Modern Languages

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL.

1996-1997 Freelance Contributor. Diario de Mallorca, Spain.

1994 Copy Editor.- The Indianapolis Star.

1990-1992 Media Consultant. Marketing, Comunicación y Servicios, Barcelona, Spain.1990-1992

International Public Relations Director.

- Coordinated media and marketing efforts for International Corporations that sought visibility in the city of Barcelona as it prepared for the 1992 Olympic Games. Interpretation of conferences, translation of press releases and interviews. Position required extensive use of graphic, marketing and accounting software.

1987-1994 Freelance Reporter / Photographer

Spain: Baleares; Diario de Mallorca; La Vanguardia.

USA: Associated Press, St. Louis Post-Dispatch; Chicago Tribune; Southern Illinoisian.

Sports and travel publications throughout Europe.

1988-1994 Editor, editorial page, reporter, photographer, copy editor. Daily Egyptian newspaper, Carbondale, IL

1994-Present Editorial Board of Osamayor, Graduate Student Review of the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literatures, University of Pittsburgh.

1992-1993 Publications Coordinator/ Advisor for Programming.

Housing Programming Office, Southern Illinois University. Carbondale, IL.


Colorado Association of Foreign Language Teachers

Colorado Translators’ Association

Latin American Studies Association.

Modern Language Association.

Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana.

Instituto Internacional de Literatura Centroamericana.

Spanish Honors Society, Sigma Delta Pi.


English (Superior/ 5), Spanish (Superior/ 5), Catalan (Superior/ 5), Italian (Superior/ 4),

Portuguese (Superior/ 4), French (Superior/ 4).

  • Extensive access to PC and Macintosh systems and programs through University.

  • Intel Pentium III 550 MHz Processor, 178MBRAM, 36GB HD

  • Windows 2000 and XP operating system, Netscape Communicator 4.7, Cable Modem.

  • MS Office (Word, Excell, Publisher, Front Page, Power point) applications in English and Spanish.

  • Corel Word Perfect Suite 8, Corel Graphics Pack II, MS Works, Word Perfect Win 6.1; PageMaker,.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Photoshop 7.

  • Printers: HP Laser Jet 5L, Canon S9000 Graphics color jet printer.

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