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Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988

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Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning

Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988

Protected Flora List

July 2015

What is Protected Flora?

Protected flora are native plants or communities of native plants that have legal protection under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988.

The Protected Flora List includes plants from three sources:

  • plant taxa (species, subspecies or varieties) listed as threatened under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988

  • plant taxa belonging to communities listed as threatened under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988

  • plant taxa which are not threatened but require protection for other reasons.

For example, some species which are attractive or highly sought after, such as orchids and grass trees, are protected so that the removal of these species from the wild can be controlled. For all listed species protection includes living (eg flowers, seeds, shoots and roots) and non-living (eg bark, leaves and other litter) plant material.

Do I need a permit or licence?

The handling of protected flora is regulated by the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP) to ensure that any harvesting or loss is ecologically sustainable.

You must obtain a ‘Protected Flora Licence’ or Permit from one of the Regional Offices of DELWP if you want to collect protected native plants or if you are planning to do works or other activities on public land which might kill, injure or disturb protected native plants. In most cases, you do not require a Licence or Permit for works or activities on private land, although you may require a planning permit from your local council. It is best to check with DELWP Regional staff and local council staff before proceeding.

In most cases, licence or permit applications are successful. However, DELWP may place conditions on the licence or permit, such as restricting the amount of protected flora that can be taken, the area from which it can be taken or the collection methods that can be used. In the case of works, DELWP may place conditions on a licence or permit which serve to avoid or minimise the loss of protected flora or to make good any disturbance caused.

Where can I get an application form?

Application forms can be obtained from DELWP Regional Offices or by calling the Customer Service Centre on 136 186.

Protected Flora List

All members of the Pteridophyta are protected:

All clubmosses, ferns and fern allies, excluding Pteridium esculentum - Austral Bracken

Members of the following plant families are protected:

Asteraceae - Daisies - all species.

Epacridaceae - Heaths - all species

Orchidaceae - Orchids - all species

Members of the following genera are protected:

Acacia - Wattles - excluding Acacia dealbata, Acacia decurrens, Acacia implexa, Acacia melanoxylon, Acacia paradoxa

Baeckea - Baeckeas - all species

Boronia - Boronias - all species

Calytrix - Fringe-myrtles - all species

Correa - Correas - all species

Darwinia - Darwinias - all species

Eremophila - Emu-bushes - all species

Eriostemon - Wax-flowers - all species

Gompholobium - Wedge-peas - all species

Grevillea - Grevilleas - all species

Prostanthera - Mint-bushes - all species

Sphagnum - Sphagnum mosses - all species

Stylidium - Trigger-plants - all species

Thryptomene - Thryptomenes - all species

Thysanotus - Fringe-lilies - all species

Xanthorrhoea - Grass-trees - all species

The following plant taxa are protected:

Abutilon fraseri (includes subspecies diplotrichum and fraseri) Dwarf Lantern-bush

Abutilon oxycarpum var. malvaefolium Mallow-leaf Lantern-flower

Abutilon oxycarpum var. subsagittatum Flannel Weed

Acacia binervia Coast Myall

Acacia caerulescens Limestone Blue Wattle

Acacia daviesii Timbertop Wattle

Acacia deanei subsp. deanei Deane's Wattle

Acacia enterocarpa Jumping-jack Wattle

Acacia glandulicarpa Hairy-pod Wattle

Acacia havilandiorum (listed as Acacia havilandii) Needle Wattle

Acacia loderi Nealie

Acacia maidenii Maiden's Wattle

Acacia omalophylla Yarran Wattle

Acacia pendula Weeping Myall

Acacia phasmoides Phantom Wattle

Acacia phlebophylla Buffalo Sallow-wattle

Acacia rostriformis Bacchus Marsh Varnish Wattle

Acianthus collinus Hooded Mosquito-orchid (listed as Inland Pixie Caps)

Acphylla glacialis Snow Aciphyll

Actinotus forsythii Ridge Flannel-flower

Acronychia oblongifolia Yellow-wood

Adiantum capillus-veneris Venus-hair Fern (listed as Dainty Maidenhair)

Adiantum diaphanum Filmy Maidenhair

Alectryon subcinereus Native Quince

Allocasuarina luehmannii Buloke

Almaleea capitata Slender Parrot-pea

Amphibromus pithogastrus Plump Swamp Wallaby-grass

Anoectangium bellii Kiwi Cave-moss

Aristida jerichoensis var. subspinulifera Jericho Wire-grass

Aristida obscura Rough-seed Wire-grass

Aristida personata Purple Wire-grass

Asperula ambleia Stiff Woodruff

Asplenium hookerianum Maidenhair Spleenwort

Astelia australiana Tall Astelia

Asterolasia asteriscophora subsp. albiflora White Star-bush (listed as Star-bush species)

Asterolasia phebalioides Downy Star-bush

Atriplex acutibractea subsp. acutibractea Pointed Saltbush

Atriplex angulata Angular Saltbush

Atriplex billardierei Glistening Saltbush

Atriplex holocarpa Pop Saltbush

Atriplex limbata Spreading Saltbush

Atriplex rhagodioides Silver Saltbush

Babingtonia crenulata Fern-leaf Baeckea

Ballantinia antipoda Southern Shepherds Purse

Bartramia bogongia Bogong Apple-moss

Bauera sessiliflora Grampians Bauera

Bazzania hochstetteri Caducous Whipwort

Boronia galbraithiae Aniseed Boronia

Borya mirabilis Grampians Pincushion-lily

Bossiaea walker Cactus Bossiaea

Botrychium australe Austral Moonwort

Brachyscome aff. gracilis (Kings Billabong) Billabong Daisy
(listed as Brachyscome gracilis Kings Billabong Dookie Daisy)

Brachyscome chrysoglossa Yellow-tongue Daisy

Brachyscome gracilis (listed as Brachyscome gracilis subsp. gracilis) Dookie Daisy

Brachyscome muelleroides Mueller Daisy

Brachyscome sp. 3 (listed as Brachyscome tenuiscapa) Mountain Daisy

Brasenia schreberi Water-shield

Brunonia australis Blue Pincushion

Brunoniella pumilio Dwarf Brunoniella

Caladenia amoena Charming Spider-orchid

Caladenia ancylosa Genoa Spider-orchid

Caladenia audasii McIvor Spider-orchid (listed as Audas' Spider-orchid)

Caladenia brachyscapa Short Spider-orchid

Caladenia calcicola Limestone Spider-orchid

Caladenia carnea var. subulata Striped Pink-fingers

Caladenia clavescens Castlemaine Spider-orchid

Caladenia concolor Crimson Spider-orchid (listed as Maroon-red Spider-orchid)

Caladenia cremna spider-orchid species (NE Vict.)

Caladenia cretacea Stuart Mill Spider-orchid

Caladenia cruciformis Red-cross Spider-orchid (listed as orchid sp.)

Caladenia douglasiorum Douglas' Spider-orchid

Caladenia formosa Elegant Spider-orchid (listed as Blood-red Spider-orchid)

Caladenia fragrantissima (listed as Caladenia fragrantissima subsp. fragrantissima) Scented Spider-orchid

Caladenia fulva Tawny Spider-orchid

Caladenia grampiana Grampians Spider-orchid

Caladenia hastata Melblom's Spider-orchid

Caladenia insularis French Island Spider-orchid

Caladenia lowanensis Wimmera Spider-orchid

Caladenia magnifica Magnificent Spider-orchid

Caladenia maritima Angahook Pink-fingers

Caladenia oreophila Monaro Spider-orchid

Caladenia orientalis Eastern Spider-orchid
(listed as Caladenia fragrantissima subsp. orientalis Cream Spider-orchid)

Caladenia ornata Ornate Pink-fingers

Caladenia osmera Pungent Spider-orchid

Caladenia peisleyi Heath Spider-orchid

Caladenia pilotensis Mount Pilot Spider-orchid

Caladenia pumila Dwarf Spider-orchid

Caladenia robinsonii Frankston Spider-orchid

Caladenia rosella Little Pink Spider-orchid (listed as Rosella Spider-orchid)

Caladenia sp. aff. colorata (Lower Glenelg River) Colourful Spider-orchid
(listed as Caladenia colorata Painted Spider-orchid)

Caladenia sp. aff. fragrantissima (Central Victoria) Bendigo Spider-orchid

Caladenia sp. aff. rosella (Violet Town) Violet Town Spider-orchid

Caladenia sp. aff. venusta (Kilsyth South) Kilsyth South Spider-orchid

Caladenia sp. aff. venusta (Stuart Mill) Stuart Mill Spider-orchid

Caladenia thysanochila Fringed Spider-orchid

Caladenia toxochila Bow-lip Spider-orchid

Caladenia valida Robust Spider-orchid

Caladenia versicolor Candy Spider-orchid

Caladenia xanthochila Yellow-lip Spider-orchid

Calectasia intermedia Blue Tinsel-lily

Callistemon kenmorrisonii Betka Bottlebrush

Callistemon nyallingensis Boggy Creek Bottlebrush

Callistemon wimmerensis Wimmera Bottlebrush

Callitriche brachycarpa Short Water-starwort

Calochilus richiae Bald-tip Beard-orchid

Calomnion complanatum Tree-fern Calomnion

Calostemma purpureum Garland Lily

Calotis pubescens Mountain Burr-daisy

Cardamine franklinensis Franklin Bitter-cress

Cardamine gunnii Tuberous Bitter-cress

Cardamine tryssa Dainty Bitter-cress

Carex cephalotes Wire-head Sedge

Carex paupera Dwarf Sedge

Carex tasmanica Curly Sedge

Cassinia rugata Wrinkled Cassinia

Casuarina obesa Swamp Sheoak

Celmisia sericophylla Silky Snow-daisy

Cheiranthera cyanea var. cyanea Blue Finger-flower

Chiloglottis seminuda Bare-tip Wasp-orchid

Chorizandra sphaerocephala Roundhead Bristle-sedge

Christella dentata Binung

Colura pulcherrima Southern Colura

Comesperma polygaloides Small Milkwort

Commersonia dasyphylla (listed as Rulingia dasyphylla) Dwarf Kerrawang

Commersonia prostrata (listed as Rulingia prostrata) Clustered Kerrawang

Corunastylis sp. aff. nudiscapa Otway Midge-orchid

Correa lawrenceana var. genoensis Genoa River Correa (listed as Mountain Correa)

Corybas despectans Coast Helmet-orchid

Corybas sp. aff. diemenicus (Coastal) Late Helmet-orchid

Craspedia canens Grey Billy-buttons

Crinum flaccidum Darling Lily (listed as Murray Lily)

Cryptostylis erecta Bonnet Orchid

Cryptostylis hunteriana Leafless Tongue-orchid

Cullen australasicum Native Scurf-pea
(listed as Psoralea australasica Tall Psoralea)

Cullen cinereum Hoary Scurf-pea
(listed as Psoralea cinerea Hoary Psoralea)

Cullen discolor Grey Scurf-pea

Cullen pallidum Woolly Scurf-pea

Cullen parvum Small Scurf-pea
(listed as Psoralea parva Small Psoralea)

Cullen patens Spreading Scurf-pea
(listed as Psoralea patens Spreading Psoralea)

Cullen tenax Tough Scurf-pea
(listed as Psoralea tenax Tough Psoralea)

Cyathea cunninghamii Slender Tree-fern

Cyathea leichhardtiana Prickly Tree-fern

Cyperus gracilis Slender Flat-sedge

Cyperus nervulosus Annual Flat-sedge

Cyperus rigidellus Curly Flat-sedge (listed as Dwarf Flat-sedge)

Dampiera galbraithiana Licola Dampiera

Daviesia laevis Grampians Bitter-pea

Deyeuxia affinis Allied Bent-grass

Deyeuxia pungens Narrow-leaf Bent-grass

Dianella amoena Matted Flax-lily

Dillwynia oreodoxa Grampians Parrot-pea

Dipodium campanulatum Bell-flower Hyacinth-orchid

Dipodium hamiltonianum Yellow Hyacinth-orchid

Discaria nitida Shining Anchor Plant

Discaria pubescens Australian Anchor Plant (listed as Hairy Anchor Plant)

Diuris daltonii Western Purple Diuris

Diuris dendrobioides (listed as Diuris cuneata) Wedge Diuris

Diuris fragrantissima Sunshine Diuris

Diuris gregaria Clumping Golden Moths

Diuris ochroma Pale Golden Moths

Diuris palustris Swamp Diuris

Diuris protena Northern Golden Moths

Diuris punctata Purple Diuris

Diuris sp. aff. chryseopsis (Basalt Plains) (listed as Diuris sp. aff. lanceolata) Small Golden Moths

Diuris tricolor Painted Diuris (listed as donkey orchid)

Drabastrum alpestre Mountain Cress

Drepanocladus polygamus (listed as Campylium polygamum) Shore Feather-moss

Dysphania simulans Spiked Pigweed

Epilobium brunnescens subsp. beaugleholei Bog Willow-herb

Epilobium willisii Carpet Willow-herb

Eremophila bignoniiflora Bignonia Emu-bush

Eremophila sturtii Narrow-leaf Emu-bush

Eriocaulon australasicum Southern Pipewort

Eucalyptus aggregata Black Gum

Eucalyptus alligatrix subsp. limaensis Lima Stringybark

Eucalyptus cadens Warby Range Swamp Gum

Eucalyptus crenulata Buxton Gum

Eucalyptus froggattii Kamarooka Mallee

Eucalyptus leucoxylon subsp. bellarinensis Bellarine Yellow-gum

Eucalyptus molyneuxii Little Desert Peppermint

Eucalyptus strzeleckii Strzelecki Gum

Euphorbia planiticola Plains Spurge

Euphorbia tannensis subsp. eremophila (listed as Euphorbia tannensis) Desert Spurge

Euphrasia collina subsp. muelleri Purple Eyebright

Euphrasia crassiuscula subsp. glandulifera Thick Eyebright

Euphrasia eichleri Bogong Eyebright

Euphrasia scabra Rough EyeBright

Ficus coronata Sandpaper Fig

Gaultheria appressa Wax-berry

Gaultheria hispida Snow-berry

Geijera parviflora Wilga

Geranium sp. 1 Large-flower Crane’s-bill

Glycine canescens Silky Glycine

Glycine latrobeana Clover Glycine

Goodenia macbarronii Narrow Goodenia

Grevillea barklyana Gully Grevillea

Grevillea bedggoodiana Enfield Grevillea

Grevillea celata Colquhoun Grevillea

Grevillea floripendula Ben Major Grevillea

Grevillea infecunda Anglesea Grevillea

Grevillea microstegia Mt Cassell Grevillea

Grevillea montis-cole subsp. brevistyla Langi Ghiran Grevillea

Hakea macraeana Willow Needlewood

Halosarcia flabelliformis Bead Glasswort

Hardenbergia violacea Purple Coral-pea

Hemichroa diandra Mallee Hemichroa

Hibbertia humifusa subsp. debilis Dergholm Guinea-flower

Hibbertia humifusa subsp. erigens Euroa Guinea-flower
(listed as Hibbertia humifusa subsp. nov. (North East Victoria) guinea-flower (North East Victoria))

Hibiscus brachysiphonius Low Hibiscus

Howittia trilocularis Blue Howittia

Hypocreopsis sp. A (Nyora) (listed as Hypocreopsis sp. 'Nyora') Clasping Hypocreopsis

Isoetes pusilla Small Quillwort

Isolepis congrua Slender Club-sedge

Isopogon prostratus Prostrate Cone-bush

Juncus antarcticus Cushion Rush

Kelleria laxa Snow Daphne (listed as Drapetes)

Kunzea parvifolia Violet Kunzea

Kunzea parviflora Violet Kunzea

Lachnagrostis adamsonii Adamson’s Blown-grass
(listed as Agrostis adamsonii Adamson's Bent)

Lachnagrostis punicea subsp. filifolia Purple Blown-grass
(listed as Agrostis billardierei var. filifolia Coast Blown-grass)

Leiocarpa gatesii (listed as Leptorhynchos gatesii) Wrinkled Buttons

Leiocarpa leptolepis Pale Plover-daisy

Lepidium aschersonii Spiny Peppercress

Lepidium hyssopifolium Basalt Peppercress (listed as Small Pepper-cress)

Lepidium monoplocoides Winged Peppercress

Lepidium pseudopapillosum Erect Peppercress

Lepilaena marina Sea Water-mat

Lepilaena patentifolia Spreading Water-mat

Leptodon smithii Prince-of-Whales Feather-moss

Leptorhynchos orientalis (listed as Leptorhynchos medius) Annual Buttons

Leucochrysum albicans var. tricolor White Sunray

Leucochrysum molle Soft Sunray

Lindsaea trichomanoides Oval Wedge-fern

Livistona australis Cabbage Fan-palm

Lobelia gelida ( listed as Pratia gelida) Snow Pratia

Maireana cheelii Chariot Wheels

Melaleuca gibbosa Slender Paperbark

Melaleuca halmaturorum Salt Paperbark

Melaleuca squamea Mealy Paperbark

Melaleuca squarrosa Scented Paperbark

Melaleuca wilsonii Violet Paperbark

Menkea crassa Fat Spectacles

Micromyrtus ciliate Heath-myrtle

Muehlenbeckia gracillima Slender Lignum

Myoporum brevipes Pale Myoporum

Myoporum floribundum Slender Myoporum

Myriophyllum gracile var. lineare Slender Water-milfoil

Myriophyllum porcatum Ridged Water-milfoil

Myriophyllum striatum Striped Water-milfoil

Nematolepis frondosa Leafy Nematolepis

Nematolepis squamea subsp. retusa (listed as Nematolepis squamea subsp. coriacea) Harsh Nematolepis

Nematolepis wilsonii Shiny Nematolepis
(listed as Phebalium wilsonii Shiny Phebalium)

Neuropogon acromelanus Black-beard Lichen (listed as lichen sp.)

Nymphoides crenata Wavy Marshwort

Nymphoides spinulosperma Marbled Marshwort

Olearia astroloba Marble Daisy-bush

Olearia pannosa subsp. cardiophylla Velvet Daisy-bush

Olearia viscosa Viscid Daisy-bush

Orthotrichum cupulatum var. cupulatum Limestone Bristle-moss
(listed as Orthotrichum cupulatum Limestone Orthotrichum)

Orthotrichum hortense Gardener’s Bristle-moss (listed as Gardener’s Orthotrichum)

Oxalis magellanica Snowdrop Wood-sorrel

Paracaleana disjuncta (listed as Paracaleana sp. aff. nigrita) Grampians Duck-orchid

Pedinophyllum monoicum Southern Pedinophyllum

Persoonia asperula Mountain Geebung

Phebalium festivum (listed as Phebalium obcordatum) Dainty Phebalium

Philotheca difformis subsp. difformis Small-leaf Wax-flower

Pimelea pagophila Grampians Rice-flower

Pimelea spinescens (includes subspecies spinescens and pubiflora) Plains Rice-flower

Poa physoclina Wind-blown Tussock-grass

Poa sallacustris Salt-lake Tussock-grass

Podolepis muelleri Small Podolepis

Pomaderris cotoneaster Cotoneaster Pomaderris

Pomaderris sericea Bent Pomaderris

Pomaderris subplicata Concave Pomaderris

Pomaderris vacciniifolia Round-leaf Pomaderris

Prasophyllum anticum Pretty Hill Leek-orchid

Prasophyllum barnettii Elegant Leek-orchid

Prasophyllum correctum Gaping Leek-orchid
(listed as Prasophyllum chasmogamum Spreading Leek-orchid)

Prasophyllum erythrocommum Tan Leek-orchid

Prasophyllum diversiflorum Gorae Leek-orchid

Prasophyllum fosteri Shelford Leek-orchid (listed as Foster's Leek-orchid)

Prasophyllum frenchii Maroon Leek-orchid (listed as Slaty Leek-orchid)

Prasophyllum gilgai Gilgai Leek-orchid

Prasophyllum hygrophilum (listed as Prasophyllum species (Nagambie)) Swamp Leek-orchid

Prasophyllum litorale Coastal Leek-orchid

Prasophyllum maccannii Inland Leek-orchid

Prasophyllum morganii Mignonette Leek-orchid (listed as Cobungra Leek-orchid)

Prasophyllum niphopedium Marsh Leek-orchid

Prasophyllum readii Painted Leek-orchid

Prasophyllum sp. aff. fitzgeraldii A (listed as Prasophyllum fitzgeraldii) Fitzgerald's Leek-orchid

Prasophyllum suaveolens Fragrant Leek-orchid

Prasophyllum subbisectum Pomonal Leek-orchid

Prasophyllum suttonii Buffalo Leek-orchid

Prasophyllum uvidulum (listed as Prasophyllum sp. aff. frenchii B) Summer Leek-orchid

Prasophyllum viretrum Basalt Leek-orchid

Prostanthera galbraithiae Wellington Mint-bush

Pseudocephalozia paludicola Alpine Leafy Liverwort (listed as liverwort)

Pseudoraphis paradoxa Slender Mud-grass

Pterostylis baptistii King Greenhood

Pterostylis basaltica Basalt Rustyhood (listed as Greenhood)

Pterostylis cheraphila Floodplain Rustyhood

Pterostylis chlorogramma Green-striped Greenhood

Pterostylis conferta (listed as Pterostylis sp. aff. mutica) Leprechaun Greenhood

Pterostylis cucullata (includes montane and coastal forms) Leafy Greenhood

Pterostylis despectans Lowly Greenhood

Pterostylis sp. aff. bicolor (Woorndoo) Dense Greenhood

Pterostylis sp. aff. boormanii (Beechworth) Granite Rustyhood
(listed as Pterostylis sp. aff. boormanii Beechworth Rustyhood)

Pterostylis sp. aff. dolichochila (Portland) Portland Long-tongue Shell-orchid

Pterostylis sp. aff. furcata Small Sickle Greenhood

Pterostylis spissa (listed as Pterostylis sp. aff. cycnocephala) Cygnet Greenhood

Pterostylis truncata Brittle Greenhood

Pterostylis valida Robust Greenhood

Pterostylis woollsii Long-tail Greenhood

Pterostylis X aenigma (listed as Pterostylis aenigma) Enigmatic Greenhood

Pterostylis xerophila Desert Greenhood

Ptilotus erubescens Hairy Tails

Pultenaea graveolens Scented Bush-pea

Pultenaea lapidosa Stony Bush-pea (listed as Mt Tambo Bush-pea)

Pultenaea penna Feather Bush-pea

Pultenaea subalpine Rosy Bush-pea

Pultenaea weindorferi Swamp Bush-pea

Rhodanthe stricta Slender Sunray
(listed as Helipterum strictum Upright Sunray)

Riccardia eriocaula Feather-fan Germanderwort (listed as Feather-fan Riccardia)

Riella spiculata Spiny-spore Riella

Rutidosis leptorhynchoides (listed as Rutidosis leptorrhynchoides) Button Wrinklewort

Sambucus australasica Yellow Elderberry

Santalum lanceolatum Northern Sandalwood

Sarcochilus falcatus Orange-blossom Orchid

Saxipoa saxicola (listed as Poa saxicola) Rock Poa (listed as Rock Tussock-grass)

Schoenoplectus dissachanthus Blunt Club-sedge

Sclerolaena napiformis Turnip Copperburr (listed as Turnip Bassia)

Sclerolaena ventricosa Salt Copperburr

Senecio behrianus Stiff Groundsel

Senecio garlandii Woolly Ragwort

Senecio macrocarpus Large-headed Fireweed (listed as Large-fruit Groundsel)

Sida spodochroma Limestone Sida

Sphaerolobium acanthos Grampians Globe-pea

Spyridium furculentum (listed as Spyridium species 1) Forked Spyridium

Spyridium nitidum Shining Spyridium

Swainsona adenophylla Violet Swainson-pea

Swainsona brachycarpa Slender Swainson-pea

Swainsona galegifolia Smooth Darling-pea

Swainsona greyana Hairy Darling-pea

Swainsona luteola Dwarf Darling-pea

Swainsona murrayana Slender Darling-pea (listed as Murray Swainson-pea)

Swainsona phacoides Dwarf Swainson-pea

Swainsona plagiotropis Red Swainson-pea

Swainsona purpurea Purple Swainson-pea

Swainsona recta Mountain Swainson-pea

Swainsona reticulata Kneed Swainson-pea

Swainsona sericea Silky Swainson-pea

Swainsona swainsonioides Downy Swainson-pea

Symplocus thwaitesii Buff Hazelwood

Taraxacum cygnorum Coast Dandelion

Telopea oreades Gippsland Waratah

Thelychiton speciosus (listed as Dendrobium speciosum) Rock Orchid

Thelymitra epipactoides Metallic Sun-orchid

Thelymitra gregaria Basalt Sun-orchid

Thelymitra hiemalis Winter Sun-orchid

Thelymitra incurva Swamp Sun-orchid

Thelymitra mackibbinii Brilliant Sun-orchid

Thelymitra matthewsii Spiral Sun-orchid

Thelymitra X merraniae (listed as Thelymitra merraniae) Merran's Sun-orchid

Thelypteris confluens Swamp Fern

Thesium australe Austral Toad-flax

Thismia rodwayi Fairy Lanterns

Treubia tasmanica Treubia liverwort

Triandrophyllum subtrifidum Variable Gondwanawort

Trichanthodium baracchianum Dwarf Yellow-heads

Utricularia monanthos Tasmanian Bladderwort

Wahlenbergia densifolia Fairy Bluebell

Westringia crassifolia Whipstick Westringia

Westringia cremnophila Snowy River Westringia

Westringia lucida Shining Westringia

Xanthoparmelia suberadicata Foliose Lichen

Xanthorrhoea glauca subsp. angustifolia Grey Grass-tree

Xerochrysum palustre (listed as Bracteantha sp. aff. subundulata) Swamp Everlasting

Zieria aspalathoides subsp. aspalathoides (listed as Zieria aspalathoides) Whorled Zieria

Plant taxa belonging to the following listed communities are protected:

Alpine Bog Community

Alpine Snowpatch Community

Butterfly Community No. 1

Caltha introloba Herbland Community

Central Gippsland Plains Grassland Community

Coastal Moonah (Melaleuca lanceolata subsp. lanceolata) Woodland Community

Cool Temperate Mixed Forest

Cool Temperate Rainforest Community

Creekline Grassy Woodland (Goldfields) Community

Devonian Limestone Pomaderris Shrubland Community

Dry Rainforest (Limestone) Community

Fen (Bog Pool) Community

Forest Red Gum Grassy Woodland Community

Granite Foothills Spring Wetland (North-East Victoria) Community

Grey Box - Buloke Grassy Woodland Community

Herb-rich Plains Grassy Wetland (West Gippsland) Community

Limestone Grassy Woodland Community

Limestone Pomaderris Shrubland Community

Lowland Riverine Fish Community of the Southern Murray-Darling Basin

Montane Swamp Complex Community

Northern Plains Grassland Community

Plains Grassland (South Gippsland) Community

Red Gum Swamp Community No. 1

Rocky Chenopod Open Scrub Community

San Remo Marine Community

Sedge Rich Eucalyptus camphora Swamp Community

Semi-arid Herbaceous Pine - Buloke Woodland Community

Semi-arid Herbaceous Pine Woodland Community

Semi-arid Northwest Plains Buloke Grassy Woodlands Community

Semi-arid Shrubby Pine - Buloke Woodland Community

Victorian mallee bird community

Victorian temperate-woodland bird community

Warm Temperate Rainforest (Coastal East Gippsland) Community

Warm Temperate Rainforest (Cool Temperate Overlap, Howe Range) Community

Warm Temperate Rainforest (East Gippsland Alluvial Terraces) Community

Warm Temperate Rainforest (Far East Gippsland) Community

Western (Basalt) Plains Grasslands Community

Western Basalt Plains (River Red Gum) Grassy Woodland Floristic Community 55-04

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