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Date: Friday, 2 October 2009 Time

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National Quality & Consistency Forum (Children’s)


Friday, 2 October 2009




Room 6, 7, & 8, Dundee


Alison Bavidge, Care Commission

Ann McKenzie, One Parent Families Scotland

Bryan Livingstone, Care Commission

David MacRitchie, Association of Directors of Social Work

Eddie McCaffrey, Spark of Genius

Elizabeth Morrison, Who Cares? Scotland

Greg Dempster, Association of Headteachers and Deputes in Scotland

Ian McLaughlan, Scottish Pre-school Play Association

Isobel Dumigan, Care Commission

Jacqui Drinkwater, National Day Nurseries Association

Kate Cherry, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education

Kirsten Gooday, Community Care Providers Scotland

Maggie Simpson, Scottish Childminding Association

Mairi Ferris, Fife Council

Marjory Booth, Care Commission

Mark Bevan, Community Care Providers Scotland

Norma Anne Watson, Educational Institute of Scotland

Ronnie Hill, Care Commission (Chair)

Susan Adrian, National Day Nurseries Association

Susan Bain, Association of Quality Nurseries Scotland

In attendance

Elaine Samson, Care Commission

Pamela Hill, Care Commission (Note)



These were noted as follows:

Amanda Godsell, Play Scotland

Anne Rooney, Midlothian Council

Barbara Hudson, British Adoption & Fostering Scotland

Caroline Richardson, Who Cares? Scotland

David Baird, Social Care Association

David Clark, Scottish Council of Independent Schools

Eileen Davidson, The Educational Institute of Scotland

Enid Lowe, Scottish Childminding Association

George MacBride, Educational Institute of Scotland

Gillian Ottley, Social Work Inspection Agency

Glynis Elgey, Community Care Providers Scotland

Ian Milligan, Scottish Institute for Residential Child Care

Irene Buchanan, Association of Headteachers and Deputes in Scotland

Jane Arrowsmith, Educating though Care Scotland

John Ryan, Aberlour Child Care Trust

Kathlyn Taylor, Association of Quality Nurseries Scotland

Lillian Goldie, Association of Directors of Education in Scotland

Marc Hendrikson, Social Work Inspection Agency

Margaret Brunton, Scottish Pre-school Play Association

Margaret Harwood, Scottish Pre-school Play Association

Margaret Lauder, ADES Pre-5 Sub-group

Marion Burns, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education

Maureen McKissock, Scottish Out of School Care Network

Noni Cobban, United Kingdom Homecare Association

Pamela Nesbitt, Association of Headteachers and Deputes in Scotland

Sandra Moody, The Fostering Network Scotland

Simon Macauley, The Educational Institute of Scotland

Tom McGhee, Spark of Genius



The minute of the last meeting was accepted as an accurate record.




Item 3.1 Child Protection Notifications

The review is at an early stage due to workload capacity within the Care Commission’s ICT department. Only four local authorities have made a total of six notifications since the system went live in December 2008. We are not sure if this is due to not all local authorities having registered any users or whether it is due to some local authority systems not being able to connect with the eform system due to their firewalls.
Marjory Booth to contact local authorities which have not registered and to link with those that have registered but not submitted any notifications to determine if this is due to firewall issues. David MacRitchie to take back to ADSW group.
There have also been 13 notifications from two national fostering providers, one notification from one national adoption agency, 14 notifications about school care accommodation services and two childminding notifications.
Providers should notify us even at investigation stage of child protection incidents. This ensures that although we do not have the detail of the incidents we do know that the correct agencies have been notified and that provides assurance that this is being followed up by the relevant social work team. We can also follow through with the service provider if necessary.



Item 3.2 CORPORATE PLAN 2009-11 (Meet Sid campaign)

SCMA have highlighted the Meet Sid campaign in their magazine and some residential providers have been using it within group work. We have had thousands of hit on our website. Elizabeth Morrision to provide feedback at the next meeting on how the moderation is going by Who Cares? Scotland.



Item 3.4 Annual Returns

The decision has been taken to stop providing paper annual returns for day care of children services. Those services which submitted a paper annual return have been advised in writing of this decision. Childminders will still be able to submit paper annual returns. Discussions are ongoing with Scottish Government statisticians to limit duplication.
It was noted that the Care Commission’s self evaluation document is similar to HMIE’s. Norma Ann Watson and Greg Dempster to send information to Ronnie Hill and Kate Cherry to see if any duplication could be reduced. There is a guidance on the Care Commission’s website regarding the linkage between HMIE Quality Indicators and Care Commission Quality Themes and Statements<r=H Some local authority IT systems’ firewalls stop head teachers completing the self evaluation documents on-line. Norma Ann Watson to let Ronnie Hill know about West Lothian Council’s problems in this regard.
Alison Bavidge to provide Ian McLaughlan with a similar article on annual returns to that provided to SCMA to encourage electronic annual returns. Ian McLaughlan to provide Alison Bavidge with the names of “champions” of electronic completion.





Item 3.5 Inspections 2009-10 – Inspection Focus Areas

It has been decided that there will be no Inspection Focus Areas for children’s services in year 2010-11. However, we will still be looking at important national policy areas, for example, encouraging engagement with parents, so services should not be surprised if they receive recommendations on these aspects.


Pandemic Flu

The Scottish Government has produced a pack on hand hygiene for services but this has not been provided to childminders or out of school clubs. Bryan Livingstone tabled information to signpost providers to the websites noted within the packs. Pamela Hill to forward the signposting information to members of the Forum.
It was noted that the letter sent out to all providers stated “If you have an outbreak of any infection, including “flu”, where two or more people present with similar symptoms, this must be notified to the Care Commission in the usual way”. Legally, only care homes are obliged to notify us through the notification system. However, we would recommend, and it is best practice, to let CCOs or their team managers know of any infectious outbreaks involving two or more people attending within a service whether they are members of staff or service users. Pamela Hill to forward a copy of the letter to members of the Forum.
Swine flu is likely to increase substantially over this winter and so the letter was to encourage providers to put business continuity plans in place in readiness for the impact on services. We have been approached about relaxing the National Care Standards on staff ratios. We are in discussion with the Scottish Government about derogation, as are all scrutiny bodies, as staff ratios are subject to the law.




SSSC Registration/Staff ratios

We are trying to encourage every regulated service to ensure their staff are registered with the SSSC where this is required. Services have been aware of the requirement to register for a number of years. The lead time for SSSC registering staff will vary depending on the checks they need to do and also whether they have a backlog of applications due to people registering at the last minute. It should be noted that leaving registration to the last minute will impact on the provider as we will go down the route of enforcement if services have staff which are not registered. There will be a statement on our website soon which will set out our position.


Review of Terms of Reference

The current Terms of Reference was discussed and changes agreed. Pamela Hill to circulate the revised Terms of Reference to members. Bryan Livingstone to follow up Board representation.



Curriculum for Excellence

There are five seminars happening throughout Scotland in September/October to support head teachers in implementing the Curriculum for Excellence from August 2010. The National Care Standards fit well with the Curriculum for Excellence and services will be signposted to it alongside Birth to 3, Child at the Centre etc.


Scrutiny Update

Ronnie Hill reported that for the Care Commission it is business as usual right up until the new body takes over regulation of care services in April 2011. As an organisation we are in favour of the changes and are working with our colleagues in HMIE, SWIA, NHS QIS, Scottish Government etc.
A number of working groups were established and these have made their recommendations to the Change Delivery Group in Scottish Government. Ronnie Hill thanked those members who responded to the consultation paper on the recommendations of the Implementing Scrutiny Improvement Task Team. The recommendations have been accepted by the Change Delivery Group. Pamela Hill to circulate the recommendations to members. There will be opportunities for organisations to engage with the Scottish Government. Shane Rankin is leading this work. Further information on the Scrutiny Review can be found at
SWIA’s functions and the child protection aspects of HMIE’s Directorate 6 will be part of the new body along with the Care Commission. There are already arrangements in place to look at commissioning. SWIA has recently published a commissioning guide which can be accessed from their website at
Ronnie Hill indicated that we will consult with Forum members on the draft regulations if we have an opportunity to do so.



Active Play in EY Day Care Services

Active play was an Inspection Focus Area in 2007-08 in early years day care services. Active play was looked at in half of the services including local authority, private and voluntary services. What we found was generally good practice. The bulletin reporting on what we found will be published later in the year and members will receive a copy.


1st Year Gradings

Summaries of the gradings for inspections of daycare of children’s services and residential children’s services were circulated. It is encouraging that services are, on the whole, receiving high grades. This is a snapshot but we are publishing full information on all care services early 2010.
There was discussion and agreement about the problems and delays we face in closing services who will not improve despite ongoing support to do so due to the current legal system. Pamela Hill to arrange for the Enforcement Sub-group Convenor to contact Mark Bevan to discuss supporting services to improve.





Who Cares? Scotland are taking two groups of young people to Nepal and are launching a blog called “reaching higher” about these trips and the projects the young people will be working on. Elizabeth Morrison will circulate the link to this project to the group.



Inspection Timelines

This was deferred to the next meeting.



4 February 2010, 10.00am in Musselburgh.
Anne Hryhorskyj to schedule dates for 2010-11.


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