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  • Complete all project components listed below.

  • Please be as complete and specific as possible with all of your answers.


  • List all of your sources used for every statistic, fact, date, etc.

  • You must use at least two (2) publications/periodicals other than your text book.

  • Minimal grade for minimal work.

Citation Example:

Jones, George. “The WW II Legacy.” Time Magazine . 5 OCT 03. pp. 27-33.

  1. When did the “Battle of Britain” occur, who was involved, what was the significance and the outcome? What role did Americans play if any?

  1. Clearly explain the D-Day Invasion. Use all terminology, individuals and countries involved. Create a map of the Normandy Beaches labeling all geographical features, names and locations of the D-Day invasion.

  1. What was Manhattan Project and what happened specifically to make it occur? Who was involved, what was the costs and who knew about it?

  1. Hitler’s Henchmen. What was each of their backgrounds and their roles in the Reich? What where their outcomes?

Herman Goering Josef Mengele Adolf Eichmann

Rudolph Hess Martin Borman Josef Goebbels

Franz Stangl Kurt Waldheim Heinrich Himmler

Reinhard Heydrich

  1. Write a specific biography of Simon Wiesenthal. What was his significance, his experiences, his achievements and his goal?

  1. What did the following individuals do during the WW II Era and why were they significant?

George Patton Hideki Tojo Werner Von Braun

Mitchell Paige Maj. G. “Pappy” Boyington Robert Oppenheimer

Ernie Pyle Audie Murphy Martha Gelhorn

  1. Explain the significance of the “Bataan Death March”, include who was involved, descriptions, dates, location, outcome and importance.

  1. Choose an individual not listed in this project and create a “Historical Resume” for them. This would include their early life, their careers, education, personal information and why they were historically significant. How would history have been different if this person did not complete their achievement or impact?

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