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Creativity displays at lobby of liu-hsien memorial science hall

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Tamkang Times No.710


TKU creates one more “green space” in Liu-hsien Memorial Science Hall. Following the decoration of the tenth and eleventh floor of Business and Management Building with environmental grace, College of Sciences also creates “Corner Space” in the entrance of first floor in Liu-hsien Memorial Science Hall. We can find 19th impressionist paintings hanging on the wall, and the light creates a delicate atmosphere. The Wave Chair leans against the wall, and there is a mini landscape garden yard near the chair to set off a peaceful corner for students to take a rest.

Dr. Tseng Wen-jer, Chair of Department of Physics said “With such an artistic space in the facade of Liu-hsien Memorial Science Hall Lobby, we want to provide a space for teachers and students to take a rest for a while to promote the relationships between students and teachers.” Chen Shih-bin, a senior of Department of Physics expressed, “Liu-hsien Memorial Science Hall did not provide enough seats, so students had a meal sitting on the step of stairs. Now we have creative Corner Space which can let us take a break before class and it makes the whole building look more beautiful.” ( ~Vivian Lin )


The elegant greenery adds humanistic atmosphere to the pragmatic spirit of science in Liu-hsien Memorial Science Hall.

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