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Town of Simsbury Aging and Disability Commission

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Town of Simsbury

Aging and Disability Commission
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 – 7:00 P.M.

Eno Memorial Hall, Simsbury, CT

Meeting Minutes - Draft
Ed LaMontagne, Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. in the Youth Room, Eno Memorial Hall, Hopmeadow Street, Simsbury.
Present:, Victor Bible, Kathie Fallon, Michael Jennings, Marvin Koff, Mary Ellen Long, Mona Martinik, Mark Orenstein, Mary Lou Patrina, Charlotte Steptoe, Lynn Veith, Arlene Zappile, Ron Zappile, Kathleen Marschall, (Senior Center Coordinator), Cheryl Cook (Board of Selectmen Liaison) Nate Picarelli-Kombert, (Student Liaison)
Excused: Vic Bible, Grace Comeau, Mona Herman, John Romano (Veterans Liaison)
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Alternates Arlene Zappile and Mary Lou Patrina were appointed to fill in as voting members for this meeting.
GUESTS: Elena Petrenko, Home Helpers; State Representative John Hampton
State Representative John Hampton:

The Aging Committee has sent all of their bills out of committee. Other pertinent legislation is the Aide in Dying bill, minimum wage bill and bills on education. Representative Hampton is chairing a caucus to study services for persons with development disabilities


The meeting minutes of January 28, 2014 were approved.


  • Souper Tuesday

Ms. Martinik reported that 78 people attended the event on March 11th. The number of no shows has greatly diminished. The next Souper is scheduled for April 8th. Anyone who wishes to volunteer should call Ms. Comeau.

  • Picnic In The Park

Ms. Steptoe has made contact with FAVARH and has spoken to the band who indicated

that they are willing perform again. She will be contacting St. Catherine of Sienna

Church to coordinate a date for the event. The target date is the mid to end of August.

  • Ms Cook reported that the BOS is focusing on the budget. Main focus/goal is the keep the mil rate flat. There was a very slight increase grand list. The BOE has presented their budget. The BOS will report next week. The public hearing and referendum dates have not been set at this time.

  • The medical marijuana processing facility is moving forward.

  • Simsbury is part of the Solarize Connecticut program through a consortium of towns.

Aging and Disability Commission

Meeting Minutes - Draft

March 18, 2014

Page Two

  • The Community of Care Committee has been established. The first project is to establish a resource booklet.

  • The economic development task force has been established and is beginning to meet. The first project is to implement phase 2 of the economic development study.

  • April has been designated as Fair Housing month.

  • Simsbury Farms subcommittee will be meeting. There has been a two year deficit in their revenue fund.


Mr. Picarelli-Kombert will assist with Picnic in the Park volunteers and posters for Handicapped Parking Awareness month.


No report was provided due to the absence of the Veterans’ Liaison.


Ms. Marschall reported that the Senior Center has hired a new assistant, Martha Hillemeir, who will start on Monday, March 24th. The Simsbury Fire Department sponsored a breakfast for seniors at Eno Memorial Hall. The event was well attended.


Senior/Community Center Update

The appointed committee of 18 met on 4 occasions. The three sites were discussed. The last meeting was held 2/22 and a vote was taken. The results will be presented to the BOS in April.

Souper Tuesday Sponsorships

Mr. LaMontagne reported that he sent letters to several organizations soliciting


  • Other

  • Mr. LaMontagne stated that Officer Devlin of the Simsbury Police Department

asked if the Commission will be requesting a designation for handicapped

parking awareness month again this year. Mr. LaMontagne will make a request

to the BOS next month.

  • Mr. Jennings was recently honored by the Brain Injury Alliance with the Community Service Award.


Community of Care Committee

The committee has been appointed by the Board of Selectman and the first meeting will be held on April 9th.

  • League of Woman’s Voters of Canton Mental Health Study

Mr. LaMontagne distributed an Executive Summary completed by the League of Women Voters of Canton Mental Health Study.

  • Autism Awareness

Shannon Knoll reported that Autism Awareness Day will be April 2nd. There will be an event at 5:00 pm at Eno Memorial Hall for World Autism Awareness Day.

  • Other

Mr. Zappile stated that a Simsbury Chamber of Commerce ”After Hours” was held at the Simsbury Housing Authority on March 17th.

Aging and Disability Commission

Meeting Minutes - Draft

March 18, 2014

Page Three


  • Mr. LaMontagne received an invitation from The Simsbury Woman’s Club for their annual luncheon on Tuesday, April 8th.


A motion was made by Mr. Orenstein to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Ms. Zappile at 8:45 PM

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, April 15, 2014, 7:00 p.m., Youth Room, ENO Memorial Hall

Respectfully Submitted,

Lynn R. Veith
Lynn R. Veith


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