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Creating a Personal Address Book Entry in Lotus Notes

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Creating a Personal Address Book Entry in Lotus Notes
You can create a single contact entry or make your own personal group in Lotus Notes - be aware though Personal Address book entries supersede GCPS addresses. If you create a contact or group address name matching a GCPS name, the address defaults to your Personal Address book entry.
From Lotus Notes click on the Address Book icon – it will be on the left menu in your Workspace and look like a personal journal or address book.

You can now create a new contact or a new group. Note: you will need to create several new contacts first before you can make them into a group.


o make a new contact:

Click on New>Contact from the toolbar of this screen

Fill in as much or as little information as you want to. I usually put in a first and last name and then an e-mail address. When you are done click on “Save and Close”.

Repeat this for as many contacts as you want to add. Note: you do NOT need to add any GCPS employees. They are already in the GCPS address book. You only need to add a new contact card for folks outside of the school system.
When you have finished adding all of your ‘local’ contacts ( parents, family and friends) you are ready to put them into “Groups”.
Making a Local Address Book “Group”.
Click on the Groups tab:


Now you can make the new group:

Fill in a group name ( I usually leave group type, category, and description blank)
Click on the drop down menu next to members to add your folks. Note: You can choose from any address book when adding members – your personal address book, the Craig Address book, or the GCPS address book, etc.

When you are done click on OK, Save and Close, OK, etc until you are back out of all of the options.
To send an e-mail to a personal contact or group you can just type their name in the To box exactly as you entered it or click on the Address book to see what you typed first and then type it in the To box of a new memo..

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