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Setting up Lotus Notes "Island mode" to work with act! and AutoAdmin

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Setting up Lotus Notes “Island mode” to work with ACT! and AutoAdmin

In order for ACT!, Lotus Notes (in “Island” mode) and AutoAdmin to function effectively in an automated fashion, you’ll need to make a few minor changes to your Lotus Notes “Island” location. This method assumes you have turned on “Prompt for Location” in Lotus Notes. Go to File, Tools, User Preferences in Lotus Notes to turn on “Prompt for Location.”
1. Start Lotus Notes.

2. Select File, Mobile, Choose Current Location…

3. You’ll then see the “Choose Location” dialog box.

4. Select “Island (Disconnected)” and then click OK.

5. Now select File, Mobile, Edit Current Location…

6. Make note of the following three red, highlighted items.

7. Change the location name from Island (Disconnected) to A-Island (Disconnected)

8. Remove the Home/mail server. It should be blank.

9. You should now have a screen similar to:

10. Although you didn’t change the “Mail file:” setting, verify that the drive/path/filename are correct.
11. Now click Save, then Close. You may be prompted for your Lotus Notes password when saving.

12. You can now close Lotus Notes.
Explanation of the changes.
Location name change:

In ACT!, the Choose Location dialog will now be:

Your “A-Island (Disconnected)” location will be at the top of the list and selected. When this dialog is displayed in ACT!, during the AutoAdmin process, AutoAdmin will simply respond by clicking the OK button.

Removing the Home/mail server name:

Be removing the name of the Home/mail server, ACT! will be able to do a Get/Send without receiving errors. Theoretically, “Island” mode shouldn’t be trying to connect to a remote mail server, but it does if there’s a server specified.

So instead of seeing these two messages:

You’ll see something similar to:

You should now be synchronizing correctly. All outbound sync packets should be in your “Outgoing Mail on Local” to be sent out the next time you’re connected to the server and replicate.

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