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Cultural Competence and Equity Committee Meeting Minutes

September 23, 2010

1:00 – 2:30 PM

LRC 125

Greetings and Welcome

Meeting Called By

Kathryn Mayo


Katherine McLain

Note Taker

LaToya Jackson


Bounpheng Bounchaleun, Chris Impinna, LaToya Jackson, Richard Le, Kathryn Mayo, Katherine McLain, Celia Esposito-Noy, and Min Zeng

Agenda Topics

  1. Introductions of New Members


  1. Ms. Mayo asked the new committee members to introduce themselves and to discuss what brought him or her to the Cultural Competence and Equity (CC&E) committee; what are the reasons they chose to join the committee?

  1. Approval of Minutes


  1. Ms. McLain stated that Cosumnes was misspelled on the minutes under 2) Review of Charge.

  2. The minutes were approved with the condition that Ms. Jackson corrects the misspelling.

Action Items

Person Responsible


Update the minutes from September 9th

LaToya Jackson


  1. Presentation of 09-10 Cultural Event Report


  1. Ms. McLain stated that a yearly report is given to the academic senate that outlines CC&E accomplishments.

  2. The report was distributed to the committee members.

  3. The CC&E committee has a $15,000 budget to allocate funds towards various cultural events.

  4. In order to receive funds from CC&E, the requesting group must fill out an application that is reviewed by the CC&E committee.

  5. Ms. Mayo stated that the campus may not necessarily be aware that they can request funds from CC&E for their culturally relevant event.

  6. Ms Esposito-Noy stated that the budget allocated to CC&E comes from instructionally-related funds (i.e., revenues from soda machine, bookstore, etc.).

Action Items

Person Responsible


Add to the agenda ways in which CC&E can communicate that funds are available for culturally-relevant events.

Kathryn Mayo


  1. Discussion of Cultural Events Proposal Review Subcommittee


  1. Ms. Mayo stated that a sub-committee is created from CC&E that reviews and assesses proposals submitted to have funds allocated towards a cultural event on campus.

  2. Typically, the process is that Ms. Mayo emails out the proposal from the cultural group and the subcommittee has one week to review it. A vote is then called as to allocate the group all of the funds, some of the funds, or no funds. If there is a lack of consensus amongst the subcommittee, they shall then bring the proposal back to the CC&E committee as a whole.

  3. The following individuals volunteered to be on the subcommittee: Celia Esposito-Noy, Kathryn Mayo, Kathy McLain, and Bounpheng Bounchaleun.

  4. The CC&E committee reviewed a proposal submitted for a Hispanic/Latino cultural event.

    1. The proposal was reviewed based on the evaluation criteria.

    2. The committee approved the event with the following conditions: the group must check to see if other groups/departments on campus have flags to represent the various Latin countries; and there was a recommendation for the group to diversify their events next year so that they are more inclusive of multiple Hispanic/Latino cultures.

  1. Book Sale


  1. The book sale will begin at 1:30 p.m. on November 17th (and run through the evening) and will end at 1:30 p.m. on November 18th.

  2. The book sale will be in the community athletic center.

  3. Ms. Esposito-Noy suggested pairing up with athletics and offering a deal such as buy a book and get into the volleyball game for free.

  4. Deborah Lee will store the book donations.

  5. Ms. Esposito-Noy suggested advertizing the book sale on facebook, creating fliers, and asking teachers to announce it in their classrooms.

  6. It was suggested to reach out to alumni/emeritus.

  7. The merchandise that is left over from the book sale is donated to a charitable organization.

  8. Ms. Mayo is working on a flier/picture to advertize the book sale.

  1. Future Agenda Items


  1. Ongoing discussion of book sale/staffing for book sale

  2. Discussion of ways to communicate to the campus community that CC&E has funds for culturally-relevant events.

  3. Review of cultural event application and report template

  4. Brown bag discussions

  5. Multicultural night

  6. UCLA diverse learning survey results.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

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