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City council meeting agenda

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The City of Ashby is an equal opportunity provider & employer.


Thursday, January 10, 2013 - Ashby City Hall - 6:00 P.M

Additions in Red

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Additions to Agenda/Approval of Agenda

Roll Call: 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30







Wastewater Project

TFC Poultry

Consent Agenda

  • A

    Roll Call Vote:





















    pproval of Minutes

  • Approval of Bills

Set 2013 Council Meeting Day and Time

Name-Request Motion to Approve (Each Item by a Separate Motion):

  • City Attorney-Richard Walton, Assistant City Attorney-Justin Anderson

  • Official Depository - First State Bank, 4M Funds and MidMinnesota Federal Credit Union

  • Official Newspaper – Ashby/Dalton Post

  • Official Web-site:

Approve Commission/Committee Appointments- Request Motion to Approve Mayor’s Commission/Committee Appointments for 2012:

  • Public Works: Jim Karl & Marcia Koefod

  • Garbage: Tom Grover & Ronnie Jaenisch

  • Street & Sidewalks: Marcia Koefod & Tom Grover

  • Park Board: Robert Grover, Tom Grover, Thor Tollefson, Donna Fay Grover, Dennis Helle, Judy Helle, Dave Williams, Joe Hoff, Dwight Walvatne, & Chad Van Santen

  • Public Safety: George Jordan, Ronnie Jaenisch, Dan Johnson & Richard Walton

  • Safety Officer: Thor Tollefson

  • Emergency Management: Thor Tollefson & Tom Grover

  • Planning Commission: Val Martin, Peter Hoff, Tom Grover, Jim Karl, Richard Walton, Thor Tollefson, Scott Kamrath & Mark Koefod

  • Acting Mayor: George Jordan

  • Police Chief: Thor Tollefson

  • Clerk/Treasurer: Val Martin

  • Public Works Supt/Trainee: Thor Tollefson

  • Budget Committee: Val Martin, Jim Karl & George Jordan

  • Personnel Committee: Ronnie Jaenisch, George Jordan & Richard Walton
  • Economic Development: David Grover, Tom Grover, Trever Schlosser, Randy Catoe, Rudy Fitzsimmons, Richard Walton, Ken Johnson, Trent Froemming & Val Martin

  • Arts Commission: Val Martin, Helen Etnier, Camille Schultz, Meghan Roley, Marcia Koefod, Karisa Heinrich, Sheryl Bjorklund, Ruth Umlauf, Miles Wing and Shania Gullickson

  • GrOw Grant County: George Jordan, Trent Froemming, and Val Martin

  • Wellhead Protection Committee: Thor Tollefson, Val Martin, George Jordan, Richard Walton, Randy Catoe, and Tom Grover

  • Country View Estates Promotional Committee: Val Martin, George Jordan, Jim Karl, Richard Walton and Peter Hoff

Mayor’s Report

Council Reports


  • Clerk/Treasurer’s Report

Public Safety

Public Works

  • Public Works Report

Old Business

  • Country View Estates

  • Unpaid Bad Checks

  • School Speed Zone

New Business

  • Economic Development/Business Retention

  • Goals for 2013

  • MCFOA Board Position

  • Garbage Contract/WC Sanitation Situation

  • FYI – Hourly Rate for Kratochwill & Anderson, P.A.

  • Letter from David Ford

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