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Celebrating Black History 365 Since December 1999

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 Celebrating Black History 365



Since  December 1999:

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A Salute to Black History


Understanding Wisdom And FOREVER Appreciating The Past

Dr. Alice Tyler Milton

~ Associate Dean of Business and Information Technologies Division ~

 ~ Acting Director of the Small Business Center ~

 ~ College Webmaster/BlackBoard/Tegrity Administrator ~


Below are links that will enrich your knowledge of the past, present, and selfless contributions made by just a FEW of our MANY great African Americans.  As you read the wealth of information on this page, think about how our world would be today without the contributions.  Also, recognize the unbending focus and intensity of their efforts despite repeated rejections and unfulfilled expectations.

We must continue to remember and respect our heritage by never saying good-bye to yesterday, for we are still standing on their shoulders—yesterday made our present possible . . .






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Know Your Historical Contributions -- SOME Influential Blacks

Click on the Mixture of Pictures to Learn More . . .











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