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Bishop’s Stortford Kyokushin Karate Club host the 2014 English Kyokushin Karate Championships

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Bishop’s Stortford Kyokushin Karate Club host the

2014 English Kyokushin Karate Championships

At the weekend Bishop’s Stortford Kyokushin Karate Club hosted the International Karate Organization, England Kyokushin, English Championships at Birchwood High School Sports Hall, the tournament attracted over 13 clubs from England Scotland and Wales and totalled over 100 Kyokushin karate students.

The club entered a team of eight students; Ion Agirrezabal, Jeff Butler and Mark Sutton (Seniors) Oli Kingsland (12), Annabella Jeliazkova (11), Joseph Wilkes (11), Talal Sajad (10), Zac Blaney (9), Jacob Stevens (9),Oli Butler (9) and Callum Leggett (9) and brought home two 1st places medals, four 2nd place medals and three 3rd place medals placed the club joint 4th in the medals table. The clubs two Instructors Sensei Mark Kingsland and Sensei Stephen Hare, organised the event and were part of the Referee team lead by Shihan Jose Claronino (7th Dan).
The competition consisted of four categories; Kata – forms, looking at technical preset moves; Senior Clicker – non contact point scoring fighting; Junior Kumite, body armour, head protectors and hand mitts, for under 18 year olds and a full contact weight category championship for the over 18 year olds.
The two senior fighters Mark Sutton and Jeff Butler had performed well at the British Championships in September and were aiming for medal positions, no gold as both were beaten by the eventual winner but were delighted with podium finishes of 2nd & 3rd respectively.
The junior all fought brilliantly Callum and Oli B bought the first medals home in the 8 – 9 year olds (under 1.4m) section, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Jacob and Zac mimicked the other fighters with another 2 – 3 in their category. Unfortunately both Talal and Joseph had a harder time and were both unlucky not to progress into the semi-finals in the Juniors 10 – 11years section.

Annabella stormed through her early rounds and was picked off in the finals but won a well deserved 2nd place medal.

Oli K in the Juniors 12 years Boys section brought home the first Gold medal and fought well and his superior technical ability seeing him win through against much bigger opponents, picking up great winning points with controlled round house kicks.
Ion Agirrezabal entered the Novice section of the knockdown Weight Category Championships and not only won his category, Novice Lightweight (Under 70kg) but also took the award for fastest Knockdown with a perfect Jodan Mawashi Geri (roundhouse kick to the head) flooring his opponent.
Callum Leggett Juniors 8 - 9 years, under 1.4m tall Junior Kumite 2nd

Oliver Butler Juniors 8 - 9 years, under 1.4m tall Junior Kumite 3rd

Jacob Stevens Juniors 8 - 9 years, 1.4m and over Junior Kumite 2nd

Zac Blaney Juniors 8 - 9 years, 1.4m and over Junior Kumite 3rd

Talal Sajad Juniors 10 – 11years Junior Kumite ¼ Finals

Joseph Wilkes Juniors 10 – 11years Junior Kumite ¼ Finals

Annabella Jeliazkova Juniors 10 - 11 years Girls Junior Kumite 2nd

Oliver Kingsland Juniors 12 years Boys Junior Kumite 1st

Jeff Butler Senior Men’s Clicker 3rd

Mark Sutton Senior Men’s Clicker 2nd

Ion Agirrezabal Lightweight Novice Knockdown 1st

Sensei Mark Kingsland was delighted with the team’s performance. “I’m immensely proud of our team all the students were excellent, they showed great character, determination and spirit it was brilliant, their training has really paid off.”
Bishop’s Stortford Kyokushin has been training in Bishop’s Stortford since 1973, and train at;

Tuesday; 5:30-6:30pm, Thursday; 7:00pm-9:00pm and Sundays: 4pm – 5pm at the United Reformed Church Hall, Water Lane

Contact; Mark Kingsland Tel; 0776 486 0933 Email;

Web site; Facebook; Bishop’s Stortford Kyokushin Karate

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