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Agenda, Minutes & Action Items

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MEETING 7 FEBRUARY 2007 – 9:00pm Bonnyrigg Sport Club

Agenda, Minutes & Action Items

Attended: Stevan Sipka, Zoran Salipur, Milos Salipur, Vanja Jokanovic, Sasha Kovacina, Nemanja Kovacina, Djordje Djordjevic, Vlado Jankovic, Sinisa Skoric, Sveto Gavrilovic, Milos Prlic, Dejan Bogic, Dusan Djeric, Aleks Kuzmanovic, Alex Glumac, Miljan Miric, Miki Miric and Milan Vasiljevic
Apologies: Dragan Blazevic, Misel Strbac, Dragan Kos and Dejan Piljevic

  1. President’s report (Stevan Sipka)

  • A highlight year for the club with refit of new uniforms, new marketing gear, strength of web-site, Obilic Cup 3-on-3, senior men DMC victory and major sponsorships.

  • Area’s needing improvement are Men’s Div 1 teams at Bankstown and overcrowding at junior training’s.

  • Dusan Djeric was invited to say a few words as a parent looking at function of the club. He had extremely high praise for the club and suggested we continued to promote junior players and should have the goal to hopefully create a top class player.

  1. Treasurer’s report

  • Zoran Salipur reports $4,150 in Bank and $1,200 in kitty, total = $5,350. Note, $1,650 is jersey bond money so net financial position is $3,700.

  • Zoran also announced all sponsorships in 2006 year and major expenditures.

  1. Elections – President, VP, Marketing, Events Managers, Equipment Manager

  • President – Stevan Sipka (Unoppossed) : VP/Treasurer – Zoran Salipur (Unoppossed) : Marketing – Dragan Blazevic (Unoppossed) : Events Managers Sport/Social – Aleks Kuzmanovic / Vanja Jokanovic (Unoppossed) : Equipment Manager – Dejan Bogic (Unoppossed)

  1. Team Discussions Men (Obilic 1,2 & 3?), Boys and Girls

  • Obilic Royals and Knights to nominate for Bankstown Winter League Div 1. Team concept is to have reliable player attendance for games in both teams. Royals to focus on young players with some experience. Knight to focus on experienced players and developing certain skills in young players.

  • Proposal for Obilic 3 mens team was rejected on basis of low attendances in Royals and Knights. Belief is that club does not have “reliable” numbers for Obilic 3.

  • Continue with u/14, 16 & 18 Boys teams at Bankstown.

  • Assessment to be made over next 4 weeks as to whether junior girls team is ready to compete at Bankstown competition.

  • (Not covered in meeting – added to minutes). Previous Obilic Girl’s have requested for opportunity to represent Obilic at DMC2007 Women’s tournament. My view is that we should support them for DMC to strengthen ladies competition.

  • Training times to be adjusted to minimise current overcrowding issues. Young Juniors and Girls from 5pm to 6:30pm, Junior Boys from 6:30pm to 8pm with 6:15pm warm-up, and Seniors 8pm to 9:30pm with 7:45pm warm-up.

  • Willingness outlined by Nemanja Kovacina and Djordje Djodjevic to help in Thursday night trainings for juniors.

  • Motion raised and accepted that junior training fees reduced from $6 to $5.

  • Senior training fees remain at $3.

  1. Sponsorships

  • It was reiterated to continue to ask to maintain current and seek new sponsors. Warm-up tops are marketable and web-site gives business much needed exposure.

  1. DMC 2007 & 2008

  • DMC2007 to be run by Brisbane W.E. Contingency plan is for Obilic to take DMC2007 if Brisbane can not. Cut off date for DMC2007 is 31May07.

  • Otherwise, plan is for Obilic to hold DMC2008.

Action Item: Stevan Sipka to form DMC2008 sub-committee in June 2007.

  1. Serbia 2008 – Euro DMC

  • Expression of interest raised for Diaspora tournament in Serbia, May 2008. There seems to be interest with 01Oct07 as final nomination date for Obilic attendance.

  • Players will pay for airfares. Club will help in paying for team registrations and also help in accommodation/social function costs.

  1. Equipment Report

  • Decided that club needed more basketballs. Aim is for 10 new balls with 4 needed in the short term. If sponsorship is unable to found for balls within next month then club will buy 4 new high quality balls.

  1. Obilic Cup 3 on 3 competition

  • Although only a small fundraising success in 2006 (+$350 profit), the Obilic Cup was seen as a benefit and great initiative for our club.

  • It was decided that Obilic Cup would go-ahead in mid 2007 with Aleks Kuzmanovic taking the role as Obilic Cup Co-ordinator.

  1. Web-site Report – Milan Vasiljevic

  • Website is at 1,500 hits a month and a major success.

  • Milan Vasiljevic will re-build Bonnyrigg Sports Club web-site which will build good rapport between the two clubs and may lead to some future sponsorships.

  • Suggested major push to have all Player Profiles completed in next 2 months.

  1. Fundraising

  • 3 main forms of fundraising.

  • Obilic Cup 3 on 3 – Aleks Kuzmanovic

  • Chocolate Drive – Zoran Salipur

  • Banquet – Stevan Sipka

  1. Club Memberships

  • Agreed motion that seniors pay $10 club registration and Juniors $5. Payment due by 04 Mar 07

  1. Social Activities

  • Obilic Picnic in next 4-6 weeks in local recreational area. This would also entail small presentation for best/fairest in junior teams and senior program.

  • Motion Raised/Accepted that $500 of Club funds be put to this Picnic for Food, beverages and trophies. – Vanja Jokanovic / Milos Salipur to organise.

  1. Other Items

  • Nil Raised.

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