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MEETING 9 MARCH 2006 – 9:30pm MADERA


Attended: Stevan Sipka, Milos Salipur, Vanja Jokanovic, Dragan Blazevic, Dejan Bogic, Dusan Djeric, Aleks Kuzmanovic, Alex Glumac and Milan Vasiljevic

  1. President’s report

  • Emphasised positive year for the club although we need to work towards Action Plans decided in this meeting. This was not necessarily the case in 2005.

  • Due to public liability issues all Obilic players must register with PCYC.

  1. Treasurer’s report

  • Milos Salipur reports $1,382 in Bank and $156 in kitty, total = $1,538

  1. Change in club management

  • No motion to change clubs structure. No nominations given. Note: Milos Salipur has caretaker treasurer role as Dule Subotic and Zoran Salipur travel overseas.

  1. Make Up of Men’s teams – Royals / Knights (Forms due 22Mar06)

  • Decision made to keep two men’s team in Div 1 with some extra spots filled by our older junior players. Bankstown has been informed verbally of 2 Men’s team participation.

  1. Make Up of Junior team’s and program for 2006

  • Decision has been made to try and establish twice per week training and a game coach at Friday night fixtures. Due to availability issues not one coach can fill this role. Therefore, this will be shared between Coaches Vanja, Milos and Blazo.

  • To create incentive for coaching staff and to maintain more professional coaching an extra $3 fee per training will be administered to all junior players. This decision was not taken lightly.

  1. Woman’s / Girl’s program

  • Due to lack of demand and team, no focus will be given to Girls training in 2006.

  1. Sponsorships

  • Acknowledging CAMR for u/16 Jerseys is acceptable to the club via a plaque or framed team photo.

  • Milan Vasiljevic has recently submitted application to Telstra for funding and await likely outcome in May 2006.

Action Item: Milan Vasiljevic to look into advertising options on Web-site

  1. DMC 2006 - Adelaide

  • Will by senior teams to participate in DMC2006 in Adelaide.

  • Will need to scope interest by junior teams. Will seek sufficient parents support / participation in DMC2006 otherwise juniors cannot take part.

  1. Obilic Web-Site report

  • All agreed of the importance of web-site and agreed to sanction finances if needs developing. Opportunities exist for sponsorship. Other club members need to contribute weekly information to the site.

Action Item: Milan Vasiljevic and Aleks Kuzmanovic to look into future development of web-site.

  1. Equipment Report

  • It was agreed that seniors need some reserve stock of jerseys.

Action Item: Dejan Bogic to conduct stock-take of jerseys. Update of previous database made by Zoran Salipur.

  • It was agreed by all that new balls needed.

Action Item: Vanja Jokanovic to advice on the purchase of 6 basketballs of which 2 should be highest quality.

  1. DMC 2007 – Possibly run by Obilic

  • It was reported that we are unable to make a decision on this as there is a push for Brisbane to hold next tournament. We would be willing to hold in 2007 or 2008.

  1. Other Items / Activities

Day out for Club

Milos Salipur to look at Jamberoo Club day out in Easter Long Weekend.

3 on 3 comp
Stevan Sipka to look at logistics of organising a 3 on 3 tournament with emphasis for it to be a fund-raising tournament.

Obilic Memberships for 2006

Agreed by all that all seniors must pay $10 membership to club. All junior players paying $3 to coach on weekly basis are exempt. In this case seniors include the boys training with senior team on Sunday night.

Milos Salipur to keep records of membership payments. Membership for 2006 due 16April 2006.

Chocolate Fund Raising

Agreed that chocolate fundraiser is good fundraiser for the club. All players to participate.

Stevan Sipka to follow up.

Fundraising Banquet

Agreed that this was essential for getting funds to run a DMC in Sydney.

If funds are needed for Adelaide DMC2006 then Banquet is an option. This option is to be reviewed in August 2006.

Ansett Cup

An expression of interest was raised for club to continue mid year trip to MEL for Ansett Cup. Agreed by all that this is a desirable tournament for the club and has a great bonding importance.

Stevan Sipka to write to Ansett organisers confirming if 2006 will have a tournament.
Post Meeting Item:
Training Fees:
It has been agreed that all players must sign name that they have paid monies for training.
Signed for:

President - Stevan Sipka _____________ Treasurer – Milos Salipur ________________

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