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Guide to All ssmu groups

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Guide to All SSMU Groups
A short description of what each of SSMU’s over 200 clubs, services, and independent student groups does.

May 7, 2009

The Arts


Epilogue aims to promote the appreciation of literature and the arts in amiable settings around Montreal. From regular book club discussions to cultural excursions, we offer a variety of enriching activities where you can meet new people, read new books, and have lots of fun! Bring along friends, grab a coffee, and share some thoughts on your favourite books. Don't miss our trips to various concerts, festivals and museums

Fine Arts Club - Facebook

Throughout the school year we will hold events (including museum visits and various art sessions) and all are welcome!


Film Society

A group dedicated to film.


Musicians' and Performing Artists' Network -

Whether you’re looking to form a band, jam with fellow artists, or flat-out just listen to music, MPAN is where it’s at! The Musicians’ and Performing Artists’ Network is a club that allows aspiring artists and musicians to come together and exhibit their talents. MPAN’s where we can all lay back, hang out over a beer or two, and play our instruments while singing our hearts out. “But I have no talent” you say? First of all, that’s a lie…and secondly, watching others perform is the best way to learn.


Choral Society, McGill - Facebook

Performs choral music.

Effusion Acappella - Facebook

Effusion A Cappella is a group of mcgill related students exploring the sounds of R+B, Jazz, Gospel, HipHop, Rock, and whatever else using only the human voice.

McGill Community Gospel Choir -

The McGill Community Gospel Choir was created in September of 2008 by a small group of McGill students, faculty and alumni from various faculties and programs. The choir quickly became a community, and grew together musically under the direction of Carol Bernard, a McGill alumna who is the director of Jireh Gospel Choir and the River's Edge Gospel Choir

New Earth Voices -

New Earth Voices, an amateur chamber choir, dedicated to sacred music. More specifically the choir operates as a workshop on music suitable for Christian liturgical use. While the choir welcomes opportunities for performance, whether in worship or concert settings, the enjoyment of singing good music well is the primary goal. An inclusive approach to sacred music is essential, and so the choir explores repertoire from a wide variety of historical periods and cultural backgrounds.

Simply Sweetly Choir - Facebook

Simply Sweetly is a women's chamber choir comprised of McGill students. We perform classical choral works by composers from the 20th and 21st centuries under the leadership of M. Phillipe Bourque, our conductor. We have performed at numerous numerous venues around Montreal such as Tudor Hall, Christ Church Cathedral and Oscar Peterson Hall. We also are active on campus, and have held concerts at both Redpath Hall and Birks Chapel. Furthermore we represent McGill annually at the Inter-Varsity Choral Festival for which we have traveled to Toronto, Kingston and Ottawa in recent years.

Soulstice Acapella

Soulstice a Cappella is a vibrant, eclectic group of fifteen talented McGill students who meet twice a week to share their passion for singing, learning new music and simply rocking out. Founded in 2000, Soulstice now has three CDs, regularly competes in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, and performs gigs with other a cappella groups from Canada and the US. Known for their dynamic stage presence and contagious energy, Soulstice has established itself as a unique and refreshing musical presence in the McGill and Montreal community.

Tonal Ecstasy

Tonal Ecstasy, affectionately called TX, is one of McGill University's three A Cappella choirs. We sing a cappella renditions of pop, jazz, rock, and folk songs at charity benefits and paid gigs.


Dance Pak - Facebook

A hip hop dance group with performances on a regular basis at McGill Athletics games as well as popular parties and other events thrown by McGill student societies and charity groups. Our goal is to give members the opportunity to do what they love (dance!) and provide entertainment for the McGill community at large.

Inertia Modern Dance Collective - Facebook

We are McGill's best (and only) Modern Dance Company! We create, explore, learn, teach, rehearse, emote and mostly DANCE

Mosaica - Facebook

MOSAICA is McGill's Dance Company, a group of very talented and diverse dancers who just love to dance. The company practices in all forms of dance; mainly Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, & Acro.

Scottish Highland Dance Society -

We offer free beginner and advanced lessons to any McGill students who are interested. We also do performances around campus and around Montreal, and offer celtic-themed events throughout the year.

Swing Kids Society -

We can teach you how to swing dance so youll be able to have a great time while at the same time impress all of your friends. Youll also become familiar with 1940s swing music and modern jazz music. We hold weekly dances on campus, frequently travel to other cities to dance and meet other dancers, and hold fabulous swing parties that everyone talks about for months! We are always looking for new members.

Urban Groove Hip Hop Dance Ensemble

A hip-hop dance group with a mixture of talent and variety.


Classical Music Club - Facebook

The mission of CMC is to bring together students of all backgrounds to share their enjoyment of classical music. CMC gives you the best of Montreal’s classical music and deals you can’t beat. This season, we will be attending approximately two concerts every month at different venues around the city. For just $5 of membership you get access to myriad of concert ticket discounts. Chamber music sessions are going to be organized for those who want to form chamber music groups, and we will seek to organize occasions for musicians to perform.

Fight Band - Facebook

We are charged to "create an extremely hostile environment for enemy schools to play in" and we do this using the power of song. If you play an instrument and wish to join a dynamic new ensemble on campus ... welcome.

Live in the City - Facebook

Live in the City (that's with the long "i") is a productions crew committed to bringing people in the McGill and Montreal comunities affordable, quality entertainment in the form of live music. Our goal is to put together concerts with a great party vibe, and to make sure you can get in dirt cheap. Live in the City needs bands and artists, but we also need so much more: we need volunteers to accept tickets at events, to help distribute fliers or posters in your neighbourhood, photographers, artists to design poster templates, and of course, no show would be complete without a whole bunch of people dancing and having a good time.

Our House Music Society (OHM) - Facebook

Our House Music (OHM) Society is a McGill University-based electronic music organization. Our goal is to facilitate access to the latest and greatest electronic music to electronic music fans across the globe. We provide opportunities for talented, promising DJs to get themselves heard, offer information about EDM events about to hit the Montreal scene, and provide guest lists for select Montreal EDM clubs. By throwing our own events, we aim to provide the true Soul of electronic music – which thrives in the post-3AM hours of Montreal’s world-renown afterhours scene – at regular hours, for regular people.

Symphonic Band - Facebook

Our main activity is playing music on traditional military band instruments and having a good time socially. We also have outings. This project was initiated due to the lack of a similar "fun" wind symphony on campus and for our conductors to gain some non-credit field experience. We are a club first, a wind band second, and it is our focus to provide our members a decent playing opportunity without incorporating the seriousness and competitiveness found in many music schools.


Photography Society, McGill Undergrad (MUPS)

MUPS promotes general interest in photography and encourages its members to further their theoretical and practical knowledge of photography and its applications. As an alternative to McGill’s classical academics, MUPS is committed to providing an artistic outlet to students by offering access to photographic facilities (darkroom, studio, framing station, and digital station), equipment and the workshops to learn how to use them. MUPS is also committed to providing McGill with a community of student peers interested in all things photography. We work together to improve skills and knowledge of traditional and digital equipment, aspects of competition, and applications that integrate photographic elements.


Improv, McGill -

McGill Improv is a student-run, alumni-supported improv club based out of McGill University, Montreal, Canada. McGill Improv offers free, open, weekly, skill-building workshops to students and non-students alike. Workshops are taught by established Montreal improvisors and experienced club members.

Players' Theatre - Facebook

Players' Theatre, the oldest english speaking theatre in Montreal, offers four shows each season. All productions are mounted entirely by students and offer an exciting and hands-on theatrical experience. In addition to regular season shows, Players' Theatre hosts the annual McGill Drama Festival, a showcase of student written and directed new works.

Savoy Society - Facebook

Puts on a vibrant performance of a Gilbert and Sullivan play yearly. Get involved as a cast, crew, orchestra or other volunteer positions.

Theatre de la Grenouillle -


Cultural and Ethnic Groups
African Students Society at McGill (MASS) - Facebook

The McGill African Students Society (MASS) is a full status club whose mandate is to promote and present the diverse and rich African culture to the McGill community and the greater Montreal area. We are a diverse group of students who are not solely African but also include those who are passionate and interested in African related issues.

Arab Students' Association - Facebook

Since 1962, the 'ASA' has been proudly representing the Arab world at McGill University. We are the Arab experience here at McGill; through cross cultural exchange, all students have the opportunity to experience our culture and heritage. The general objective of ASA is to promote the Arabic Heritage & Culture in the university and the community, to encourage Arabic participation in multi-cultural & political activities inside and outside the university, and to inform and educate the general public with respect to the Arabic heritage, values & language. ASA exists to represent the Arab community in McGill.

Armenian Students Association - Facebook

MASA is a non-political association which aims at uniting McGill students through various social and cultural activities in an Armenian entourage and a relaxed setting. We hope to give our members the opportunity to interact in a dynamic yet social environment whilst promoting awareness of Armenian heritage to students. It should be stressed that we are not an Armenian-only club and are in fact completely open to all students of McGill who have an interest in our activities.

Bangladeshi Students' Association - Facebook

The Bangladeshi Students' Association of McGill University works towards uniting all students - Bangladeshi and non-Bangladeshi - who have an interest in the culture and heritage of this beautiful country. Aside from helping new students with a smoother transition to university life in Canada, through various events and programmes, we represent Bangladesh to the Montreal community, in general, and McGill students, in particular.

Black Students' Network (BSN) - Facebook

BSN is a resource centre that is open to the entire McGill community. While the mandate of the Network is dedicated to addressing the needs and interests of Black peoples, all interested students irrespective of race, culture or creed are encouraged to participate in the organization and its activities. Offers social and political events by and for Black Students, as well as hosting discussions and providing mentoring and resources.

Burma Solidarity Collective -

The Burma Solidarity Collective aims to stand with the people of Burma in their struggle for freedom from oppression by the current military dictatorship, support Burmese causes and non-governmental work which aid the Burmese people, support the release of Aung San Suu Kyi, and support the rule of democracy in Burma.

Caribbean Students' Society - Facebook

The Carribean Student's Society (CSS) of McGill University is a club whose purpose is to provide an atmosphere where caribbean students can feel at home and to also educate the wider McGll population about the caribbean. Through regular meetings and various social events, CSS communicates with its members and strives to foster a vibrant Caribbean community on the McGill campus.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association - Facebook

The McGill University Chinese Students and Scholars Association or McGill CSSA, is the only community within McGill that mainly composed of students and scholars from mainland China. McGill CSSA is also one of the most active clubs on campus which provides more than 20 kinds of activities and services around the year. The CSSA mainly consists of undergraduate and graduate Chinese students, and we welcome any individual who wishes to join our organization. We aim towards increasing the CSSA’s recognition not only on McGill grounds, but also within the broader societal community. As an organization, not only do we try to help Chinese students thrive within an international community, but we also seek to make the world aware of the richness and uniqueness of the thriving Chinese culture.

Chinese Students' Society, McGill (MCSS) - Facebook

The McGill Chinese Students' Society (MCSS) is the largest Asian student organization at McGill University, with over 500 members last year. MCSS is a non-profit organization run by a group of enthusiastic Asian students. Our main goal is to promote the understanding of Chinese culture and to foster and strengthen friendship between students and other societies both within and outside the McGill community. Moreover, our short-term objectives are to help our members in adapting to campus life through informal gatherings, and discussions and to provide an opportunity for members to experience and enjoy campus life through social events and meaningful activities. And no, you do not have to be Chinese to join MCSS. We welcome students from all nationalities and backgrounds - anyone who is interested in immersing themselves in the Chinese culture.

Ex-Yugoslav Society

A cultural club for Ex-Yugoslav students.

Filipino-Asian Students' Association at McGill University (MUFASA) - Facebook

MUFASA's goal is to raise awareness of Filipino history, values and current events. Our organization educates those (Filipino and also those of other nationalities) interested in learning about the Philippines and the issues facing Filipinos of today.

French Students' Community - Facebook

The French Students' Community (FSC) is a McGill Club, which primary goal is to bring together all France lovers and promote French culture for all, francophone and anglophone students. We have organised all kinds of events, including house parties, cooking lessons, movie festivals, croissant sales and more!

Hellenic Students' Association - Facebook

WE ARE THE OLDEST CULTURAL CLUB AT McGILL. This group aims at the unification of Greek students and friends who attend McGill University. Let's gather and have as much fun as possible.

Hong Kong Students Network -

The McGill Hong Kong Student Network is a student-run organization officially founded in 2006. With over 200 members within its first year, the vision of the network is to connect students within the McGill student body to Hong Kong by building bridges that facilitate the integration of our members within the Hong Kong community for all purposes including travel and work. This will be done by establishing close relations with relevant parties such as the Hong Kong Alumni Association, as well as organizing social networking opportunities. We hope to coordinate events that are in line with our mission such as a mentorship program that will be run in partnership with the Hong Kong Alumni Association.

Indian Students' Association – Facebook

The Indian Students Association celebrates Indian culture, through various festivals and social gatherings. We have events that include Navratri, Diwali, Holi, Mandir Trips, Movie Nights and alot more for you to be a part of and enjoy. This association is meant for anybody and everybody who wants to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of India.

Indonesian Student Association

A club dedicated to celebrating Indonesian culture.

Indo-Pak Student Association at McGill (MIPSA) -

Formed in 2000, the McGill Indo-Pak Students' Association is a student group on campus which strives to put aside religious and political differences to bring McGill students together with an open mind to celebrate everything the amazing South Asian culture has to offer. Movie nights, parties, cricket, food, dance, music and more- we've got it all.  Our mission is to bring not only Indian and Pakistani students together, but students from all over the map to experience what we have to offer.

Iraqi Student Society

A club dedicated to celebrating Iraqi culture.

Iranian Students' Association -

MISA is the student association representing the Iranian student community at McGill University.Our main goal at MISA is promoting unity and friendship among the Iranian students through our different activities.

Japanese Student Association - Facebook

Our main goal this year (2008-09) is to promote understanding of the Japanese culture to everyone at McGill. You do not have to be Japanese and you don't need to speak Japanese to join!

If you are interested in the culture and the people, we are waiting to see you at our events we are organizing throughout the year.
Korean Students' Society

A group dedicated to celebrating Korean culture.

Lebanese Students' Association

A group dedicated to celebrating Lebanese culture.

Malaysian and Singaporean Students' Association (MASSA) - Facebook

A group of Malaysian & Singaporean students who have come together to create a community and promote SEA culture here on campus.

Association of North American Born Asians at McGill (MANABA) – Facebook

MANABA (the McGill Association of North American Born Asians) is one of the largest and most diverse Asian student clubs at McGill University. We have over 350 members each year, with backgrounds from all over the world and even Mixes too! Together we strive to unite McGill’s diverse Asian community and anyone who’s interested in a warm social environment with tons of opportunities to meet people, raise cultural awareness, eat amazing food and have straight-up FUN.

Mauritian Students' Association – Facebook

For the McGill Mauritian Students Association's members, Friends, Execs, Alumni, ex-Execs, groupies, etc. Get updated with the club's events and other Mauritian happenings in town!

Pakistani Students' Association – Facebook

For more than thirty years, the Pakistani Students Association has committed itself to bringing the vitality and vibrancy of Pakistani life to the McGill community. Today, the organization is still fundamentally dedicated to three main objectives:

1. Educating the McGill community about what Pakistan, its culture, and its people have to offer to the greater world.

2. Establishing a forum to discuss political and social issues which directly involve Pakistan.

3. Creating a social fabric to connect students of all majors and interests through the experience and celebration of Pakistani culture.
Polish Students' Association - Facebook

The McGill Polish Student Association, otherwise known as the MPSA, welcomes a growing number of new faces every semester. This year, the club expects its highest turnout yet, so satisfy your curiosity by signing up for a Polish cultural, social, and educational experience. The MPSA provide our members with guest speakers, meet and greets, parties, polish lessons, and excursions (just to name a few). Also, the association keeps it interesting by adding new events to the itinerary; last year, we introduced polish cooking lessons, which turned out to be a great success. Yum! This club is designed to enhance your university experience the polish way! Zapraszamy!

Russian Language and Culture Club - Facebook

Anyone who is interested in Russian language and culture or meeting other students in Russian Studies at McGill is welcome to join.

SLASA (Spanish and Latin Students Association) - Facebook

WELCOME to the Spanish and Latin American Student Association of McGill University!!!

This non-exclusive club seeks to integrate all the latin-lovers and (spanish-lovers) out there for the purpose of socializing, having a good time, practicing/learning spanish, as well as getting to know our culture. This year our team is back with incredible new ideas, events and lots of motivation to enhance your McGill experience and spread the Latin and Spanish culture!

Make sure to note that this group used to be called S.A.L.S.A in the past, but it is now SLASA McGill! Please help us to introduce our new name and our fabulous new logo!!!

Swiss Club – Facebook

Believe it or not, of the 7.6 million swiss, there are a quitea few at McGill! So, a they got together and made a SSMU club. We are a non-exclusive club that organizes fondue nights, chocolate appreciation days, Sledding, movie nights, ski-trips, and to offer a way for students to find other Swiss or and for the non-swiss to learn about the beautiful alpine country of Switzerland.

Taiwanese Students Association (MTSA) – Facebook

The McGill Taiwanese Students’ Association (MTSA) is the one and only Taiwanese student community at McGill University. Our main goal is to promote the most exciting and essential parts of Taiwanese culture and to forge a strong and open student society. While we pride ourselves yearly in our past and continuing commitments to our members and their interests, we hope this year to reinvent areas of this society by focusing on a unique, multicultural approach to our rich culture. Our short-term plan is to help new members adapt to campus life through events, such as our traditional welcome party, talent show, ski trip, formal dance, Chinese New Year dinner, and other various gatherings.

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