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Tamil Association of McGill

TAMill's mission is to promote Tamil culture, language and awareness within the McGill Community, increase solidarity within the multi-nation Tamil Community of McGill University, foster and strengthen unity and amity with other community organizations both within and exterior to McGill University, and Pprovide a gateway of resources and knowledge to all members in getting familiar with the McGill Community.

Turkish Students' Society of McGill University (TSSMU) – Facebook

A club dedicated to celebrating Turkish culture.

Ukrainian Students' Association -

The McGill Ukrainian Students' Association (MUSA) explores Ukrainian customs, traditions, food and culture. We hold dancing lessons, language and cooking workshops, send students on foreign exchanges to Ukraine, raise money for Ukrainian orphans, for victims of the Chornobyl' Nuclear disaster and hold commemorations for the 1932-33 Famine-Genocide, remembering the 10 million victims of Stalin's murder by starvation. We are a member of the Ukrainian Canadian University Students Union (SUSK), and along with other Ukrainian clubs seek to further develop Ukrainian culture in Canada's multicultural mosaic.

Gorilla Composting -

Mission statement: to construct an organic recycling plan for the McGill community, because composting is a necessity and a responsibility.

Greenpeace University Chapter – Facebook

Greenpeace is an independently funded organization that works to protect the environment. We challenge government and industry to halt harmful practices by negotiating solutions, conducting scientific research, introducing clean alternatives, carrying out peaceful acts of civil disobedience and educating and engaging the public.

Greenpeace seeks to:

Protect biodiversity in all its forms

Prevent pollution of the Earth’s oceans, land, air and fresh water

End all nuclear threats

Promote peace, global disarmament and non-violence.

Organic Campus –

Sells mostly localorganize produce and dried goods at cost. Their counter is on the 2nd floor of Shatner; check the website for a full schedule. Also active in food politics and environment issues.

Plate Club -

The Plate Club is McGill's highly acclaimed reusable dish provider. If you are hosting a wine & cheese, or similar event, don't buy disposable plastic wine glasses and styrofoam plates! Just call up the Plate Club. We have several hundred plates, glasses, cutlery, all in different styles. There is no charge—but we do require a nominal deposit on the loan. The cost of lost dishes will be deducted from your deposit.

The Flat Bike Collective -

The Flat is a collective that works to encourage cycling through the sharing of knowledge and tools. The Flat Bike Collective seeks to make bicycling more accessible, provide a welcoming environment, minimize our environmental impact, and promote a greater sense of community.

Games and Hobbies
Anime Club - Facebook

The goal of this non-profit student organization would be to promote anime and manga subculture in the campus of the University. We would like to create a network to allow all the students that share an interest for anime, manga and their surrounding to be able to meet each others in a relaxed atmosphere. Moreover, we would like to introduce new students to this exciting and diverse artistic world that would gain to be better known."

Aviation Club

A club for aviation lovers

Billiards Association - Facbeook

A club for billiards lovers.

Bridge club –

The Bridge Club was founded in August 2005 and generally meets once or twice a week for relaxed, friendly games. New players are always welcome to drop by at any of our meetings to pick up the basics and start playing. Of course, new members of any level are also always welcome.In addition to our weekly metings we hold other events such as teaching sessions for new players to learn how to play the game or for everyone to improve their bidding and play of the cards, as well as duplicate bridge tournaments.

Car Tuning Club

A gclub dedicated to the art of car tuning.

Chess Club - Facebook

A club chess lovers. Holds regular meetings and tournaments.

Cuisine on Campus

A club dedicated to celebrating different types of cuisine.

Fencing Club

A club for fencing lovers.

Fetish and Kink Enthusiasts

A club for fetish and kink enthusiasts

Gamers' Guild

For over 30 years, the Gamers Guild of McGill University has been the premier club on campus where enthusiasts of roleplaying games (RPGs), board games, and other hobbies get together to have fun.

Go Club - Facebook

A club for people who love playing Go, which is a game played with 2 ppl with a 19x19 grid board. Players use black and white stones. You want to surround as much territory as possible. At the end, the person with the more land wins. It is very popular in Asia

Paper Shapers- Facebook

McGill's very own Origami club, the Paper Shapers!

Red Thunder

Red Thunder sets out to rile up the crowd at McGill sporting events.

Student Hold 'Em Club

A group for poker lovers and players.

Table Tennis Club – Facebook

For ping pong lovers.

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Club

For lovers of traditional Chinese martial arts.

Trivia Club

A club that holds trivia events.


McGill Daily –

The McGill Daily, in production for almost 100 years, is the only independent student newspaper on campus at McGill University and is entirely run by volunteers. Currently, we publish twice weekly, on Mondays and Thursdays.

McGill Tribune –

In its 27th year, the McGill Tribune is an editorially autonomous newspaper published by the Students' Society of McGill University that covers news, features, arts and entertainment and sports. The Tribune publishes on Tuesdays from September to April. Its current circulation is 11,000 copies on the downtown campus. If you are a McGill student and would like to contribute to the paper, no experience is necessary.

Old McGill Yearbook

Old McGill is the SSMU’s official Yearbook. Each year Old McGill tries to capture the year in events of the graduating class.

The Red Herring –

The Red Herring is a comedy magazine run by students at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Numerous prestigious writers have contributed to the magazine in its 20 years of existence. Notables include John Rogers, screenwriter for the film “The Transformers” (2007).

SSMU Handbook

Each year the SSMU publishes a handbook filled with anything and everything you might need to know about life as a student at McGill, living in Montreal. The handbook contains sections pertaining to SSMU, McGill, Student Life (useful advice on how to live cheaply, where to eat on campus, and generally how to make the most of your stay as a student), Health, Clubs & Services, Montreal and finally Reviews. The SSMU publishes over 8000 copies of the handbook each academic year.


TV McGill –

TVMcGill is the outlet for McGill's new media producers. TVMcGill is an independently, student run television station and production company that aims to become an intricate part of the McGill community. We, at TVMcGill, work hard to provide entertainment and news for the McGill community. The organization relies on student-produced content and strives to show the community how they can produce their own. Broadcasting throughout Montreal campuses, online, and on closed circuit television on Campus. It is the university's only outlet for student filmmakers and producers.



CKUT is a non-profit, campus-community radio station based at McGill University. CKUT provides alternative music, news and spoken word programming to the city of Montreal and surrounding areas, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Hear us at 90.3 MHz on the FM dial, 91.7 by cable, or listen on-line.

Networking and Councils
AIESEC - Facebook

Now in its 50th year at McGill, AIESEC is the world's largest student-run organization, specializing in personal and professional development and the Global Internship Program. If you are looking to develop your professional skills, get international experience and build a global network, then AIESEC McGill is for you!

First Year Council (FYC) - Facebok

We are an executive of 6 members voted by you to voice your opinions to SSMU, external organisations, and the people who design your academic programmes. We intend to fulfill our posts with a spirit of improving your first-year experiences and the experiences of future first-year students like you through a variety of events.

Global China Connection – Facebook

GCC is already the world's largest U.S.-China student organization, and has established partnerships with numerous companies and organizations both in China and the U.S. to ensure its members and program participants the best opportunities available. Through intensive collaboration between GCC's experienced administrative staff in China, as well as its extensive chapter network, GCC offers you the opportunity to make life-changing relationships and play a role in China's future.

IRSAM (International Relations Students At McGill) - Facebook

As the International Relations Students’ Association of McGill, our mission is to offer an apolitical forum for university students to express their interest in international affairs, and in the United Nations and its goals specifically, to educate and develop an awareness of the United Nations in the local, national, and international communities, and to provide its members with the opportunity to contribute to international development in a positive way through participation in activities organized and/or accredited by the corporation.

Inter-Greek Letter Council - Facebook

IGLC is the unifying body for Fraternities and Sororities at McGill. The IGLC creates a forum to increase unity and coordinate activities within the Greek community. We are drawn together through our goals of community service, leadership, friendship, and scholarship.

MISN (McGill International Student Network) –

MISN is a service, meaning, more than just a club or an association. We're linked to McGill University and SSMU and are part of the social infrastructure set up to welcome and help international students. MISN organizes language exchanges, movie nights, conferences, and reduced-rate trips.

MRSA (Mature and Re-Entry Students Association) -

The McGill Mature/Re-entry Students' Association (MRSA) is an informal support group and social network associated with the University's academic arrangements for mature and re-entry students. The MRSA's members come from a host of different backgrounds and pursue various courses of study. Members are encouraged to make use of the lounge to meet others students, study, or just decompress before, in between, or after class.


SOAR (Student Organization for Alumni Relations) is a group dedicated to improving relations amongst past, present and future students of McGill. As the student branch of the Alumni Association, SOAR works towards maximizing the university experience by giving students unique opportunities to get involved, meet new people, build essential leadership skills and have fun. Find out more at or contact

Speed Dating Club -

Founded in March 2003, the McGill Speed Dating Club is the first university club of its kind, devoted to helping McGill students meet, interact, and establish relationships, while maintaining a fun and casual atmosphere.


Conservative Society of McGill University -

Conservative McGill strives to bring together conservatively-minded McGill students and make members aware of Conservative Party stances. Another main goal of the Society is cultivating students’ interest in politics and public policy. It does so through involving them with local Conservative associations and both partisan and non-partisan think tanks. Activities on campus include receptions, speaker events, movie screenings, debates and social outings which allow members to discover and appreciate the beautiful city of Montreal.

Democrats Abroad – Facebook

Our mission is to encourage Americans living in Canada and the United States to voice their political opinions through voting and speaking for their views. We accomplish this through voter registration, sponsoring debates, encouraging media contact and by visiting states to volunteer in key races.

Green Party - Facebook

A group for supporters of the Green Party, whose main values are:

1. Ecological Wisdom

2. Social Justice

3. Participatory Democracy

4. Non-Violence

5. Sustainability

6. Respect for Diversity

Liberal McGill –

Liberal McGill is the official arm of the Liberals Party of Canada (YLC) on campus at McGill University; it is accredited by the Young Liberals of Canada (Quebec) and recognized by the Student’s Society of McGill University (SSMU) as the representative organization of all McGill University students who are members of the YLC.

New Democratic Party of McGill - Faceboook

The New Democratic Party is a social democratic party that is dedicated to defending social justice and equity, a clean and healthy environment and the protection of our social programs. As the McGill campus club of the party, we are here to get the word out about what we stand for, educate students about the pressing issues of the day, and take part in broader progressive struggles at McGill and in the broader community.

LPQ (Quebec Liberal Party) – Facebook

The Club’s mandate shall be to

- Serve as the official representative of the Liberal Party of Quebec at McGill University

- Promote the LPQ and its fundamental values at McGill

- Create a forum for the discussion of political, economic, social, and environmental issues pertaining to Quebec and to Canada

- Organize events such as debates, conferences, and cocktails chaired by prominent figures in Quebec politics



A club supporting anarchy.

Animal Liberties - Facebook

Animal Liberties is McGill's Animal Rights student group. Our main aims are raising awareness about animal rights and speciesism, vegan outreach, and the creation of a vegan community on campus. Activities include tabling, bake sales, a vegan newsletter (the McGill Vegan), demanding transparency of McGill's animal testing policies and veg*n networking in Montreal. Animal advocacy needs all the voices and talents available and we welcome input from anyone interested.

L'action independantiste
Freethought - Facebook

Our group is dedicated to building a community for those adhering to secular worldviews - humanists, atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and freethinkers of all denominations. What binds us is the special emphasis we place on values, ethics and decision-making based on unrestricted rational discourse and human experience, and our desire to show that such ways of life are every bit as ethical, optimistic and satisfying as those based on religious faith. We strive to promote science, reason, critical inquiry, and promote the reliance on evidence and freedom of inquiry in public affairs. We engage in activism to encourage the application of these methodologies in all levels of education, in media, and in governmental matters.

North Korea Freedom Network -

Our Current Objectives:

1. To Advocate for the rights of North Korean refugees in China

2. Lobby the Canadian government to support North Korean refugee rights and aid in their re-settlement in Canada

3. Work with other organizations with similar objectives.

Students for DC Vote – Facebook

Students for DC Vote work to raise awareness about DC Vote and the issue of DC voting rights on college campuses. The McGill chapter is the 23rd of its kind.


Anti-Racist Coalition (MARC) -

MARC aims to raise awareness about the subtle, institutional racism that exists both on campus and across Canada.

Debating Union -

The McGill Debating Union (commonly referred to simply as "the Union") is an organization dedicated to providing McGill students the opportunity to explore and improve their debating and public speaking skills. The Union does this by sending its debaters to competitive tournaments, by hosting tournaments of its own, and by providing biweekly meetings where debate is demonstrated, taught, and practiced. The Union also organizes or assists with debate-related events on campus, such as exhibition debates.

Elections McGill –

Elections McGill is an independent and impartial agency of the Students' Society of McGill University (SSMU). We organize and carry out all SSMU elections and referenda. As the independent electoral agency of SSMU, we safeguard the integrity of the electoral process at McGill by enforcing the electoral regulations of the society. The existence and independence of Elections McGill is mandated in the SSMU Constitution and By-Laws which explains that; "This organization shall be the sole body to administer the Society's elections and referenda."

Pearson House

Pearson House is a student-run policy group. We research and discuss issues that affect us as students and citizens in the aim of producing policy papers which we then publish. By putting our ideas on paper they are taken more seriously by members of our advisory board which consists of members of parliament, senators, professors and other experts who have the ability to take our ideas off the drawing boards and into the heart of Canadian policy making. Check out our website, or e-mail us for more info on our research and how to join.

Political Issues Club – Facebook

The Political Issues Club is a discussion group that welcomes McGill students of all political backgrounds. We meet once every two weeks to debate current issues in the news that affect us all as citizens of Canada and of the world. We also host & co-host exciting and relevant special events throughout the school year, such as Q+As with politicians running in current elections.

QPIRG (Quebec Public Interest Research Group) -

The Quebec Public Interest Research Group at McGill is a non-profit, student-run organization that conducts research, education, and action on environmental and social justice issues at McGill University and in the Montreal community. With such a broad mandate, QPIRG brings together a wide range of activists interested in many different issues. QPIRG-McGill is run by a volunteer Board of Directors which is responsible for QPIRG management, budgeting, project development, staff, working groups and the development of the group's political vision.

Students for Obama -

A group of Barack Obama supporters.



Campus for Christ - Facebook

Our vision is to glorify God by helping change the world through turning lost students into Christ-centred labourers! Interested in making an impact at McGill? Come join us!

Christian Fellowship, McGill -

We are a group of interdenominational Christians that share faith in Jesus Christ, the Lord and Saviour of our lives. We strive to build a community to support each other and grow in our relationships. To find ways to serve and love others as Christ teaches us.

I.C.O.N. St. Cyril Coptic Orthodox Association – Facebook

Come read and learn the Bible on campus at McGill.

Newman Students' Society -

The Newman Students' Society (NSS) is a home for Catholic students at McGill University. We are a student group affiliated with McGill's Newman Centre. The NSS is composed of McGill students and holds club status with the Students' Society of McGill University. The Newman Students' Society holds regular events, coordinates with the Newman Center on Masses, spiritual events and the usage of the Newman Centre.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship –

Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) is the official collegiate campus ministry program under SCOBA (the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas).  Our mission is to support fellowships on college campuses, whose members experience and witness to the Orthodox Christian Church through community life, prayer, service to others and study of the Faith.

Unitarian Universalists at University United

Unitarian Universalists at University Unite (or UU Crew) is a a UU campus ministry group for McGill students and other young adults in Montreal. We generally meet once every two weeks for a potluck dinner, worship, and conversation. We strive to be an inclusive, welcoming community, open to all, from lifelong UUs to those who have never heard of us before. For more information about us, contact


Chabad -

Chabad Chassidism is a practical guide to all Jews in all walks of life, showing them how to enrich their Jewish experience by developing the attributes of both mind and heart through a concerted effort that come from their perfect harmony The Chabad Student Group works hard to plan semesters packed with great events. Remember, the Lubavitch Jewish Center is your "home away from home". Meet, greet, eat and socialize with other Jewish students in a warm atmosphere. Our activities are open to all regardless of Jewish affiliation, background or level of observance.

Hillel Jewish Student Society, McGill -

Hillel Montreal is a Jewish student organization that represents the needs of the diverse Jewish student population in Montreal. Hillel Montreal aims to create an atmosphere of openness where all students feel welcome and comfortable to actively participate in programming or attend events. Hillel runs Shabbat and Jewish holiday programming throughout the year. Hillel Montreal supports the democratic State of Israel. Hillel’s advocacy wing develops ways influence public opinion, influence public leaders and make things comfortable for Jewish students on campus. Hillel’s Israel culture wing promotes Israeli culture through educational seminars, food, festivals and other programs. The Hillel House is a great place to socialize, hangout, mix and mingle.

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