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Zakari Abid

IT Engineer


Personal Information

Name Zakari Abid

Private address Isokatu 73 C 11 90100 Oulu

Mobile phone +358 45 1137949


Date of Birth 09.10.1978

Nationality Moroccain(Permanent - Pysyvä in Finland)

Civil Status Single


2010-2012 Master Computer Science, Department GS3D

12.02.2010 Scrum Training at Ixonos Oy

10.2009-5.2010 Symbian, C++ & QT Kuolutus( Training ) Oulu PSK

14,15,16.12.2009 Qt & Maemo for Mobile Developer Training Nokia Espoo
2002-2006 Bachelor: Software & Telecommunication Engineering

Vaasa University of applied Science, IT


programming, WCDMA, Mobile Network, GSM, GPRS, Voice Over IP etc….


06.09.2010 01.5.2012 4Th year: Master degree at oulu university GS3D

The Department of Information Processing Science at the University of Oulu organizes a two-year full-time Master’s degree programme in Software, Systems and Services Development in the Global Environment (GS3D). Graduates from GS3D will have the competence to work as Experts and Managers in global ICT companies. The programme will provide multidisciplinary knowledge of software, systems and services development in a global context.

Graduates will acquire the skills to understand and to analyze the dynamics of the software business environment. Students can progress with their studies to PhD and participate to GS3D research groups.
13.01.2010 2.5.2010 Ixonos Plc, Symbian/QT Developer

I am working in mobile development, the project includes Qt and Symbian environment, I am porting existing native Symbian application into Qt.

My main task is to integrate Qt Graphical User Interface into Symbian, which will be able using the QtGui instead of SymbianGui.The tools I used carbide, Nokia SDK, and Qt4.6 for Symbian.


• Porting Symbian to Qt using PIMPL pattern .

• Create GUI in Qt.

• Scrum Master
14,15,16.12.2009 Nokia Company, Student:Maemo & QT

Trainning courses which I develop myself in Qt and Maemo programming.

Objective of the Course:

• How to build and deploying Qt apps for Maemo.

• Qt programming.

• Hildon User Experience

• Mobile API.

• Multimedia // • Webkit // • OpenGL acceleration

10/2009 – 12/2009 PSK Company, Student: Symbian & Qt Koulutus

This School give me good training in c++, Symbian, and Maemo,including lectures, exercises, and project

My tasks in the project:

• Project in C++ “Library System”

• Project in Symbian “Game Guess Number”
11/2006 – 05/2007 Citec Company, System Designer

Project’s aim was an Application development: Design, Implementation, Testing, Maintenance and Integration.

My tasks in the project:

• Integration Two Systems InfoShare Management CMS and Cumulus Digital Asset Management.

  • Improving the InfoShare system functionalities and support.


  • SpyXML, Net-Bean IDE, XML, Java (JSP, Servlet, EJB).

01/2006 – 07/2007 SuviSoft Company, Application Developer

Project’s aim was web development: Design, Implementation, Testing, and maintenance.

My tasks in the project:

• Developing online web application services for PC and pocket PC/smart phones using MySQL, HeiTML, HMTL, JavaScript and CSS. I was also improving the already existing system by designing new functionalities and making the user interface more user-friendly. Improving the system also required testing of the system and it's functionalities and the database. I was also involved in creating multi-language user interface, translating the system into different languages, including Arabic, English and French.

01/2005 – 04/2005 Vaasa University, Research

Project’s was a research while doing my practical traning during the study time.

My tasks in the project:

• Creating new functionalities to MAC layer, network dynamics, creating larger topology to simulation scenarios of NS2 network. NS-2 is based on C++, Perl, python, and TCL script.

05/2004 – 08/2004 Vaasa University, Research

Project’s was as a research while doing my practical training during the study time.

My tasks in the project:

• Smart Information and Applications for MyHome Portal.

Tools and Technologies for smart Information. Programming mobile access for smart Information (Visual Basic). Extending the mobile Version of MyHome portal with Image Blog Symbian application (Symbian C++). Creating Microsoft Office 2003 Smart tag applications (Visual C++ and XML).

Dynamic Web Application with ASP and Dreamweaver. Web application using Perl and CGI. Database (Oracle) application with Java Programming. Hotel Room Reservation System with Java Programming (J2SE)


  • C/C++ programming

  • Qt/maemo programming

  • Documentation

  • User Interface designing

  • Testing and Support


  • Java 1 year

  • Qt/Maemo/Symbian 0,7year

  • Linux programming 0,5 year

  • C/C++/.net2005C# 1 year

  • HTML/CSS/ASP 1 year

  • Perl/Bash/Python/Php 0,5 year


  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005 IDE

  • Carbide.C++ IDE

  • NetBean/Eclipse IDE

  • Qt Creater IDE

  • Together/Borland IDE


  • More then 40 Credit of programming

  • More then 40 Credit of Networking/Telecommunication

  • I would prefer to show my study unit in the meeting.



Flexible, Talent, Good team player, Self Confident, Serious, Hard Working.....

I have good planning abilities; I am able to adapt new knowledge very quickly. I can achieve goals either when working in team, or independently.
Operating Systems

Windows Vista/XP/server2003

MacOs, Linux:Ubuntu/RedHat

QT, Symbian, Maemo, GSM,WCDMA and Mobile Wimax basics


Arabic is native, good spoken and written English.Finnish is OK.


Programming(C, C++, Qt, Maemo), Web( HTML, CSS, JavaScript). Java( J2SE, J2EE, J2ME).
Agile Project Management.

Project Management Professional.

Information System.

Gym, Football, Swimming, Reading Books(Programming and Management) .


Basic Iphone programming, DBMS( Mysql + linux ), DreamWeaver. Json and JQuery. Reading IT article and IEEE.

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