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Вопросы для самоконтроля

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Вопросы для самоконтроля.

Task 1.

1.Read the transcription:

  1. Li:d, wi:t, t ik, ben, ten, f n, t p, m , b t, da:k, pa:t, pu:1, 1u:k, p :1 1 k, 1 k, p3:s.

  2. P h ps, nau, bei, gri:, k i , pikt , k bl , 1 v, sn v, pait t, ter b1, su:n , 1aud, k :1, 1 :, k i , ri l, t i, v is, n iz, d int, ri 1i.

  3. 1eit – 1et

sei1 – se1

peip - pep

reik – rek

treid – tred

fei1 – fe1.

  1. wait – weit

rais – reis

1aik – 1eik

raiz – reiz

fai1 – fei1

m it – meit

  1. hi - he

bi - be

ri li - re li

wi ri - we ri
2. Write and read the transcription.

in [in], rose [‘rouz], ten [ten], dog [dog], point [‘point], hat [hэt], bus [bas], book [‘buk], nice [‘nais], house [hauz], sister [‘sistэ], no [nэu], tree [tri:], head [hэd], girl [‘gёl], yes [‘jes], car [ka:], page [peidж] , bench [bentч], chair [‘tчэа], like [laik], sailor [seilэ], trade [treid], pure [pjuэ], during [‘djuэrinг]

3. Read and explain the rules of reading.

pale, add, back, class, dark, may, fast, hall, hand, plant, vary, raft, raw, salt, law, branch, autumn, chair, parents, be, feed, eve, meat, meet, dress, already, mesh, arrest, level, eight, bread, here, her, sphere, perceive, ceilling, grey, ear, eye, see.

4. Insert the correct article where necessary.

1) Don’t write on the table.

2) I want to be an economist.

3) These arenote books.

4) It’s a nice table.

5) Nick is at ... home.

5. Use the correct form of the verb “to be”.

1) She is a good student.

2) They are absent today.

3) The map is on the wall.

4) I am an accountant.

5) Are you a teacher?

6. Put the correct form of the verb (The Present Simple Tense)

1) I live in Moscow.

2) She works at the office.

3) Nick likes music very much.

4) We go to the University every day.

5) My sister feels bad today. She is ill.

6) He sees many new houses.

7) She always gives me good advice.

8) They put the books on the table.

9) Our friend opens the door and comes into the room.

10) She washes her hair two times a week.

Task 2.

1. Write and read the transcription.

Milk [‘milk], miss [miss], enter [‘entэ], shelf [schelf], weather [‘wethэ], why [wai], who [hu:], square [skwэа], stop [‘stop], job [‘dжob], open [‘oup(э)n], often [‘o:fn], possible [‘posэbl], point [‘point], boy [boi], nose [nouz], porridge [‘poridж].
2. Read and explain the rules of reading.

fall, family, lain, hard, vast, task, path, father, France, mile, die, film, first, give, kind, mind, middle, piece, child, night, bright, young, by, fly, eye, cycle, yard, money, hockey, supply, yet, system, tyre.

3. Insert the correct article where necessary.

1) Please help me to move the table to the window.

2) What an interesting story!

3) This is a new car in front of the house.

4) My younger son is twelve.

5) We are going to write a test in two days.

4. Use the correct form of the verb “to be”.

1) They are old friends.

2) This exercise is difficult.

3) There are four exams in this term.

4) She is at home now.

5) Mary is twenty two.

5. Put the correct form of the verb. (The Present Simple Tense)

1) We read many books every year.

2) Alice goes to school. She is only 10.

3) She speaks English well.

4) Sally works hard.

5) They are late.

6) We know him well.

7) Pete lives in a nice house.

6. Use the correct form of the pronoun.

my, me, his, him, our, us, their, them, her, your, you, it.

1) I think she sees her

2) My books are on the table.

3) Give me the pen. I want to write a letter.

4) Show us the book. It is very interesting.

5) Let them come in. They are my friends.

6) Put your coat on the chair. She is hot.

7) Take your present. We wanted to please you.

8) Our dog is very noisy, take it away.

9) I like films. My collection is very rich.

10) Phone me up at 7; I’ll at home.

Task 3.

1. Write and read the transcription.

In [in], rose [‘rouz], ten [ten], wig [wig], dog [dog], point [‘point], hat[hэt], bus [bas], book [‘buk], nice [‘nais].
2. Insert the correct preposition where necessary.

1) Where is Peter? He is in the garden.

2) We write on the blackboard.

3) Peter is at home.

4) I like to go to Moscow.

5) Please translate this article into English.

6) The teacher speaks ... English at the lessons.
3. Insert articles where necessary.

1) Keep your classroom in order, don’t write on the tables.

2) What do you want to be, Nick? I’d like to be a teacher.

3) He is an interpreter.

4) These are ... notebooks.

5) I am a chief engineer in a factory

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