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Toss Ups Voiced by Keith Diamond in the tv series, his real name is James Darrel Edwards III and is first seen as an nypd officer. He developed a love interest in Dr. Laurel Weaver

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Toss Ups
1.) Voiced by Keith Diamond in the TV series, his real name is James Darrel Edwards III and is first seen as an NYPD officer. He developed a love interest in Dr. Laurel Weaver, a morgue worker. He delivers a baby on the Jersey turnpike and befriends Frank the Pug. At the end of the first him he neuralizes his partner but later has to un-neuralize him in the sequel. For 10 points, name this partner of Agent K, played by Will Smith in the Men in Black series.
ANSWER: Agent J (Accept James Darrel Edwards III early)
2.) An EP with the same name as this record was released the year prior before the band changed to their current name. The album launched 5 singles, the final of which reached #1 on the rock charts, as the album became the cornerstone of the burgeoning nu-metal sound. Selling 25 million copies worldwide it allowed the band to achieve further success with their later albums, Meteora and Minutes To Midnight. FTP name this 2000 album, featuring the singles “One Step Closer”, “Crawling”, and “In The End”, the first by the band Linkin Park.
ANSWER: Hybrid Theory
3.) The name’s the same. Jared was picked by the Phoenix Coyotes in the 2nd round of the 2008 draft, while Marc was picked 12th by the New York Rangers in the 2005 draft. Jordan became the youngest player in history to score on a penalty shot, scoring for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Eric is the only one with a Stanley Cup victory, winning with the Carolina Hurricanes in 2006. Together, they make up the “first family of hockey.” FTP, give the last name shared by these four hockey brothers.
4.) In “The Hook”, ex-Pavement vocalist Stephen Malkmus tells of being abducted by them, while Jimmy Buffet sings about being born 200 years too late to be one. Followers of the Flying-Spaghetti monster believe global warming is caused by the worldwide decline in them. In recent years, there have been hundreds of recorded attacks by them in the Gulf of Aden [A-dun] off Somalia. FTP, identify this profession symbolized by the Jolly Rodger.
ANSWER: Pirates
5.) This film has various references to other media including The Harpists who resemble the Blues Brothers, a chase scene resembling Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner, and a fight scene resembling the fight between Neo and Agents Smiths in the Matrix Reloaded. The film focuses on sing, a low-life failure, who eventually learns the Buddhist Palm technique and defeats The Beach and the Axe Gang. For 10 points, name this 2004 comedy directed by Stephen Chow that parodies martial arts films.
ANSWER: Kung Fu Hustle
6.) This show was cancelled along with Green Acres and Hee Haw during CBS's infamous "rural purge." Most episodes centered on culture clashes between the titular family and their neighbors, the Drysdales. Donna Douglas played daughter Elly May, Irene Ryan played the shotgun-wielding Granny, and Buddy Ebsen played family patriarch Jed Clampett. This is, FTP, what long running television show featuring a family of country bumpkins that struck oil, got rich, and moved to Beverly Hills?
ANSWER: The Beverly Hillbillies 
7.) It was developed by The Behemoth, a development company formed by sprite artist Dan Paladin and Newgrounds owner Tom Fulp. The game was plagued by network issues that were not resolved until April 2009. This game also includes unlock able characters, such as the King, the Grey Knight and Alien Hominid. FTP, identify this Xbox Live Arcade game, released in 2008, starring a fire knight, an ice knight, a poison knight and a lightning knight.
ANSWER: Castle Crashers
8.) Built in 1928, it was originally designed as a boxing arena, which meant that fans were much closer than usual to the action during basketball and hockey games. It had no air conditioning, which caused fog to form during playoff hockey games. The Los Angeles Lakers especially hated its visitor’s locker room, which was too small and overheated. It has hosted games from 16 Stanley Cup Finals and 19 NBA Finals. Demolished in 1997, FTP, name this arena, famous for its parquet floor, former home of the Bruins and Celtics.
ANSWER: Boston Garden 
9.) This character is played by Betty Boop in a 1933 short, with Koko the clown filling the role of the Huntsman. Much of her story is glossed over because it was really just an excuse to showcase Cab Calloway’s “St. James Infirmary Blues.” Her most famous appearance was in a film released 5 years later which became a favorite film of several dictators. She has appeared in over thirty-five films, almost all of them American or German, and she has recently appeared in Shrek the Third voiced by Amy Poehler. FTP, identify this main character of the first feature length animated film, a fairy-tale princess poisoned by the Queen because she was “the fairest in the land.”
ANSWER: Snow White
10.) Forming in Ocala, Florida in the late 1990s, this band went through a myriad of line-up changes while releasing the albums Act of Depression and Cries of The Past. However, it wasn't until after their 2002 release of The Changing Of Times that Dallas Taylor left the band, making way for the current lead vocalist. Releasing 3 albums since then, the band's 2006 album Define The Great Line debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts. Despite the band’s genre, they have had a great deal of air time on MTV, and have been featured in 2 Madden NFL video games. FTP, name this Christian rock band who broke out in 2004 with the single “Reinventing Your Exit.”
ANSWER: Underoath
11.) Jet from DC comics; Stone Cates and Robin Scorpio from General Hospital; Vic, Ben, and Hunter from Queer as Folk; Antonio Nappa and James Robson from Oz; Jeanie Boulet from ER; Gina Russo from Nip/Tuck; and Eric Cartman and Kyle Broflovski, for one episode, following Cartman’s botched tonsillectomy. All of these characters, FTP, share what fatal medical condition discovered in the early 1980s.
ANSWER: People/characters with HIV (Grudgingly accept people/characters with AIDS)
12.) This firm originally made playing cards when it was founded in 1889. After a pivotal visit to America, the owner of the company decided to expand into other business, such as taxi services, love hotels, a TV network and a food company that sold instant rice. These ventures failed, fortunately, and the company branched out into toys such as the Love Tester. This company got the rights to distribute the Odyssey game console in Japan and has remained in the console business ever since. FTP, name this company responsible for characters like Zelda, Princess Peach, and Luigi.
ANSWER: Nintendo
13.) He works at Kind-o-a-lot-o-Comics, and lives in O-town. His house was once swallowed whole by a self-aware vacuum cleaner called the Suck-O-Matic. His best friends are Heiffer, a cow who lives with a family of wolves, and Philbert, a turtle who always feels nauseous. FTP, name this loveable wallaby created by Jeff "Swampy" Marsh who starred in a cartoon about his modern life on Nickelodeon.
ANSWER : Rocko (Also accept Rocko’s Modern Life)
14.) Its last appearance in professional leagues was in the 2007 NFL playoffs, where the Patriots used a reverse version of it to score a touchdown on the Jacksonville Jaguars. Invented by Amos Stagg, the quarterback takes the snap and falls back as if to pass, but hands off the ball while making a pump-fake. Named for the pose the quarterback assumes, this is, FTP, what old-school football play?
ANSWER: Statue of Liberty play
15.) Minor characters in this film include Izzy, an airship captain, and Ardeth Bay, a Medjai. Released in 2001 this Stephen Sommer’s movie was a bigger blockbuster than its predecessor and was the film debut for Freddie Boath. It is revealed that Evelyn O’Connell is actually a reincarnation of Nefertiri and that Rick must stop Imhotep while also defeating the Scorpion King. Starring The Rock, Rachel Weisz, and Brendan Fraiser is, for 10 points, what sequel to 1999’s The Mummy?
ANSWER: The Mummy Returns (Do not prompt on “The Mummy.”)
16.) The name’s the same. First and last name required. One is from the baddest part of south side of Chicago. The other is from Idaville. One’s got a 32 gun in his pocket for fun and a razor blade in his shoe. The other relies on his partner Sally Kimball to protect him. One is the baddest man in the whole damn town and the other is a Detective who solves cases for 25 cents a day, plus expenses. One stands about six-foot four and all the men just call him sir. The other is called “Encyclopedia” by everyone but his parents and teachers. For ten points name them, one a thug from a Jim Croce song who’s meaner than a junkyard dog, and the other a boy detective from a series by Donald Sobol who constantly faces off against bully Bugs Meany.
ANSWER: Leroy Brown (prompt on “Encyclopedia Brown”)
17.) It was founded by Lord Ozwell E. Spencer in the 1960s, but it went into decline by the dawn of the 21st century after disasters at Arklay Laboratory and Sheena Island. This company operated an illegal prison camp on Rockfort Island as well as a series of facilities in Paris and Chicago, but their best known facilities consist of a number of laboratories in and around Raccoon City. FTP, identify this biotech corporation, best known for developing the zombie-creating T-Virus, that plays a prominent role in the Resident Evil series.
ANSWER: Umbrella Corporation
18.) He wanted to be a footballer before an injury caused him to go into theatre. On television, he first appeared as Jim Taylor in the BBC adaptation of The Ruby in the Smoke, alongside Billie Piper who he would work with again in The Secret Diary of A Call Girl. He landed his own starring role in the series Party Animals, however the role that he is best known for is one for which he hasn't yet shot a single scene. FTP, name this British actor who has recently been cast as the Eleventh Doctor on the television show Doctor Who and shares a surname with the Doctor’s most common alias.
ANSWER: Matt Smith
19.) This first cousin of Tennessee Titans running back LenDale White was the fifth player to have his number retired at the University of Colorado in 2004. He was drafted third overall in the 1997 NBA draft by the Boston Celtics, but bounced around the league, playing for Toronto, Orlando, Denver, and Minnesota before signing with Detroit as a free agent in 2002. As a Piston, he helped the team make back-to-back NBA Finals, winning in 2004. In 2009, he was traded to his current team while Allen Iverson went to Detroit. Nicknamed “Mr. Big Shot”, FTP, name this Denver Nugget point guard.
ANSWER: Chauncey Billups
20.) Hailing from Orlando, Florida, this group formed in 1995 and first hit it big in Germany, before being signed to RCA in 1998. The band quickly grew in popularity, their first album being diamond certified in the US, leading the band to break away from their manager and sign with Jive. This turned out to be a good move as their second album sold 1.1 million copies in one day, and 2.4 million copies its first week, a US record. The fact that they are no longer together is always “Tearing Up My Heart”. FTP name this boy band, who's self-titled debut, and second record No Strings Attached were manned by Chris, Joey, JC, Lance, and Justin Timberlake.
21.) Each season of this show is known as a cycle. It began in 2003 on UPN and made the transition to the CW and is now it's highest rated show. Past challenges have included a photo shoot with an elephant and a test of makeup application skills. FTP, name this reality show hosted by Tyra Banks about a group of women competing for a chance to make it in the modeling industry.
ANSWER: America's Next Top Model

1.) Jay-Z is great isn't he? Then of course you know how great he was before 2000, FTPE:
[10] This debut album is often considered his greatest by critics
ANSWER: Reasonable Doubt
[10] His third album, Volume 2, spawned this mega-hit which sampled the musical Annie
ANSWER:” Hard Knock Life
[10] His final album of the decade, Volume 3, featured another huge single featuring UGK and a music video on a boat with mad women yo.
ANSWER: “Big Pimpin'
2.) Name these NBA players involved in famous trades, FTPE:
[10] In exchange for Robert “Tractor” Traylor, the Milwaukee Bucks traded him to the Dallas Mavericks, where he became the only European player to win MVP.
ANSWER: Dirk Nowitzki
[10] The Charlotte Hornets traded him, “The Black Mamba”, to the Los Angeles Lakers for Vlade Divac.
ANSWER: Kobe Bryant
[10] The Philadelphia Sixers traded him for Andrew Lang, Tim Perry, and Jeff Hornacek to the Phoenix Suns, where he immediately went to the 1993 NBA Finals.
ANSWER: Charles Barkley
3.) Want to grab a bite to eat between rounds? You might want to try one of these fast-food joints, FTPE:
[10] Since today isn’t Sunday, you could try this restaurant which is quick to tell you that they “didn’t invent chicken, just the chicken sandwich.”
ANSWER: Chick-fil-A
[10] If having to stand up to get your food is too much work, try this drive-in restaurant. Park your car and they’ll bring your hamburgers and ice cream right out to you.
[10] Still in the mood for breakfast? You’re in luck; this toy-themed joint lets you order anything off the menu at any time.
ANSWER: Jack-in-the-Box
4.) Name these girlfriends of Spider-Man from their roles in the comics and the actresses who played them in Spiderman 3, FTPE.
[10] This red-head was, until recently, Peter Parker’s wife, and was played by Kirsten Dunst.
ANSWER: Mary-Jane Watson (Accept either or M.J.)
[10] This blond was Peter’s love interest until she was killed by the Green Goblin. She was played by Bryce Dallas Howard.
ANSWER: Gwen Stacy (Accept either)
[10] This brunette was Peter Parker’s very first girlfriend, and worked with him at the Daily Bugle. They had an on-again, off-again relationship until she married Ned Leeds because she thought Peter wasn’t interested in her. She was played by Elizabeth Banks.
ANSWER: Betty Brant (Accept either)
5.) FTPE, name these Disney animated features from a song; 5 points if you need a second song.
[10] “Be Our Guest”

[5] “Belle”

ANSWER: Beauty and the Beast
[10] “Zero to Hero”

[5] “Go the Distance”

ANSWER: Hercules
[10] “Heaven’s Light/Hellfire”

[5] “The Bell Tower”

ANSWER: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
6.) FTPE, answer these questions about the 'network for women'.  
[10] Name the television channel that called itself the network for women until 2005 and currently uses the slogan 'Connect. Play. Share.' 
ANSWER: Lifetime 
[10] Name this Lifetime show about a private detective and the vampire son of Henry the VIII based on a series of books by Tanya Huff.  
ANSWER: Blood Ties 
[10] Name this more successful Lifetime show about the spouses of men and women in the armed forces, based on a non-fiction book titled Under the Sabers.  
ANSWER: Army Wives 
7.) For 15 each, answer these music related Simpsons questions.
[15] Originally from Chicago, IL, this pop-punk band first released “Take This To Your Grave” in 2003. Later on they hit it big with singles “Sugar We're Goin Down” and “Dance, Dance”. But true fans will always know that their name comes from the name of Radioactive Man's sidekick from the Simpsons.
ANSWER: Fall Out Boy
[15] Currently on Metal Blade records, this band formed in Jacksonville in 1999. Putting out six albums since then including 2007's “Wolfbiker”, they are a staple of the metalcore scene. But their pop-culture references are plenty as they take their name from the fictional street that the Simpson family lives on.
ANSWER: Evergreen Terrace
[10] This Washington state cover band plays in many of the places that Matt Groening drew named from including Evergreen State College. They got their own name from the area Homer Simpsons works in at the Springfield Power Plant.
ANSWER: Sector 7G
8.) Name some things about the Philadelphia Phillies successful 2008 world-series run, FTPE.
[10] Nicknamed “Hollywood”, this pitcher went 4-0 en route to winning the NLCS and World Series MVPs.
ANSWER: Cole Hamels
[10] Phillies fans knew this was a team of destiny when this man became the first pitcher in 34 years to hit a World Series home run.
ANSWER: Joe Blanton
[10] During his victory speech, he said, “World Champions. World F***ing Champions!”
ANSWER: Chase Utley
9.) Identify these things relating to Professional Video Gaming, FTPE. 

[10] This extremely talented first person shooter player has won championships in Quake III, Quake IV, and Doom 3. His nickname comes from moves such as ripping the spine out of a defeated player when playing as Sub-Zero. 

ANSWER: FATAL1TY (pronounced “Fatality”) (also accept Johnathan Wendel

[10] This South Korean native earns over three hundred thousand dollars per year by being a gosu Starcraft player. He shares a nickname with a breed of dog and the last name of a California Senator.  

ANSWER: SlayerS_Boxer (also accept Lim Yo-Hwan) 

[10] Eight year old Jeffrey R. Yee allegedly obtained a score of over 6 million points in this game in 1982, but the first confirmed player to reach its infamous split screen level with a perfect score was Billy Mitchell.  

ANSWER: Pacman

10.) For 10 points each, name these films whose action takes place on a cruise ship.
[10] In this 1998 horror movie a giant octopus-esque monster terrorizes the Argonautica and it is up to Treat Williams and a group of mercenaries to stop it.
ANSWER: Deep Rising
[10] This 2006 disaster film, a remake of a 1972 film, starred Kurt Russell, Josh Lucas, and Emmy Rossum trying to escape a sinking cruise ship overturned by a rogue wave.
ANSWER: Poseidon
[10] The title object in this 2002 horror movie is the Antonia Graza. Maureen Epps and her salvage crew happen upon the derelict and are killed-off one-by-one by Jack Ferriman, a demon.
ANSWER: Ghost Ship
11.) For ten points each, name these “royal” musicians.
[10] Also known as “The King”, this early rock and rockabilly musician is known for bringing the former into the mainstream with songs like “Hound Dog” and “Jailhouse Rock.”
ANSWER: Elvis Aaron Presley
[10] Now 83, this blues guitarist's work includes “Rock Me Baby,” “Whole Lotta Loving,” and “Lucille.” Since 1949, all of his guitars have kept that same name, Lucille.
ANSWER: B.B. King or Riley King
[10] This Danish heavy metal musician performed for a time with Mercyful Fate; after they broke up, he formed an act under his stage name. The most prominent of his stage props is a cross-shaped microphone supposedly made of bone.
ANSWER: King Diamond
12.) It isn’t easy earning the title “Queen of Mean”. There are so many good contenders. Name some of them, FTPE.
[10] This hotel industry mogul, known for casually firing employees for trivial things, once quipped that only the little people have to pay taxes. She was later convicted of tax evasion.
ANSWER: Leona Helmsey
[10] This raunchy insult comic has styled herself the Queen of Mean. She’s probably best known for closing out most of the recent Comedy Central roasts.
ANSWER: Lisa Lampanelli
[10] One British contendor for the title of Queen of Mean is this frigid British host of the Weakest Link
ANSWER: Anne Robinson
13.) Baseball games are sometimes made better by their announcers. FTPE:
[10] Also known for voice-over work with NFL Films, this longtime Phillies announcer died on April 13th.
ANSWER: Harry Kalas
[10] The longest-tenured announcer with a single club, this Dodger announcer is considered the top sportscaster of all time.
ANSWER: Vin Scully
[10] Will Ferrell once imitated this sportscaster in a famous sketch on SNL, but this announcer is best known for being the voice of the Chicago Cubs until his death in 1998.
ANSWER: Harry Caray 
14.) Seventy-seven percent of American viewers watched this show's "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen" episode on February 28, 1983.  A ceasefire occurs, the 4077th throws a party, and then Captain Benjamin Pierce flies away in a helicopter.  For 10 points each-- 
[10] Name this show. 
ANSWER: M*A*S*H [Pierce was nicknamed "Hawkeye"] 
[10] M*A*S*H starred this actor as "Hawkeye" Pierce, who also played U.S. Senator and presidential hopeful Arnold Vinick on The West Wing. 
ANSWER: Alan Alda 
[10] We couldn’t come up with another question for the TV show M*A*S*H, so instead answer this question about the pencil-and-paper fortune-teller game MASH. Name any two of the types of homes that make up the titular acronym for 10 points, all or nothing.
ANSWER: Mansion



15.) FTPE, name these recent musicals that are adaptations of earlier works.
[10] This Mel Brooks movie was adapted into musical which was then adapted into a movie musical. Songs include “We Can Do It” and “King of Broadway.”
ANSWER: The Producers
[10] This musical is based on a book by Gregory Maguire, which was inspired by a 1939 film which was in turn based on a 1900 novel. Songs include “What is this Feeling” and “No Good Deed.”
ANSWER: Wicked
[10] This play is a musical version of a 2001 film that was an adaptation of an Amanda Brown novel of the same name. Songs include “Omigod You Guys” and “The Harvard Variations.”
ANSWER: Legally Blonde
16.) Its first edition was in 1983 and its 7th Edition was released in 2006. For 10 points each,
[10] Name this fantasy war-game where armies like the Lizardmen, Empire, Tomb Kings, and Chaos fight for control of a fantasy world.
ANSWER: Warhammer: Fantasy Battles
[10] In 1987, Rogue Trader became this version of Warhammer that takes place in the distant future where the Space Marines battle aliens like the Tyranids, Eldar, or Tau.
ANSWER: Warhammer 40,000 [Warhammer 40K]
[10] Both Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 are products of this company based in Nottingham, England.
ANSWER: Games Workshop 
17.) Answer these questions about British remakes of American television shows, FTPE. 
[10] This show, having already spawned many American spin-offs, moved across the pond this year. Now crimes are solved by DI's and DS's and the lawyers wear wigs and robes in court. 
ANSWER: Law and Order 
[10] Although he lacks a comb-over, British business magnate Sir Alan Sugar is every bit as formidable as his American counterpart on the British remake of this American reality TV show.   
ANSWER: The Apprentice 
[10] This British quiz show, based off of a NBC radio and television program, has featured brainy college students such as a young Stephen Fry and was a part of the James McAvoy movie Starter for 10.  
ANSWER: University Challenge 
18.) For 10 points each, name these Transformers from their appearance in the 2007 Michael Bay film.
[10] First appearing as a yellow 1976 Camaro, this autobot later turns into a 2009 model which was a far cry from his original form, a Volkswagen Beetle.
ANSWER: Bumblebee
[10] This Autobot takes the form of a Pontiac Solstice and is fond of urban culture. He is later killed.
[10] This only surviving Decepticon takes the form of a F-22 Raptor.
ANSWER: Starscream
19.) Name some things about an infamous water polo match, FTSNOP.
[10] For ten points, the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne saw what name given to a water polo match between feuding countries due to the violent injuries sustained by one of the players?
ANSWER: Blood in the Water Match
[5,5] For five points each, the blood in the water match involved national teams from what two countries?
ANSWER: Hungary and the Soviet Union
[10] For ten points, the game gets its name from the fact that this Hungarian player had to leave the match during the last two minutes with a bloody face after being punched by a Soviet player
ANSWER: Ervin Zádor
20.) Name the silent film from the last title card for ten points, or the most famous sequence for five points.
[10] “And at that moment, as if by a miracle, the sick no longer died, and the stifling shadow of the vampire vanished with the morning sun.”

[5] Because they couldn't obtain the rights to Dracula, this German film renames its title character and introduces the idea that the sun kills vampires.

ANSWEER: Nosferatu
[10] "The mediator between head and hands must be the heart."

[5] Mad scientist Rotwang creates an android version of a revolutionary leader in a movie that inspired the name of Superman’s home city.

ANSWER: Metropolis
[10] "Liberty and Union, one and inseparable, now and forever!"

[5] The Klu Klux Klan hunts down Gus, lynches him, and leaves his body on the Lt. Governor's doorstep. But remember, they're supposed to be the good guys.

ANSWER: Birth of a Nation or The Clansman
21.) Identify these fictional TV religions, FTPE:
[10] One of the leaders of this religion is Reverend Preacherbot and its holy text is The Good Book 3.0.
ANSWER: Robotology
[10] The practitioners of this new religion follow a TV magician who commands his followers to drown themselves in the pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial before animating the Lincoln statue to battle Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, and the rest of the Super Best Friends.
ANSWER: Blainetology (Prompt on David Blaine)
[10] This cult's recruitment techniques include brainwashing videos, the Circle of Judgement, and the Batman-theme with "Leader" replacing "Batman." In it's schools, the answer to every question is "The Leader."
ANSWER: Movementarianism
22.) Name the game or tv show from clues about the terrible life lessons they teach, FTPE.
A.) Want to scare people away from your smuggling ring? Want to lower property values so you can buy that goldmine nobody knows about? Why do unseemly things like threaten and blackmail when you can dress up like a pirate ghost and scare everyone away? And it would have worked, too, if it wasn’t for those meddling kids.
ANSWER: Scooby-Doo
B.) The Ukraine is the largest country in the world, and if America wants to solve its military recruitment problem, all we have to do is conquer Canada and Mexico to get five reinforcements per turn.
C.) Anyone who thinks differently from the group is always wrong and will get in trouble, so you should always wear the exact same thing as everybody else. Papa is always right, and brainy people are just mean killjoys. Oh, and don’t step on any mushrooms, because somebody might live in them.
ANSWER: The Smurfs  

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