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Congress Center Leipzig

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Congress Center Leipzig

Leipzig, 10 December 2015

Official launch of operations at KONGRESSHALLE
The focus of the Congress Center Leipzig (CCL) in the 2015 business year was on the inauguration of the KONGRESSHALLE am Zoo Leipzig. By starting operations at this state-of-the-art conference venue in historic guise, convention business can be grown still further, contributing to the positive development of Leipzig as a conference city. With around 87,300 visitors and 86 events, the CCL continues the positive development it has enjoyed in recent years.

Numerous large-scale conventions with several thousand participants and international audiences were held at the CCL in the trade fair grounds, starting in January with the Leipzig Interventional Course (LINC) with over 4,800 participants, and moving on to the Annual Meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID) with some 3,000 attendees, the International Transport Forum with 1,000 participants, the annual Visceral Medicine Conference with 5,200 participants, the ver.di federal trade union congress with 1,000 delegates, and the DIVI Conference (German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine) with some 3,500 visitors in December.

Since its opening in May, the first events have already been staged at the KONGRESSHALLE am Zoo Leipzig. Prior to this, interest had already running high among event organisers, and the industry had several opportunities to familiarise itself with this new venue. The German Convention Bureau (GCB) held its member assembly here in June, for example. In July and October the respective participants at the 47th International Trade Fair Seminar and the Trade Fair Industry Conference hosted by the trade fair federation FAMA, were also guests at the venue.

During the pre-opening phase, between September and December the KONGRESSHALLE calendar contained 54 events, with a total of over 30,000 visitors. These events catered to both regional and national guests, and the first conferences with guests from all over the world were also staged. In September, for instance, the International Convention of Zookeepers took place at the KONGRESSHALLE, providing an exemplary demonstration of the unique connection between the state-of-the-art conference centre and the Zoo Leipzig with a focus on science. Event organisers from the worlds of business, politics and culture also used the facilities for a variety of events. The year will come to an end with the Leipzig Philharmonic’s Johann Strauss Gala on New Year’s Eve, for which tickets are still available for advance purchase.

January 2016 will see the start of official operations at the KONGRESSHALLE and, for the CCL, it will be the first full year of business operating both facilities. More than 100 events are already planned for the KONGRESSHALLE. The spectrum ranges from corporate, jubilee and cultural events to numerous industry gatherings for medical and scientific professionals. These include the German Dermatology Society’s conference, the Convention of Central German Surgeons, the International Neuroprotection and Neurorepair Symposium, and the German Biotechnology Conference.

The Congress Center Leipzig’s calendar is full as well. In January the LINC Convention for Vascular Surgeons kicks off a series of medical conferences. It will be followed by conferences for specialist areas such as thoracic, cardiac and vascular surgery, pulmonology, urology, haematology, oncology, sonography and others. The German Radiology Conference will also be taking place for the first time at the CCL in 2016. The organising company has decided to use this venue until 2020, and expects around 7,000 participants every year. Furthermore, the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging will be a first-time guest at the CCL in winter 2016 with the Euro Echo Imaging, when up to 4,000 experts will be engaging with this diagnostic technique.

About the CCL

The Congress Center Leipzig (CCL) belongs to the Leipzig Trade Fair Group and is part of the Leipzig Trade Fair and Exhibition Centre. It is one of the most modern congress and conference centres in Europe. The special features of the CCL include individualised support for each event and all-round service, covering the complete range of event services. Every year, the CCL hosts some 100 congresses and specialised conference programmes. The flexible concept for the use of space, with 23 independent halls and rooms, exhibition halls that can be integrated as required, and the Glass Hall as an event location, makes it possible to hold events of almost any size and any kind. Beyond its own venue, the CCL team operates the KONGRESSHALLE am Zoo Leipzig, a modern meeting venue in historical guise. The fine Wilhelminian and Art Nouveau-style edifice in the heart of Leipzig features 15 halls and rooms, several foyers and exhibition space. The CCL and the KONGRESSHALLE am Zoo are members of the '' campaign, an alliance of meetings industry suppliers in Leipzig who are jointly committed to maintaining highest standards throughout Leipzig as a meeting destination.

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