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«Stone Flowers of the Urals»

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«Stone Flowers of the Urals»

(rafting down the Nugush River - 9 days)
Very often people traveling in the Urals compare high and picturesque cliffs at the Nugush River to flowers. If you see them once, you will never forget their unbelievable beauty!

Day 1

Meeting the group at the railway station in Beloretsk.

Arriving at Kaga Settlement. Accommodating in the Tourist Shelter.

Visiting the Museum of Kaga's History and the Nikolskaya Church.

Radial walking trip in the settlement’s surroundings. Visiting the Balgodat Mountain.

In the evening: video, table tennis. Banya.

Day 2

Bus trip to Galiakberovo Settlement. The starting point of the rafting part.

Day 3-Day 7

Rafting down the Nugush River: picturesque cliffs, waterfalls, river rapids and splendid aroma of herbs. The route lies at the boundaries of two national parks: Bashkiria and Shulgan-Tash. En route: the Kuperlya Waterfall, the Semikolenka Cave.

Day 8

The final stage of the tour: the mouth of the Uruk River. Taking apart the equipment. Boat trip to the Nugush Tourist Base. Excursion down the Nugushskoe Water Resrve.

Supper. Accommodating. Banya.

Day 9

Spending a day at the Nugush Tourist Base.

Bus transfer to Meleuz.

Cost: 4900 Rubles.

Age of tourists: from 13 years old.

Accommodation: in the Kaga Tourist Shelter and at the Nugush Tourist Base; en route – tents for 1,2,3 persons (as required).

Meals: 3 meals a day. Meals at the tourist shelter and at tourist bases are cooked by a cook. En route tourists cook meals on fire themselves.

Gear and equipment provided: Group: Tents, sleeping bags, tourist mats, kitchenware, fire set. Specific: catamarans (for 2 or for 4 persons), rafts (for 6 persons), lifejackets (if required).

Guides and instructors: to provide group’s safety and comfort two guides accompany each group (up to 12-16 persons) en route.

The cost includes: 3 meals a day, accommodation at the tourist shelter and in tourist camps, gear and equipment, guides and instructors, banya, transport en route, transfer Beloretsk-Kaga and Nugush -Meleuz, health insurance for 10000 Rubles.

Discounts of 30% are provided for children under 10 year old traveling with their parents.


Means of transport, distance

Age of tourists

Number of days


Cost of the tour, Rubles


«Stone Flowers of the Urals»

(rafting down the Nugush River)

Beloretsk-Kaga, the Blagodat Mountain-Galiakberovo Settlement-the Nugush River- Bashkiria National Park-the Kuperlya Waterfall-the Semikolenka Cave-the Nugushskoe Water Reserve-Meleuz

Rafting, on catamarans

From 13years old


05-13.06, 17-25.06


29.06 – 07.07, 11-19.07,
23-31.07, 04-12.08,
17-25.08, 29.08. – 06.09.


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