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2194 Rte 165

Lower Woodstock, NB E7M 4H7

(506) 328-3416


Bachelor of Social Work St. Thomas University, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Graduated with Distinction (Graduated in 1996)

3 years of study in the Bachelor of Arts program University of Windsor,

1 year of study in the Bachelor of Business program, University of Windsor,


Graduated Grade 13 Herman Secondary High School, Windsor, Ontario

2008 to Present Owner/Operator
Private practice based on philosophy of integrating mind, body and

spirit. Network of holistic practitioners providing service in the facility. Maintain a private practice of individual services, which mainly consists of a holistic natural approach to the life journey- aimed at balanced living and stress reduction. Life coaching, stress reduction programs, massage, naturopathic medicine, holistic nutrition, yoga, reiki and meditation services are offered as well as traditional clinical services. Property includes private therapy rooms, meditation room, contemplative body practice studio, pond and waterfall, in ground swimming pool, 85 acres of walking trails, therapeutic horses and traditional native healing practices.

April 2011 to December 2011 Family Enhancement Social Worker


Preventive and rehabilitative services provided for at risk families. Preformed in a role as an agent of the government in traditional case management functions as a Social Worker.

2010 to 2011 Delegate of the Advocate
Responsible to investigate files in which youth were involved with

government services, with a reported concern of inadequate or unfair services from said services. Involved, advocacy, collaboration, conferencing and education around best practice.


2006 to 2010 Addictions Outpatient Counselor
Individual, couples, and group counseling for youth and adult populations. Utilized many therapeutic approaches - most frequently Motivational Interviewing and Stages of Change. Integrated Mind Body Medicine theory and practices with clients. Crisis intervention, life coaching, psycho educational groups, and skill development were also part of the day to day tasks. Focused on areas of loss, anxiety depression, emotional regulation and balanced living as rehabilitative and healing practices to assist the client in recovery.


2000 to 2006 Child Protection – Case Manager

Responsible to receive new child protection cases from investigations, to decide upon a case plan with the family and to implement the plan. Ongoing monitoring, readjusting, adding or deleting of services and evaluation of risk occurred on a regular basis. Daily tasks included collaborating with service providers, problem solving, crisis intervention, coordination of services, decision making, conflict resolution strategies, and maintaining up to date computer files. Other tasks included apprehensions, preparation of court documents, testifying, preparing witnesses, and serving court documents.

Additional duties while in Child Protection

Acting Supervisor when needed.

Carried the most high risk and sensitive child protection cases in our area, which resulted in collaborating with the Major Crime Unit (Fredericton) and to work effectively with media involvement and scrutiny.

Trained new staff on an ongoing basis.

Was awarded an Exceeds All/ Outstanding performance with a letter of commendation from the Regional Director for a two year period of service in 2005.

1997 to 2000 (Family and Community Social Services)

Long Term Care

Started long term care under SEP program and remained as the program

transitioned into the generic assessor. Responsible to complete a

standardized assessment to determine eligibility of clients from the age of

19 on, for the receipt of services from FCSS. Once eligibility was

determined, the appropriate service level was decided upon and

a case plan implemented. Ongoing monitoring and reassessing of the case

occurred as needed. Daily duties included collaborating with service

providers and community resources, computer work, presentations of

cases at Panel, direct client care and prioritizing of referrals.

1997 Full Time Screener (Family and Community Social Services)

Assumed all screening responsibilities on a full time basis.

1996 Non Continuous Screening Coveroff – When primary screener was

not available the full tasks of screening were assumed. Including

assessing and rating all telephone referrals and walk-ins for our region.

Managed crisis situations as they arose at the screening level.

Daily tasks included providing community information concerning

resources to callers, providing accurate and concise referrals to all program

areas in the department, and completing all computer work associated with

referrals in a timely manner. During this period I also completed many in

home assessments for the 16 to 18 year old financial support program

connected with HRD.

1996 Contract Adoptions Work - Responsible for the complete

preparation of adoption packages. Which included a home study, social

history, and criminal record check.

Intake and Investigation Module (1998)

Court Module (1998)

Risk Assessment (2000)

Core 100 Series (2001)

7 day on site training at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck New York with Dr. Jon Kabatt- Zinn of the University of Massachusetts. Stress reduction program and Mindfulness Meditation. (2007)

Many therapeutic trainings covering a wide variety of therapeutic interventions i.e. Motivational interviewing, solution focused therapy, systems theory, cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, feminist theory and eastern therapeutic practice.

9 day on site training at Spirit Rock Meditation Centre, California with Dr. Jon Kabatt-Zinn, John Teasdale and Christina Feldman. 85 persons attended from around the world, were accepted by application only. Advanced training in Mindfulness. (2009)

Critical Incident Stress Management (Defuser for the Region)

Youth Treatment Progam (Team Member)

Mental Health Addictions region committee


Act as a mentor for Social Work students and new Social Workers in the

field, in all areas of Social Work practice.

Prepared a training tape for testifying in court, in collaboration with local

crown prosecutor.
Awarded exceeds expectations by the Director of Social Development for two consecutive years while serving in Child Protective Services.
Recipient of the Civil Service Excellence Award in 2007 from the Office of

the Ombudsman and Child and Youth Advocate.

Independent worker and self motivated learner.

Strong interpersonal skills.

Effectively able to cope with high stress situations.

Interested in reading, exercising, listening to music and healthy living.

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