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Stevenage sln date: July 2010 Subject Coverage

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Stevenage SLN


July 2010

Subject Coverage:

Transition KS2-3 and progression

Key Stages:


Contact Details:

Lucy Hanna
Barnwell School

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Transition and Progression

Stevenage SLN

Lead Teacher: Lucy Hanna

What was your focus?

Transition from KS2 to KS3

Motivating pupils through KS3

What has been the impact on students/pupils?

Following the work we have done on creating a Primary French provision in Stevenage, the French transition project has had a huge impact with both primary and secondary schools in Stevenage. Pupils can see the link between languages in their Primary School and then in to their Secondary. It is now part of a composite project for transition. It has also incorporated cross town planning of the KS3 SoW to reflect the changes we now see in Year 7. Pupils are more engaged and it builds on their prior knowledge which is important to them too.

What has been the impact on teachers?

Teachers are more aware of pupils’ capabilities coming from Primary and sharing ideas/practice across town. We have also carried out a film project in conjunction with Anglia Ruskin University with year 8, which demonstrates how these skills can be used to improve motivation of both pupils and staff.

How has your work been disseminated in your departments/schools?

All teachers following new SoW + involved in transition.

Film project now being run with other years.

What next?

How do we build on these skills developed in KS2 in to KS3 and KS4?

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