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Marton csokas about lucy lawless. (epguide)

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Marton csokas about lucy lawless. (epguide)

Overall, he's also a fan of a certain Warrior Princess.  "Doing Xena

>was a fabulous experience.  My overriding memory of that time was the
>camaraderie that was present on the set and another strong woman in the
>person of Lucy Lawless, whom I admire very much.  Moreso now, since
>I've worked with many more people after Lucy, so she *really* impresses
>me.  To get up at 4 a.m.; have a child and kick the hell out of
>whomever all day every day... She's a real luger.  I loved working with
>her----- she's a person I admire very much to this day.  Lucy imbued
>the qualities that I found virtuous throughout the crew and cast, which
>is very rare."
>More of this terrific article, as well as news on Marton's newest movie
>Aeon Flux, can be found in the latest issue of Starlog magazine, issue
>November #340. 

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