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Release of the latest patch for the fast

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Release of the latest patch for the fast-growing MMORPG Astonia 3™

Hamburg, June 4, 2002. Intent Software releases the new patch for Astonia 3™, their Fantasy-MMORPG that has been running successfully since February 2002.

The scene of the new patch is the evil city of Exkordon, lying in the north of the Empire – beyond the perilous swamps and the magical forest Erleac. The people of Exkordon have renounced all ties with the Empire and its patron Ishtar and are openly siding with their ringleader, Governor Korzam. Renegade guards are hindering the player’s progress, whose task it is to catch Exkordon’s cruel governor in the act and convict him while overcoming the perils of challenging adventures.
Astonia 3™ ( is a Fantasy-MMORPG that can be downloaded for free (approximately 35 MB). After the free 28-days trial period, the players pay a subscription fee of US$ 9.95 a month.
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