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Obituaries, death notices, etc. – B

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Obituaries, death notices, etc. – B

1806-09 & 1848-1931

Baggot John Castleconnell 31/10/1922 farmer's son; shot in Castleconnell; Civil War casualty; news


Baggott James Buenos Ayres 23/06/1906 died at his brothers residence Donoman Castle, Croom

Baggott Catherine Clounagh, Ballingarry 19/03/1908 obituary

Bagnall George 4 Catherine Place 12/04/1904 death notice

Bagnell Charles Edward 14 Grosvenor place, S.W. 08/06/1897 aged 70, son of Rev. William Henry Bagnell of Ballybrood Rectory,

Co. Limerick

Bagwell Marry Anne Kinsale 20/08/1856 aged 19 months, dau of Charles E. Bagwell of Mallow Street,


Bailey Annie M. 62 Harcourt Street, Dublin 14/05/1895 aged 72, widow of William Bailey, M.D., R.N., of Castletown

Conyers, Co. Limerick

Bailey Charles Frederick Leeder 20/05/1916 First World War casualty; Royal Dublin Fusiliers; formerly

employed in Limerick land agent's office; obituary (death notice,


Bailey Henry Gothboy, Kilmallock 05/11/1874 aged 77; death notice

Bailey Jane Gorthboy, Kilmallock 02/10/1866 wife of Henry Bailey

Bailey Lydia Aminda Gortboy, Kilmallock 21/03/1865 aged 20, dau of Henry Bailey

Bailey M. P. McAllister place, Chicago, USA 08/11/1898 aged 59, native of Limerick

Bailey Mr. (male) Limerick City 20/06/1857 master of the ship "Bee"

Bailey T. Weldon Gortboy House, Kilmallock 24/09/1912 funeral report

Bailey Thomas Castletown Conyers 05/08/1854 brother of Dr. Bailey

Bailey William Frederick Castletown-Conyers, Co. 17/04/1917 lawyer at the Estates Commissioners; obituary and death notice


Bailey William Wellington Plassy 06/10/1910 rubber merchant; obituary and death notice (funeral report,


Baird E. J. Newcastle West 18/03/1911 bank official; funeral report

Baker Agnes Ashbourne, Limerick 10/01/1911 widow of Robert Richard Baker; death notice

Baker Agnes (née O'Farrell) Leicester, England 18/03/1924 daughter of Jane O'Farrell, North Strand; obituary

Baker Alfred B. 24/10/1905 secretary of Corporation Gas Committee; funeral report

(condolences 26/10/1905)( condolences 28/10/1905)

Baker Alicia Dominick Street 15/03/1848 wife of James Baker, late of Limerick

Baker C. C. M. Lismacue, Bansha 14/01/1905 Y.M.C.A. supporter, spoke frequently at Munster Hall Limerick

Baker Catherine 18 Frederick Place 24/02/1931 widow of late Julius Baker of Ballingrane, Co. Limerick, death


Baker Catherine Mary George Street 05/07/1881 dau. of Edward Baker, death notice

Baker Edward 8 O'Connell Street 26/03/1921 death notice

Baker Edward Standish Dublin 03/07/1886 son of late Robert Richard Baker, Green Park, Limerick, death


Baker Emma 101 George Street 08/08/1863 aged four months, dau of John W. Baker, also of Mount Catherine,

Co. Clare

Baker Jennie George Street 01/01/1898 aged 19, dau of Edward Baker, merchant (death report


Baker John Market Alley 02/01/1912 suicide; inquest report

Baker John Denvir 05/08/1922 son of late Edward Baker, Limerick; death notice

Baker John Richard Ashbourne, Limerick 03/12/1912 bank official; obituary

Baker Lilian (Sister Mary John) Novitate, St. Anne's D'Auray, 12/03/1896 aged 19, dau of Edward Baker of George Street, Limerick (death

France report 12/03/1896)

Baker Lucinda Massey Lodge, Co. Tipperary 01/06/1853 d. at res of her son, Rev. H. L. Baker of Ballygawley, widow of

Hugh Ryes Baker; sister of Lord Chief Justice of Queen's Bench,

dau of Anthony Lefroy of Limerick city, Col. 13th Light Dragoons

Baker Mrs Newmarket on Fergus 01/12/1906 mother of E.W.Baker, Cecil St.

Baker Mrs. (female) Torquay 05/04/1854 wife of William R. Baker of Lisnacue, co. Tipp., dau of Charles

Conyers of George's Street

Baker Mrs. (female) George Street 19/12/1882 wife of Edward Baker, death notice

Baker Richard Rochdale, Lancashire 01/01/1853 aged 89, of Townhead, bro of Robert Baker, Limerick

Baker Robert Carroll 27/03/1894 (funeral report, 31/3/1894) (death notice 27/3/1894) (notice of

funeral 29/3/1894)

Baker Robert R. Greenpark, Ballinacurra 24/09/1885 death notice

Baker Thomas Vize's Fields 11/02/1852 son of Robert Baker

Baker Vincent 09/01/1894 buyer at Cannock & Co. (death notice 9/1/1894)

Baldwin Albert Henry 13/03/1926 accountant with Limerick Chronicle; death notice (funeral report,


Baldwin Florence & Robert Limerick 10/01/1882 children of J. A. Baldwin, death notice

Baldwin John Augustus 20/10/1885 son of late J. A. Baldwin, Headview, Lismore, Co. Waterford,

death notice

Baldwin Marion North Strand 27/08/1910 widow of J. A. Baldwin; announcement (funeral report,


Baldwin Sophie Adelaide (Lily) Ballinacurra Terrace 17/01/1918 wife of J. A. Baldwin; death notice

Ball Anthony Joseph Adare 19/01/1859 aged 10 months, son of Thomas Ball

Ball Elizabeth 4 Alphonsus Place 18/05/1905 widow of Samuel Ball; death notice

Ball Ella Victoria Lincoln Place, New Street 07/01/1871 aged 11 weeks, dau of William Ball

Ball Frederick Albert 6 Mount Vincent Terrace 17/12/1892 death notice, aged 11 years, son of William and Mary Ball,(further

death report 17/12/1892)

Ball George Joseph Dickson Balbriggan 30/10/1866 aged 23, son of Godfrey Massy Ball, grandson of Capt. Godfrey

Massy, late of Ballywire, Co. Limerick

Ball Godfrey Massey Co. Meath 27/04/1859 aged 18, son of Godfrey Massey Ball, grandson of late Godfrey

Massey, Ballywire, Co. Limerick

Ball Hannah Tritonville 27/10/1863 wife of William Ball, interred in Adare churchyard

Ball J. H. Rathbane 04/02/1908 analyst at Limerick Condensed Milk Company; obituary

Ball James Rour, Adare 08/03/1848

Ball John Westport 17/02/1849 Inspector of Revenue Police, son of Mrs. Furnell of Limerick

Ball Mary Lowery Bedford, England 17/02/1912 widow of William Ball and formerly of Limerick; funeral report

Ball Mrs. (female) Ashgrove, Finglas, Co. Dublin 14/01/1875 wife of Godfrey Massy Ball; dau. of late Godfrey Massy,

Ballywire, Co. Limerick; death notice

Ball Thomas Mondelihy House, Adare 11/08/1864 aged 43, son of Hon. Mr. Justice Ball, d. at 85 Stephen's Green,

Dublin, res of his father (funeral report 16/08/1864)

Ball William 6 Mount St. Vincent Terrace 28/05/1903 buyer with Cannock & Co; funeral report (death notice,


Ballard Margaret High Street 05/03/1853 wife of Richard Ballard, chandler, sister of Rev. James O'Regan,

P.P. of Fedamore

Ballard Richard High Street 08/05/1862 aged 82

Ballingal Robert R. Argyllshire, U.K. 02/08/1928 former estate manager to Earl of Dunraven; obituary

Banks Anne Charlotte Quay 08/09/1807 widow of Samuel Banks, late of Ardee, Co. Louth, report

Banks Elizabeth London 03/03/1898 aged 80, dau of George Parris, Limerick; widow of George Parris;

d. at res of her son-in-law George Belshaw, of 3 Mount Vincent


Banks Julia Bath Avenue 11/09/1850 wife of Henry Banks, engineer of the City of Limerick steamer

Bannatyne Alexander Woodstown, Co. Limerick 28/04/1887 head of Bannatyne & Sons millers; obituary (death notice,

30/04/1887 & funeral report, 05/05/1887)

Bannatyne Alice Bournemouth 19/02/1878 aged 21; daughter of Alexander Bannatyne, Woodstown; death


Bannatyne Edmond Fitzgerald London 31/08/1861 of Limerick firm Bannatyne & Sons, merchants; son-in-law of

Robert Hunt, George's Street

Bannatyne Edmund Summerville 12/02/1880 infant son of J. F. G. Bannatyne, death notice

Bannatyne Fitzgerald Summerville 10/02/1880 infant son of J. F. G. Bannatyne, death notice

Bannatyne Hariett George Street 15/05/1861 aged 66, widow of James Bannatyne, dau of late Edmund

Fitzgerald of Ashville, co. Limerick

Bannatyne Harriet George Street 16/04/1856 aged 8, dau of Alexander Bannatyne of Ennis

Bannatyne James George Street 06/08/1859 head of the firm Bannatyne & Sons

Bannatyne James Fitzgerald Exeter, England & Fanningstown, 19/10/1915 member of prominent Limerick milling family; obituary (death notice,

Co. Limerick 21/10/1915)

Bannatyne James Fitzgerald, Major Fanningstown Castle, Co. 18/05/1916 First World War casualty; obituary and death notice


Bannatyne James Matthew Woodstown 16/09/1876 aged 21; son of Alexander Bannatyne; death notice

Bannatyne Mary Jane Bath 13/11/1906 widow of late Alexander Bannatyne of Woodsdown Co.Limerick

Bannatyne Mrs. (female) Glasgow 28/02/1849 widow of Ninian Bannatyne, mother of David Bannatyne, and Mrs.

Wilson of Limerick

Bannatyne Ninian William Boulogne 29/09/1868 son of late James Bannatyne

Bannatyne Peter Glasgow 17/12/1853 late of Limerick city

Bannister George (Private) 21/08/1890 inquest report, drowning at Docks, soldier in the Worcester

Regiment, buried in Kings Island Cemetery

Banon Ellen Bruff 28/01/1869 dau of late James Banon of Irishtown House, Co. Fermanagh

Barber George Douglas Meerut 05/09/1857 of 20th Native Infantry, nephew of late Col. Sir Robert Dick, KCB,

42nd Highlanders; married to dau of Matthew Lane Scanlan,

formerly of Brooke Lodge, Co. Limerick

Barber Margaret Catherine Street 18/03/1854 aged 66, widow of Robert Barber of Longford

Barclay Richard Ballyartney House 24/03/1874 aged 35; death notice

Bardin Michael Scanlan 17/11/1896 aged 66, son of Rev. Charles Bardin, Rector of Derryloran Parich,

Co. Tyrone; d. at res of his friend of Ballyknockane, Ballingarry,

Co. Limerick

Bardolph Susan Elm Park, Co. Limerick 15/07/1875 aged 75; employed by Lord & Lady Clarina; death notice

Barker John Waddy Sexton Street 26/01/1924 son of late John and Sophia Barker, Gorey; death notice

Barker Robert Lewis 12 Cecil Street 26/01/1861 aged 17

Barkman James Teskey Rose Cottage, Adare 22/02/1898 aged 10; son of F. W. & C. Barkman

Barkman Peter Kienroe, nr. Adare 15/04/1869 aged 84

Barkman Peter Rienroe, Adare 24/06/1905 death notice

Barkman Rebekah Rienroe, near Adare 18/04/1865 aged 77, wife of Peter Barkman

Barkman Robert James Rineland, Adare 29/05/1919 motor accident; son of Richard Barkman; inquest report

Barlow J. E., Captain Limerick 05/02/1916 First World War casualty; killed at Gallipoli; obituary

Barlow Mrs. (female) 25/11/1854 wife of Thomas Barlow, law agent to the Ordnance, mother of

Rev. Robert Barlow, of Trinity Church, Limerick

Barnard Thomas, Right Rev. Wimbledon 13/06/1806 Lord Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert & Aghadoe, report

Barnes Jane R. H. Geraldine, Corbally 02/02/1869 dau of William Barnes, Collector of Inland Revenue

Barnes Laura Gordon 1 Mount St. Vincent Terrace 05/05/1866 aged 1, dau of Capt. Barnes, 73rd Regiment

Barnes William 10/03/1849 mate of "Hannah Grayson" of Workington, d. of cholera

Barnett female Ennismore, Ennis Road 27/08/1908 wife of Arthur J. Barnett; obituary (funeral report, 01/09/1908)

Barrett Anne Toronto, Canada 19/11/1859 wife of William Barrett, dau of late Thomas McAuliffe, Limerick City

Barrett female (Mrs.) Nelson Street 28/11/1806 wife of Oliver Barrett, death notice

Barrett George Roche's Street 31/01/1905 son of John Barrett, victualler

Barrett J. L. George Street 18/11/1886 wine merchant, buried at Ardpatrick

Barrett J., Mrs 07/09/1926 aged 40; Dromcolloher cinema fire; news report

Barrett James Roche's Street 28/05/1901 son of John Barrett, victualler; death notice

Barrett James Fortwilliam, Rathkeale 02/07/1907 obituary

Barrett James 7 St. Joseph's Terrace 14/06/1917 death notice

Barrett John 4 West Sandymount Square 24/04/1862 aged 72, formerly of Westmoreland Street, Dublin, father in law of

the Rev. Thomas Guard of Limerick

Barrett John 17/11/1863 aged 17, drowning inquest

Barrett John Mount Catherine, Clonlara 30/05/1905 buried in Donoughmore Cemetry

Barrett John Roche's Street 18/02/1913 victualler; funeral report (acknowledgement, 22/02/1913)

Barrett John G. Murlgrave Street 20/02/1896 accidental drowning

Barrett Margaret Nelson Street 23/03/1875 wife of Charles Barrett, grocer & spirit retailer; death notice

Barrett Mary Anne Cecil Street 17/04/1917 widow of John Barrett, victualler, Roche's Street; death notice

(acknowledgement, 26/04/1917)

Barrett Michael 18/11/1902 son of John Barrett, victualler, Roche's Street; death notice

Barrett Michael Back Clare Street 19/12/1907 labourer; homicide; inquest report

Barrett Patrick Exchange Alley 11/02/1806 "an eminent Irish piper", death notice

Barrett Patrick 11/06/1892 death report, Sub-Sanitary Officer with the Corporation

Barrett unknown 07/09/1926 aged 8; child of Mrs. J. Barrett; Dromcolloher cinema fire; news


Barrett William Ballina, Co, Mayo 11/09/1928 worker on Shannon Scheme; traffic accident; inquest report

Barrington Adelaide George's Street 16/07/1851 aged 19 mths, dau of John Barrington

Barrington Alicia Maria George Street 20/02/1862 aged 7, dau of John Barrington

Barrington Anna Felicia Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 11/06/1873 wife of Croker Barrington of Glenstal

Barrington Anne Queenstown, Co. Cork 13/11/1888 death notice, accident. Widow of John Barrington, Solicitor

Barrington Benjamin Limerick 21/01/1806 death notice

Barrington Benjamin Charlotte Quay 21/07/1807 son of Joseph Barrington, death notice

Barrington Benjamin Westland Street 12/03/1853 aged 63, son of Benjamin Barrington of John's Sq., Limerick;

father of John Barrington of George St., solicitor

Barrington Benjamin 91 Geroge Street 13/02/1919 solicitor; obituary and death notice (funeral report, 15/02/1919)

Barrington Catherine Clare Street, Upper 22/05/1861 aged 72, widow of late Benjamin Barrington

Barrington Charlotte Stephen's Green, Dublin 20/11/1858 wife of Sir Matthew Barrington, bart.; cortege moved from

Barrington Street, Limerick, to interment at St. Mary's Cathedral

Barrington Croker Cork 03/11/1807 formerly of Limerick City, death notice

Barrington Croker Exmouth, England 26/06/1926 son of late Croker Barrington, Glenstal, Co.Limerick; obituary

(funeral report, 03/07/1926)

Barrington Croker, Sir Glenstal Castle, Murroe 05/07/1890 death notice aged 73 years (Ball postponement 5/7/1890) (further

death report 5/7/1890)(funeral report 8/7/1890)

Barrington Elizabeth, Lady (née Darley) Clonkeen, Barrington's Bridge 18/05/1907 widow of William Hartigan Barrington; obituary (funeral report,


Barrington Hester Rosa George Street 08/05/1883 wife of William Barrington, death notice

Barrington Jane 91 George Street 11/07/1908 daughter of late Benjamin Barrington; death notice

Barrington Jessy Glenstal 02/06/1888 death notice (funeral report 5/6/1888)

Barrington John Henry Street 18/07/1855

Barrington John Beatty Glenstal Castle 18/09/1926 son of late Croker Barrington; obituary (funeral report,


Barrington male 11/08/1921 Private, R.A.S.C.; road accident at Killaloe; funeral report

Barrington Mary 21 Barrington Street 17/01/1901 daughter of late Benjamin Barrington; death notice

Barrington Mathew Croker, Capt. Maulmain, India 12/12/1865 Commander of the ship "Hamilton", son of late Benjamin Barrington

of Limerick City

Barrington Matthew, Sir Glenstal, Co. Limerick 03/04/1861 aged 72, Crown Solicitor for the Munster Circuit, d. at 32 Upper

Pembroke Street, res. of son-in-law, H.P. Jellett

Barrington Richard Monkstown Dublin 25/11/1890 death notice

Barrington Rose Henrietta 58 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 18/07/1872 aged 7 years, dau of Croker Barrington

Barrington Samuel Dublin 08/01/1863 aged 57; brother of late Sir Matthew Barrington

Barrington Sarah Haddington Road, Dublin 01/02/1883 widow of late Croker Barrington of Limerick, death notice

Barrington William 02/05/1849 aged 77, member of the Society of Friends

Barrington William Matthew Lyons, France 12/06/1883 son of Sir Croker Barrington, death notice

Barrington William, C.E. The Ferns, Castleconnell 12/01/1895 aged 68, engineer, employee of Great Southern and Western

Railway; uncle of B. Barrington, solicitor, and Wm Barrington jnr.,

C.E.; int at Rathkeale (further death report 12/01/1895) (funeral

report, 15/01/1895)

Barrington Winifrid Frances Glenstal Castle, Murroe 17/05/1921 shot dead at Coolboreen; War of Independence casualty;

daughter of Sir Charles Barrington; death notice and news report

(funeral report, 19/05/1921)

Barron Anne New York 15/10/1872 wife of Michael Barron, late of John's Square, Limerick, sister of

late Alderman William Sheehy

Barron Catherine Broad Street 24/09/1859

Barry Albert, Rev. Mount St. Alphonsus Monastery 03/06/1909 Redemptorist priest; obituary and death notice funeral report,


Barry Bridget Gortaclona, Co. Limerick 11/06/1853 wife of James Barry

Barry Bridget 35 Broad Street 25/06/1904 Limerick Chronicle wife of late David Barry (funeral report,


Barry Brigid Josephine (née Purcell) Dublin 26/02/1916 daughter of James Purcell, Limerick; death notice

Barry Catherine George Street 04/06/1881 died at home of her nephew, John Ellard, death notice

Barry Catherine Kyle House, Ballinard, 22/05/1928 widow of Garrett Barry; funeral report (additional details taken

Herbertstown from Mount St. Lawrence burial register)

Barry Charles Robert, Hon. 3 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 15/05/1897 born in Limerick, Lord Justice; cousin of W. E. Corbett; father of

James D. and Charles Barry (death report 15/5/1897) (funeral

report 18/05/1897) (tribute 18/05/1897)

Barry D. M. Pahang, Malay 02/06/1923 officer in Colonial Police; accidental drowning; son of James

Grene Barry, Sandville, Co. Limerick; obituary and death notice

Barry David Kilmacow, nr Ballingarry 21/07/1855

Barry David Kilmacow, Co. Limerick 23/05/1857 aged 50

Barry David Wickham Street 08/10/1859 of Fedamore, Co. Limerick; d. at res of his uncle, Edward Synan

Barry David Ballingarook, Melbourne, 29/07/1865 d. at residence of brother, formerly of Ellen Street, Limerick City


Barry David Rathkeale 02/02/1905 aged 70 years, buried in Clouncagh

Barry David Broad Street 03/04/1917 funeral report and death notice

Barry Denis Westland Street (off) 02/07/1887 sudden death

Barry Edmond Fanningstown 20/03/1862 drowning accident at Arthur's Quay

Barry Edmond Conigar House, Mungret 04/03/1924 businessman and local politician; funeral report

Barry Elizabeth 5 Catherine Place 21/04/1860 dau of late John Purcell, Limerick City; d. at res. of her aunt

Barry Ellen Sexton Street 22/05/1852 widow of John Barry

Barry Ellen 18/02/1928 aged 1; accidental scalding; inquest report

Barry Ellen Maria 85 George Street 16/11/1861 aged 3, dau of James Barry

Barry Emily 72 Charlemont Street, Dublin 02/03/1861 wife of James Barry, dau of William Erson, late of Limerick City

Barry Eva Monica Gurtnacloona, Hospital 01/08/1903 daughter of James G. Barry; death notice

Barry female (Mrs.) Rockstown, Co. Limerick 20/05/1806 wife of James Barry, death notice

Barry Garrett 12/12/1855 Serj of Old Co. Limerick Militia, joined in 1806

Barry Garrett Ballinard, Herbertstown 09/12/1919 farmer; obituary (funeral report, 11/12/1919)

Barry Gerald 3 Mulgrave Street 07/08/1919 death notice

Barry Hannah Brooklyn, New York 27/01/1870 aged 72, widow of late Richard Barry, merchant of Limerick

Barry Henry, Capt. 19/04/1854 of 71st Bengal Native Infantry, son of Major-General Barry of

Ballyclough, co. Cork, late in command of Lim. District

Barry James Carr Street 13/10/1849 late of Patrick Street, grocer

Barry James Rathmines 21/04/1852 of Limerick city, attorney-at-law, Sessional Crown Solicitor for

Limerick city and county

Barry James Thomondgate 22/07/1854 farmer in Clare

Barry James South Circular Rd, Dublin 12/04/1856 of Limerick

Barry James Rockfield, Co. Limerick 03/09/1856 aged about 50, also of Mallow Street, Limerick, drowning report

(Limerick Harbour Board meeting 10/09/1856)

Barry James South Villa, Limerick 15/01/1862 partner of firm John Quin & Co., Patrick St. and Ellen St., buried in

Mount St. Laurence Cemetery

Barry James Melbourne, Australia 19/06/1866 late of Caherline, Co. Limerick

Barry James Killorglin, Co. Kerry 19/11/1873 died at res. of brother-in-law, W. Spring, Meanus

Barry James Dublin 15/02/1883 late Stamp Distributor, Limerick district

Barry James 20/01/1894 murder victim

Barry James F. Janesboro 02/08/1921 ex-Mayor and City Coroner; funeral report

Barry James Fitz. J. Rose Cottage, Ballinacurra 12/03/1895 aged 37, customs officer, int at Dunmanway, Cork

Barry James Grene Sandville, Ballyneety 14/12/1929 archaeologist; obituary and death notice (funeral report,


Barry John Beesborough Parade, Rathmines 01/07/1857 aged 65, of Limerick

Barry John Mungret Street 28/04/1858 weighmaster to the Corporation

Barry John Sandville 10/11/1860 by a fall from his horse

Barry John 47 William Street 28/02/1871

Barry John 09/12/1886 trader

Barry John Knocklong 28/12/1929 railway accident; news report

Barry John Edward 3 Glentworth Street 06/12/1879 aged 2; son of Dr. Robert Barry

Barry John Philip 18/03/1890 death notice

Barry Kate Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 13/05/1886 wife of Lord Justice Barry of Limerick (death notice, 13/5/1886)

(funeral report, 15/5/1886)

Barry Kathleen Dromroe, Plassy 24/10/1918 wife of William Barry, Shannon Street; obituary and death notice

Barry Lucy Ellen Street 31/03/1855 aged 20, wife of David Barry

Barry Margaret Gurtaclona 19/01/1848 wife of Michael Barry

Barry Margaret Mungret Street 21/12/1850 aged 12, dau of John Barry

Barry Margaret Lisaniskey, Knockaderry 13/06/1868 aged 70, wife of Philip Barry, mother of John Barry of Patrick


Barry Margaret Janesboro 23/12/1915 wife of City Coroner, J. F. Barry; obituary (funeral report,

28/12/1915 & condolences, 04/01/1916)

Barry Margaret Helena Sandville 15/12/1860 wife of Thomas Barry, late of Caherline House, Co. Limerick

(further death notice, 19/12/1860)

Barry Marie Helena Sandville 04/06/1878 aged 64; widow of James Barry; death notice

Barry Marion Ita 3 Glentworth Street 10/03/1877 infant; dau. of Dr. Robert Barry; death notice

Barry Mary Rockstown, Co. Limerick 19/07/1848 widow of James Barry, d. at res of her son-in-law, R. W.

Brereton of Lower Mallow Street

Barry Mary Sandville, Co. Limerick 07/03/1855 widow of John Barry

Barry Mary Charleston 05/12/1855 native of co. Limerick

Barry Mary Main Street, Rathkeale 06/10/1904 wife of David Barry; dau.of Wm. E. Hishon death notice

Barry Mary 2 Thomond Villas 18/06/1927 death notice

Barry Mary A New York 13/12/1894 death notice, dau of late James Barry corn broker Limerick

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