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Northwinds chamber choir and vocal jazz ensemble

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Olathe North High School

Dr. Garrett W. Epp, Choral Director

Mrs. Lynda Kreienheder, Accompanist

600 East Prairie, Olathe, Kansas 66061

Phone: 913/780-7140; FAX: 780-7837


Web Site:



By audition only

(Period 6)


Sopranos (5)

Altos (4)

Jacy Beck 1 or 2

Nellie Bills 1

Monelle Brink 2

Jennifer Maxwell 1

Seadon Smart 1

Alex Bevell 1

Ayanna Phillips 2

Callie Rodina 1 or S2

Meri Jo Robinson 1

Tenors (3)

Basses (3)

Brett Lafferty 1

Kha’len McCoy 1 or 2

Jared Schultz 1 or 2

Sean Ceballos 1 or T2

Logan Rudolph 2

Mason Stahl 2

To be in this choir, you must also be in one other performing arts ensemble

(choir, band, orchestra, theater)

All of these factors were considered for Northwinds selection:

Northwinds Audition Score (tone quality, diction, intonation and pitch accuracy)

Sight Reading Scores

Tonal Memory Scores

Teacher Recommendations & Grades in Other Classes!!


Daily Attendance & Tardies (very few, if any, absences or tardies)

Class Participation (participating, being attentive, not chatty, no cell phone use)

Concert Attendance (no unexcused absences)

Attitude and Effort (very positive, team player, dedicated, committed)

Extra Activities:

Cast member in the musical

KMEA Middle Level Choir

District & State Choir

KCDA Women’s Choir

Contest Vocal Solo

*Tentative Listing: Subject to Change

*Subject to possible changes. (Rev.  )

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