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Mga board met on 11 In attendance were Ramos, Olkowski, J. Selmon and Yeich

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MGA board met on 11/6. In attendance were Ramos, Olkowski, J.Selmon and Yeich

  1. There was no treasurer’s report as D. Selmon was not present. Ramos will get with him and Jerry this week to review the financials.

  2. The upcoming tournament on 11/14 was discussed. It was decided to not have any breakfast or lunch. Fees collected will be paid back in winnings. Also four-75$ gift cards will be bought and given to individuals who play by random draw. Ray is to put out notice as a reminder of upcoming tournament.

  3. The Smoker is on 12/5 with dinner the evening of 12/4. Since it is only 4 weeks away a notice is to be sent out very soon reminding people of the event and asking for sign-ups by 12/1 so we can give a headcount to the club. Dinner will be at club and spouses or significant other are included. Fees will be covered by MGA. Yeich will get with Brittany to develop menu next week.

  4. Next year’s calendar was preliminarily reviewed. Yeich will get with Garrett to put on club calendar and the MGA calendar will then be finalized.

  5. Considerable discussion on why participation in tournaments has declined. Ramos is to set up committee then develop survey to send out to membership.

  6. Committee is also to be set-up to review overall challenge cup qualifying and participation. The 2 captains from this year—Noto and Sciba- will be aprt of the committee.

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