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Mga board met on 12 In attendance were: J. Selmon, D. Selmon, R. Ramos, T. Olkowski and H. Yeich

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MGA Board met on 12/1. In attendance were: J. Selmon, D. Selmon, R.Ramos, T.Olkowski and H.Yeich

  1. Treasurer report indicated balance of approx. 16,700$. Year end will be around 13,000$ due to cost of Smoker and other gifts.

  2. Smoker tournament will be blind draw for teams and full handicap.

  3. Dinner menu was selection no. 1 which included 3 entrees—prime rib, salmon and chicken, salad bar, green beans, potatoes, rolls, dessert and iced tea.

  4. Since there is no cost for tournament there will be both a Tiger Hole and a Vegas hole for scholarship fund. Discussed next year and agreed we should not always have a scholarship fund raiser. May consider increasing tournament fee and taking part of that for scholarship fund.

  5. Only had 2 nominees for board. Olkowski and Arnette. Nominations will close by Thurs. evening.

  6. Yeich will talk to Garrett re trophies. Subsequent conversation was that nothing was done and club is not buying trophies for their tournament—club championship.

  7. Raffle tickets will be handed out for drawing at dinner—shirts, balls, caps, putter grips etc.

  8. Frickey Challenge will be part of MGA for next year again.

  9. Board decided to give Xmas gift to pro shop guys. Garrett will get more because he handles the MGA. Rest will be split between Steve, Rob and Andy.

  10. Yeich will complete next year’s schedule and issue in the near future. April date has been changed to the first weekend of the month vs. the second.

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