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March on mayor obed mlaba

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Flyer for a march from the Foreman Road Settlement
This march was illegally banned by the city manager and after people went ahead in defiance of the ban they were attacked by the police. There were 45 arrests and some serious injuries:


WHEN: Monday 14 November. We will gather at the Foreman Road settlement at 7:00 a.m., regather at Botha Park at 9:00 a.m. and present our demands to Obed Mlaba between 12:00 and 1:00. We will finish by 1:30.
WHERE: We will gather at Foreman Road, travel to Botha Park and march down West Street to the City Hall.
WHY: To demand land & housing; basic services like water, electricity & toilets and a community hall. We will also oppose forced removals to the rural periphery of the Metro. We will also tell Mlaba that if there are no land and houses in the city then there will be no vote.
ORGANISERS: The Foreman Road Development Committee. For more information contact Mr Mnikelo Ndabankulu (0735656241) or Mr Lungisani Jama (0822595443).
SUPPORTERS: This march is also supported by, and will include people from all of the 16 settlements that are now supporting the abahlali base mjondolo movement including Annet Drive, Banana City, Burnwood Road, Jadhu Place, Juba Place, Kennedy Road, Lacey Road, New Castle, Palmiet Road, Pemary Ridge, Pridley Park, Quarry Road, Puntan's Hill, Shannon Drive, Sirpath Road and Umgudulu. It is also supported by the Clare Estate Taxi Association and the Reservoir Hills Public Transport Association.

The Shack Dwellers’ Struggle
Many promises to people living in shack have been broken. Across South Africa shack dwellers have been blocking roads and saying ‘Enough!’ There have been more than 850 illegal protests this year. In Durban, in Wards 23 and 25, thousands of people have marched on councillors Yacoob Baig and Jayraj Bachu to demand that promises to provide land, housing and basic services like water, electricity and toilets be kept. People have also been marching against plans to move shack dwellers out of the city to rural places like Verulum. The media have understood that people are suffering and have supported the marches very strongly. Other struggling communities have also offered strong support.
In Foreman Road many of us have being staying here since 1989. Before the last local government elections Mlaba came to us and promised that if the ANC won then the land between us and the Loon Road graveyard will be be given to us for housing. But now the Metro want to break this promise and dump us in Park Gate far away from work, schools, clinics and police stations.
We cannot continue to suffer like this. The time has come to say “Enough!” and to demand that the promises made to us be kept. The time has now come to march on the Mayor. We must tell Obed Mlaba that if we don’t get land, houses and basic services then we will not vote in the coming elections.

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