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List of potential participants: Speakers

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Europe’s Asian Centuries: Trading Eurasia, 1600-1830

Comparing Companies: workshop

List of potential participants:


H.V. Bowen, Swansea University

John Darwin (University of Oxford)

Eric Goebel (Danish National Archives)

Gerrit Knaap (University of Maryland?)

Leos Müller (University of Uppsala)

Prasannan Parthasarathi (Boston College)

Tirthankar Roy (LSE)

Patrick Conner (Martyn Gregory Gallery, fine art dealer)
Margot Finn (University of Warwick), Project director: The East India Company at Home, 
Anne Gerritsen (University of Warwick) Project: Global Jingdezhen and Global Material Culture of Early Modern Connections,
Andrew MacKillop (University of Aberdeen) Research: Scottish involvement in the East India Company from 1695 to 1813,
Margaret Makepiece (Senior Archivist, India Office Records, BL) Research: EIC warehouses, Armenian traders in India
Michael Mann, Humboldt University Berlin, Historian of South Asia, British imperialism,
Geoffrey Quilley (Senior lecturer in Art History, University of Sussex)

Research: the visual representation of British maritime commerce; worked extensively on the collection of the National Maritime Museum, British travelers in China

Giorgio Riello (University of Warwick, EUI) South Asian textiles, global economic history, material culture
Pernille Roge (University of Cambridge) Research: French political economy in the eighteenth century, Baltic trade and the Danish East India Company,
Richard Scott Morel (Archivist, India Office Records, BL): works on catalogues of the East India Company's Home Correspondence 1701-1858, and the records of the Financial Department of the India Office.
Kate Smith (Post-doc, University of Warwick) Project: The East India Company at Home
Roger Smith (independent scholar), works on the British export trade to Canton
John Styles (University of Herfordshire), Fashion and Dress in the Eighteenth century, Expert on textiles and markets

James Thomas (University of Portsmouth, research on EIC and the provinces, captains, intelligence and the Companies)
Anthony Webster (Liverpool, John Moores University?), English East India Company, agency houses in India
PhD students:
Anne Crerar, PhD student (University of Aberdeen), The East India Company and Political Culture in Scotland and Ireland 1680-1813, Supervisors: Dr Andrew Mackillop and Dr Michael Brown
Tim Davies, PhD student (University of Warwick), British Private Trade in the Arabian Sea, Supervisor: Maxine Berg
Margot’s PhD Student
Aaron Jaffer PhD student (Unversity of Warwick), Crime and Punishment in the East India Company
Claire McKechnie, PhD student (University of Aberdeen)
Oriental collections in Aberdeenshire houses (1850-1900)
Supervisor: Professor Jane Geddes, (Art History)
Steffi Metze, PhD student (University of Aberdeen)

An imperial Enlightenment? The Scottish Enlightenment and India, Supervisor: Dr Andrew Mackillop

Edmond Smith, PhD student ( University of Cambridge), supervised by William O’Reilly, Anglo-Dutch competition and commercial culture in Europe
Lisa Sturm, PhD student (European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder), co-supervised by Reinhard Blänkner and Michael Mann, Global Networks, Urban Spaces: Merchants, India Goods and the Rise of Middling Classes in New York 1784-1812.
Spike Sweeting, PhD student (University of Warwick), East India Company warehouses, architecture

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